List of overseas Chinese

A list of famous people with Chinese ancestry living outside of the Republic of China and the People's Republic of China.

Leaders and politicians


*Steve Chia, politician, Singapore 谢镜丰
*Chia Thye Poh, communist activist, Singapore 謝太保
*Chiam See Tong, politician, Singapore 詹时中
*Chin Peng, communist leader, Malaysia 陳平
*Chong Eng, politician, Malaysia 章瑛
*Chung Keng Quee (鄭景貴/Zheng Jinggui: 1827 to 13 December 1901), Kapitan China of Perak & Penang, Perak State Councillor, Malaysia
*Chung Thye Phin, Kapitan China of Perak, Perak State Councillor
*Chung Thye Yong, Tin miner, rubber planter and businessman
*Chung Kok Ming, Federal Councillor, Federated Malay States
*Arthur Chung, former president, Guyana 鍾亞瑟
*Fong Kui Lun, politician, Malaysia 方贵伦
*Fong Po Kuan, politician, Malaysia 冯宝君
*Goh Chok Tong, Senior Minister, Singapore 吴作栋
*Goh Keng Swee, politician, Singapore 吴庆瑞
*Hon Sui Sen, politician, Singapore 韩瑞生
*Khaw Boon Wan, politician, Singapore 许文远
*Koh Tsu Koon, politician, Malaysia
*Teresa Kok Suh Sim, politician, Malaysia 郭素沁
*Lee Hsien Loong, prime minister, Singapore 李显龙
*Lee Kuan Yew, Minister Mentor, Singapore 李光耀
*Lee Lam Thye, politician, Malaysia
*Lee Siew Choh, politician, Singapore 李绍祖
*Alfredo Lim, politician, Philippines
*Lim Chin Siong, politician, Singapore 林清祥
*Lim Chong Eu, politician, Malaysia 林蒼祐
*Lim Guan Eng, politician, Malaysia 林冠英
*Lim Keng Yaik, politician, Malaysia 林敬益
*Lim Kim San, politician, Singapore 林金山
*Lim Kit Siang, politician, Malaysia 林吉祥
*Lim Yew Hock, politician, Singapore 林有福
*Ling How Doong, politician, Singapore 林孝谆
*Ne Win, former head of state, Myanmar
*Low Thia Khiang, politician, Singapore 刘程强
*Ong Ka Ting, politician, Malaysia 黃家定
*Ong Teng Cheong, former president, Singapore 王鼎昌
* [ Jesse Robredo] , politician, Philippines
*David Tan Chee Khoon, politician, Malaysia
*Seow Poh Leng, founder of the pre-WWII Ho Hong Bank
*Tan Cheng Lock, politician, Malaysia陈祯禄
*Tan Kim Ching, Kapitan China, consul for Japan, Thailand and Russia, member of the Royal Court of Siam Singapore
*Tan Seng Giaw, politician, Malaysia 陈胜尧
*Tan Siew Sin, politician, Malaysia 陈修信
*Thaksin Shinawatra, former Prime Minister, Thailand 丘達信
*Banharn Silpa-Archa, 21st Prime Minister of Thailand, Thailand 馬德祥
*Chuan Leekpai, former Prime Minister of Thailand, Thailand 呂基文
*Chamlong Srimuang, politician & founder of Phalang Dharma Party, Thailand 盧金河
*Somkid Jatusripitak, former finance minister, Thailand 曾汉光
*Boonchu Rojanastien, former finance minister, Thailand
*Teresa Kok Suh Sim, politician, Malaysia 郭素沁
*Tony Tan Keng Yam, politician, Singapore 陈庆炎
*Teo Chee Hean, politician, Singapore 张志贤
*Anote Tong, president, Kiribati 湯安諾
*Wee Kim Wee, former president, Singapore 黄金辉
*Pansy Wong, politician, New Zealand
*Yap Ah Loy, headman, Malaysia 葉阿來
*Sylvio Hock Sheen Tang Wah Hing, Minister of Youth & Sports, Mauritius


*John So, Lord Mayor of Melbourne, Australia 蘇震西
*Kenneth Wang, politician, New Zealand


*Michael Chan, Baron Chan, physician and member of the House of Lords
*Chen Tian Sheng (Samuel Chinque), co-founder of the London branch of communist China's Xinhua News Agency. ( [,7369,1375802,00.html Obituary] )
*Lydia Dunn, Baroness Dunn, deputy chairman and senior non-executive director of HSBC (since 1992)
*Anna Lo, social worker and Alliance Party Member of the Legislative Assembly (MLA) of Northern Ireland

North America

*Elaine Chao - Secretary of Labor of the United States
*David S. C. Chu - United States Undersecretary of Defense for Readiness
*Adrienne Clarkson - former Governor General of Canada
*Hiram L. Fong - former Republican U.S. Senator from Hawaii
*Matthew K. Fong - former Republican state treasurer of California
*John Liu - member of the New York City Council
*Gary Locke (駱家輝) - former state governor of Washington, USA
*Shien Biau Woo (吳仙標) - former attorney general and lieutenant governor of Delaware, current president of the 80-20 Initiative
*David Wu - first and only Chinese American U.S. Representative, Democrat from Oregon
*Yeung Ching-Sen (楊菁蓀) - Senior Fellow, Commissioner Education Commission of the States 1996-2003
* Jim Chu, Chief Constable of the Vancouver Police Department

Artists and performers

Actors and actresses

*Michelle Chong, actress, Singapore 庄米雪
*Takeshi Kaneshiro, actor, Japan 金城武
*Katie Leung, actress, Scotland 梁佩詩
*Zoe Tay, actress, Singapore 郑惠玉
*Heart Evangelista, actress, Philippines
*Fann Wong, actress, Singapore 范文芳
*Michelle Yeoh, actress, Malaysia 楊紫瓊
*Jeremy Xie,model,England 謝明強


*Tsai Ming-liang, Malaysia 蔡明亮
*Tan Chui Mui, Malaysia 陈翠梅
*James Lee, Malaysia
*Jack Neo, Singapore 梁智强
*Royston Tan, Singapore
*Lionel Chok, Singapore
*James Wong, United States 黄毅瑜
*Teguh Karya / Steve Lim, Indonesia


*Bubi Chen, Jazz Maestro Indonesia
*Jose Mari Chan, Philippines
*Kit Chan, Singapore 陳潔儀
*John Chong-Nee, music producer, New Zealand
*Angelica Lee Sin Je, Malaysia 李心潔
*Maia Lee, Singapore 李芝瑛
*Fish Leong, Malaysia 梁靜茹
*Guang Liang, Malaysia 王光良
*Lin Junjie, Singapore 林俊杰
*Eric Moo, Malaysia 巫啟賢
*Sylvester Sim, Singapore 沈祥龙
*Stefanie Sun, Singapore 孫燕姿
*Penny Tai, Malaysia 戴佩妮
*Nicholas Teo, Malaysia 张栋樑
*Gary Cao, Malaysia 曹格
*Jin Au-Yeung, United States 歐陽靖


*Raybon Kan, comedian, columnist, New Zealand


*Michael Chang, tennis player, USA
*Ang Peng Siong, swimmer, Singapore
*Alan Budikusuma, badminton, Olympic gold medalist, Indonesia
*Chan Chong Ming, badminton player, Malaysia
*Chew Choon Eng, badminton player, Malaysia
*Choong Tan Fook, badminton player, Malaysia
*Rudy Hartono, badminton legend, Indonesia 梁海量
*Pi Hongyan, badminton player, France 皮红艳
*Goh Tat Chuan, footballer, Singapore
*He Zhi Wen, table tennis, Spain
*Lee Chong Wei, badminton player, Malaysia 李宗伟
*Lee Wan Wah, badminton player, Malaysia 李万华
*Li Jiawei, table tennis player, Singapore 李佳薇
*Li Li, badminton player, Singapore 李丽
*Liem Swie King, badminton legend, Indonesia 林水鏡
*Lim Eng Beng, basketball player, Philippines
*Samboy Lim, basketball player, Philippines
* Fortunato "Atoy" Co, basketball player, Philippines
*Wong Mew Choo, badminton player, Malaysia
*Ng Ser Miang, sailor, Singapore 黄思绵
*Sadaharu Oh, baseball player, Japan 王貞治
*Remy Ong, bowling player, Singapore
*Poh Seng Song, athlete, Singapore
*Susi Susanti, badminton, Olympic gold medalist, Indonesia 王蓮香
*Ho-Pin Tung, race driver, Netherlands 董荷斌
*Xu Huaiwen, athlete, Germany 徐怀文
*Jiang Yanmei, badminton player, Singapore 江彦媚
*Jing Jun Hong, table tennis player, Singapore 井浚泓
*Wong Choong Hann, badminton player Malaysia 黃綜翰
*Yao Jie, badminton player, Netherlands 姚洁
*Alex Yoong, race driver, Malaysia 熊龙
*Li Donghua, gymnastics Switzerland 李东华
*Michelle Kwan, figure skater United States


*Jeffrey Cheah, Malaysia 謝富年
*William Cheng, Malaysia 鍾廷森
*Ho Ching, Singapore 何晶
*Jimmy Choo, Malaysia 周仰傑
* Kapitan China Chung, Keng Quee (鄭景貴/Zheng Jinggui: 1827 to 13 December 1901), Malaysia
*Chung, Thye Phin, Malaysia
*Khoo Teck Puat, Singapore 邱德拔
*Robert Kuok, Malaysia 郭鶴年
*Lucio Tan, Philippines 陳永栽
*Myron Kean Aun Tan, New Zealand谭建安
*Lim Boon Chay, Singapore
*Kwek Leng Beng, Singapore 郭令明
*Eduardo "Danding" Cojuangco Jr., Philippines
*Lim Goh Tong, Malaysia (zh-cp|c=林梧桐|p=Lín Wútóng)
*Olivia Lum, Singapore 林爱莲
*Jose Yao Campos, Philippines
*Quek Leng Chan, Malaysia 郭令燦
*Sudono Salim, entrepreneur, Indonesia 林绍良
*Lim Boon Hian, Malaysia 林文贤
*John Gokongwei, Philippines 吳家輝
*Seow Poh Leng, Singapore
*Seow Sieu Jin, Singapore
*Henry Sy, Philippines 施至成
*Vincent Tan, Malaysia 陳志远
*Tan Kim Ching, Malaysia
*Teh Hong Piow, Malaysia 鄭鴻標
*Washington Sycip, Philppines
*Tiong Hiew King, Malaysia (zh-stp|s=张晓卿|t=張曉卿|p=Zhāng Xiǎoqīng)
*George Ty, Philippines 鄭少堅
*Francis Yeoh, Malaysia 楊肅斌
*Tony Tan Caktiong, Philippines
*Jerry Yang, USA (zh-stp|s=杨致远|t=楊致遠|p=Yáng Zhìyuǎn)
*Alfonso Yuchengco,Philippines
*Loh Boon Siew, Malaysia 駱文秀
*Sondhi Limthongkul, Thailand 林明達
*Dr Boonsong Srifuengfung, Thailand 鄭明如
*Dr Udane Tejapaibul, Thailand 鄭午楼
*Mongkol Kanjanapas, Thailand 黄子明
*Saha Pathanapibul, Thailand 協成昌


*Mai Chen, constitutional lawyer, New Zealand
*Denny Chin, judge, United States
*Kwa Geok Choo, Singapore 柯玉芝
*Claudio Teehankee, Philippines
*Woon Cheong Ming Walter, Singapore 温长明
*Wee Chong Jin, Singapore 黄宗仁
*Thomas Tang, judge, United States
*Pedro Yap, Philippines
* Alexander SyCip, corporate lawyer, Philippines
* Albino SyCip, banker and lawyer, Philippines

Military officers and soldiers

*Admiral Tan Sri Dato' Seri Abu Bakar bin Abdul Jamal, Malaysia
*General Vicente Lim, Philippines
*James Yee, military chaplain, United States

Religious Leaders

*Jaime Cardinal Sin, Roman Catholic Archbishop, Philippines 辛海棉
*Stephen Tong, Indonesian Reformed Evangelist, Indonesia 唐崇榮

Philosophers and writers

*Karsono Lee P.T., writer


*Aaron Lee, Singapore
*Russell Lee, Singapore
*Catherine Lim, Singapore 林宝音
*Shirley Geok-lin Lim, Malaysia
*Su-Chen Christine Lim, Singapore
*Tan Swie Hian, Singapore 陈瑞献


*Jack Yan, publisher, author, New Zealand 甄爵恩
*Grace Chin, columnist, Malaysia


*François Cheng, writer, France 程抱一
*Gao Xingjian, writer, France 高行健
*Jung Chang, author, United Kingdom
*Timothy Mo, author, United Kingdom
*Helen Tse, author, United Kingdom
*Xiaolu Guo, author, United Kingdom
*Tash Aw, writer, United Kingdom 歐大旭

cientists, engineers, medicine

*Min Chueh Chang, reproductive biologist, USA 張明覺
*Victor Chang, surgeon, Australia 張任謙
*Steven Chu, scientist, 1997 Nobel Prize winner in Physics USA 朱棣文
*Kevin Fong, space physiologist, UK
*David Ho, AIDS researcher, United States 何大一
*Wen Ho Lee, scientist, United States 李文和
*Ken Yeang, architect, Malaysia 楊經文
*Chang-Lin Tien, engineer and previous Chancellor of UC Berkeley, USA, 田长霖
*Tsung-Dao Lee, physicist, Nobel Prize winner, USA, 李政道
*Chern Shiing-shen, mathematician, USA,陈省身

Art / Design / Culinary

*Jimmy Choo, designer, Malaysia 周仰傑
*Chen Kenichi, chef, Japan 陳建一
*Ming Tsai, chef, USA 蔡明昊
*Ling Tan, model, Malaysia 譚敏靈
*Vivienne Tam, fashion designer, USA 潭雁玉
*Zang Toi, fashion designer, Malaysia 冼書瀛
*Amber Chia, International model. Malaysia 谢丽萍
*Ang Kiukok, artist, Philippines 洪救國
*Yah-Leng Yu, designer, Singapore 余雅琳
*Patrick Chia, designer, Singapore謝肖龍
*Hongtu Zhang, artist, USA 張宏圖
*Choen Lee, photographer, Malaysia
*Justin Quek, chef, Singapore 郭文秀
*Andrew Gn, fashion designer, Singapore 鄞昌濤
*John Clang / John C.L. Ang, photographer, Singapore 汪春龍
*Zao Wou Ki, painter France 趙無極

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