Broad-leaved tree

Broad-leaved tree

Broad-leaved tree is any tree which has wide leaves rather than needle-like leaves (mostly conifers). Most broad-leaf trees are deciduous, such as birch, elm, oak, and maple, but some, such as arbutus are evergreen.

Another name used for the broad-leaved trees is angiosperms. Most broad leaved trees are mostly deciduous and shed their leaves every winter, but some broad leaved trees are evergreen. Broad-leaved trees have certain characteristics that set them apart from other trees. They have two seed and are classified as dicotyledonous (aka dicots). The leaves of these trees are broad instead of liner or needle-like, and usually tend to have a network of veins throughout the leaf. Most broad-leaved trees divide into branches not far above the ground instead of having a main trunk go all the way to the top (These characteristics are typical and do not apply to ALL broad-leaved trees).

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