Gun hybrids

According to the book "Weaponry An Illustrated History" by Chuck Wills, in the late 16th century until the advances in the repeating firearms in the mid 19th century, blades or clubs were often fitted onto guns, because only one shot could be fired from the gun, so, without a melee weapon attachment, they became useless at close range. Some of the first included the German Ax-Pistol, made in the central European region of Silesia, this weapon combined a flintlock pistol with a battle ax. Later, a Pistol-Sword combination formed in the mid 18th century, was apparently used mainly by marines and naval officers in boarding engagements at sea. Also, Dumonthier & Sons produced several knife pistol combinations. Pocket knives with zip guns inside were built by Unwin & Rodgers, and an Indian gun smith fitted a percussion cap gun to a mace in the 19th century. Even some shields were fitted with barrels, sometimes designed to look like a spike, and other times placed in cleverly concealed holes.

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