Box Step

Box Step is a basic dance step named after the pattern it creates on the floor, which is that of a square or box. It can be incorporated into many types of dance, including disco, jazz, and most commonly, in American Style ballroom dances: Rumba, Waltz, bronze-level Foxtrot. While it can performed individually, it is usually done with a partner. This is the most common dance step in the Waltz. In International Standard a there is a similar step called Closed Change.

The leader begins with the left foot and proceeds as follows.:"First half-box": Forward-side-together:"Second half-box": Backwards-side-togetherEvery step is with full weight transfer. During the second and fourth step it is advised for the foot to travel along two sides of the box, rather than along its diagonal.

Rhythm varies. E.g., it is "1-2-3,4-5-6" in Waltz and "Sqq, Sqq" in Rumba.

Box Step in Waltz

To do the Box Step for the Waltz, partners should start in the closed position. Usually the man will lead and the woman will follow.

*1st step: The leader will move one step forward with the left foot and close the feet by sliding the right foot up to meet the left, but not transferring the weight on the right foot.
*2nd step: Right foot step sideways to the right.
*3rd step: Left foot step to close the feet.
*4-6 steps are similar: The leader moves one step backwards with the right foot and closes the left foot without weight. To complete the square, the lead will then move two steps to the left: left foot sideways and right foot to close.

The pair should end up where they began, make a slight turn, and start all over again. Emphasis should be made on sliding the foot rather than making a forced, heavy step.


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