Vietnamese noodles

Vietnamese noodles

Vietnamese cuisine includes many types of noodles. These include:

Noodles by ingredients

Vietnamese noodles are available in either fresh ("tươi") or dried ("khô") form.

*Bánh canh - thick noodles made from a mixture of rice flour and tapioca flour or wheat flour; similar in appearance to udon
**Bánh canh bột lọc
*Bánh hủ tiếu - rice noodles
*Banh lọt
*Bánh phở - flat rice noodles; these are available in a wide variety of widths and may be used for either "phở" soup or stir-fried dishes
*Bánh tằm - noodles in the shape of silkworms
*Bánh tráng - rice paper
*Bún - rice vermicelli
*Cellophane noodles (called "miến", "bún tàu", or "bún tào")
*Mì trứng gà (also called "mì" or "mỳ") - thin egg noodles made from wheat flour

Noodle dishes

Hot noodle soups

*Bánh canh - a soup made with "bánh canh" noodles
*Bún bò Huế - signature noodle soup from Huế, consisting of rice vermicelli in a beef broth with beef, lemon grass, and other ingredients
*Bún riêu - rice vermicelli soup with crab meat, tofu, tomatoes, and congealed boiled pig blood.
*Cao lầu - signature noodle dish from Hội An consisting of yellow wheat flour noodles in a small amount of broth, with various meats and herbs.
*Hủ tiếu - a soup made with "bánh hủ tiếu" noodles
*Mì Quảng - signature noodle dish from Quảng Nam, yellow wheat flour noodles in a small amount of broth, with various meats and herbs.
*Phở - "bánh phở" in a broth made from beef and spices

Dry noodle dishes

*Bánh hỏi - extremely thin rice vermicelli woven into intricate bundles and often topped with chopped scallions and meat
*Bánh tằm bì
*Bún thịt nướng - a cold noodle dish consisting of "bún" with grilled pork
*Bún xào - stir-fried "bún"
*Hủ tiếu khô - stir-fried "bánh hủ tiếu" with sauce
*Hủ tiếu xào - stir-fried "bánh hủ tiếu"
*Mì khô (also spelled "mỳ khô") - stir-fried egg noodles with sauce
*Phở xào - stir-fried "bánh phở"

Hot noodle rolls

*Bánh cuốn - steamed rice noodle roll, stuffed with minced pork and wood ear mushroom, somewhat similar to a Cantonese dim sum called rice noodle roll, but the rice sheet in "bánh cuốn" is much thinner and more delicate than the rice noodle used for the dim sum.

Cold rice paper rolls

*Gỏi cuốn - translated as either "summer roll" or "salad roll"; a cold dish consisting of various ingredients (including "bún") rolled in moist rice paper

Hot noodle sheets

*Bánh ướt - rice noodle sheets, eaten with "nước chấm", fried shallots and a side of "chả lụa" (Vietnamese pork sausage).

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