A Bull is an adult male of various large mammal species including elk, moose, bovines (especially cattle), elephants, whales, seals, and sea lions.

Bull may also refer to:

* A man who has sex with a woman in another relationship, thus making the other man a cuckold; see affair
* The senior most Ensign (rank) in a United States Navy command; also called the "Bull Ensign"
*Ceradyne Bull, a military vehicle
*Papal bull, a solemn decree from the Pope
*Bull of the Crusade, a religious document given as a type of indulgence
*Bull (mythology), worship of the Sacred Bull (also known as "Taurus") throughout the ancient world
*Bull market, an economic trend
*Irish bull, a ludicrous, incongruent or logically absurd statement
*"Bull" (TV series), an original show on the TNT Network
*"Bull" (CSI), an 8th season episode of "CSI: Crime Scene Investigation"
*A member of a railroad police force
*USS Bull, two U.S. Navy ships
*Tupolev Tu-4, a Soviet bomber aircraft given the NATO reporting name "Bull"
*Groupe Bull, a French computer company
*Bull!, a short-lived BBC radio show

Bull is the name of:
*Amos Bad Heart Bull, Oglala Lakota artist and historian
*Bull, a character in Lassie (manga)
*Dixie Bull, English sea captain and pirate
*John Bull (disambiguation)
*John Bull (composer), English composer, musician, and organ builder.
*Ole Bull, Norwegian violinist
*Olaf Bull, Norwegian poet
*Fredrik Rosing Bull, Norwegian engineer
*Gerald Bull, engineer who developed long range artillery
*Hedley Bull, political scientist and major contributor to the English School of international relations
*Sitting Bull, Hunkpapa Sioux medicine man and leader
*White Bull, Sioux leader
*Bull Shannon, a character played by Richard Moll on the television program "Night Court"
*Bull Buchanan, ring name of professional wrestler Barry Buchanan

ee also

*Bull polishing, a method for polishing leather
*Golden Bull, a decree of medieval and Byzantine monarchs
*Bullsquid, a fictional creature in the PC game Half-Life
*Bullfighting, a tradition involving professional performers
*Bullshit, a common English expletive
*Short Bull

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(usually of bovine animals) / (issued by the Pope), / (involving a contradiction), / / ,

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