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established = 1996
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president = Juan S. Mendez
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founder = Juan S. Mendez
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enrollment = Approx 820
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The High School for Enterprise, Business, and Technology is a public high school located at 850 Grand Street and Bushwick Avenue in the Williamsburg neighborhood of Brooklyn New York. The school was opened in the fall of 1996 following the closing of Eastern District High School in the spring of 1995.

When Eastern District closed as a result of low graduation rates and violence, four schools opened in the building's place: The High School of Enterprise, Business, and Technology, The School for Legal Studies, Progress High School for Professional Careers and a fourth school that was closed by the fall of 1999. The schools combined form "The Grand Street Campus".

EBT, as it is known by the students and faculty, and the other schools were the first schools born into the SURR (Schools Under Registration Review) List. In the spring of 2000, a year after graduating its first senior class, the school was first in the campus to pass off the list.

The creator and principal of EBT is Juan S. Mendez. He was the deputy chair of the foreign language at Stuyvesant High School before opening EBT.

Areas of Study

The school thrives on its namesakes. When students apply to EBT, there are three programs to choose from: The Academy of Travel and Tourism, Computer Science/Networking (Computer Science & Technology), and Business & Finance.

EBT has a chapter in The Academy of Travel and Tourism. Students who "major" in the program are taught of the trends of traveling as well as the industry as a whole engaging in internships with different lodging companies and hotels. They also learn geography of popular destinations and the inner workings of airports, hotels, museums and other tourist destinations.

Computer Science, or Cisco students, learn the inner workings of computers and the construction and mechanisms behind computers, digital information, systems analysis and the Internet.

Business and Finance is a program with a curriculum based on preparation for careers with the joint effort of corporate partnerships.

Criteria for Graduation

Generally a student will attend EBT for four or eight semesters (or terms). Some graduate anywhere from three years to four and a half years.

To graduate from the High School of Business of Enterprise, Business and Technology a student needs to receive forty or more credits and a rigorous course study of:

Eight terms (four years) of English

Seven terms (3 1/2 years) of Physical Education

Six terms (Three years) of Math

One term of Health,

Two terms of Art,

Two terms of foreign language,

Six terms of Science

Two years (four terms) of Global History,

One year (two terms) of art

One term of an elective


Conflict Resolution - Teachers teach students to resolve conflicts with fellow students and students learn to mediate arguments.


Journalism - Students write articles for the student newspaper "The EBT Eye" and the literary magazine


Foreign Languages Offered/Foreign Exchange Program

In the first couple of years, students had two choices for a foreign language, Spanish and German. German language students had a foreign exchange correspondence with its sister school in Frankfurt, Germany. Today, Spanish is the only language offered.

Advance Placement and Honor Societies and Courses

Several AP courses are offered such as Literature, Language, Calculus, American History, Spanish.

The school has a chapter in the National Honor Society and The Quill and Scroll Society.

Students that show proficiency in one or several subjects are given the option of taking these courses and Honors courses.

Extra Curricular Activities and Sports

In addition to a rigorous curriculum, the student body is encouraged to participate in several clubs such as Drama, Future Business Leaders of America and Model United Nations.

The school has several sports teams shared with The School for Legal Studies and Progress High School including

Boys: Varsity and J/V Football, Handball

Girls: Varsity and J/V Basketball, Varsity and J/V Volleyball, Softball

The school plays host to budding artists, actors and musicians by offering campus wide organizations such as a yearly campus play, a campus band and EBT uses it's 460 Complex as an art gallery to display student's artworks of varying kinds.

Woodhull Hospital Partnership

To provide medical care for Grand Street Campus students, the Campus has a partnership with nearby Woodhull Hospital to have a clinic on campus.

Failed Uniforms

The school on several occasions has tried to establish a uniform dress code with students' independence prevailing and students dress suitable to a school atmosphere that ensures comfort but now on 2008 the school are using uniforms.

Where the Campus Sits: Then and Now

When the Eastern District Campus was erected in 1981, it was considered very modern. It was the state-of-the-art facility with a swimming pool, an auto shop (now housing EBT's 199 Art Studio), a home economics room, a typing room, and one of the first computer labs. An adult education was once there to teach the then changing population to speak English, earn a GED and offer courses in typing.

Many of these facilities offer other services such as business ventures for the school, storage, or converted classrooms.

An after-school program for the students in the neighboring elementary schools provides homework help and games. Students from the campus volunteer and are paid for their time.

Today EBT and the rest of Grand Street Campus continues to grow with more and more students applying every year and with the ever-changing growth of the schools, and the community.

Students have the option of taking the B43, B53, B57, Q54, Q59 bus or the L train to school, but many of the attending students are within walking distance. The neighborhood is also populated with a few restaurants, a near by travel agency, a couple of churches and have the option of the Grand Street Business Improvement District [http://www.s126616686.onlinehome.us/Districtmap.html] a local shopping district that stretches on Grand Street from Bushwick Avenue to Union Avenue.

External links

New York City High School Admissions - http://schools.nyc.gov/Offices/StudentEnroll/HSAdmissions/HSDirectory/Book/?sid=463

Grand Street Campus Football Team - http://www.grandstreetcampuswolves.com/

Grand Street Business Improvement District - http://www.s126616686.onlinehome.us/Districtmap.html

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