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hm1 = Brian
hm1-enter = Day 17
hm1-exit = Day 94
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hm3 = Amanda

hm3-enter = Day 1
hm3-exit = Day 94
hm3-stat = runner
hm4 = Liam
hm4-enter = Day 17
hm4-exit = Day 94
hm4-stat = evic
hm5 = Ziggy
hm5-enter = Day 3
hm5-exit = Day 94
hm5-stat = evic
hm6 = Carole
hm6-enter = Day 1
hm6-exit = Day 94
hm6-stat = evic
hm7 = Jonty
hm7-enter = Day 59
hm7-exit = Day 94
hm7-stat = evic
hm8 = Kara-Louise
hm8-enter = Day 59
hm8-exit = Day 87
hm8-stat = evic
hm9 = Tracey
hm9-enter = Day 1
hm9-exit = Day 87
hm9-stat = evic
hm10 = Gerry
hm10-enter = Day 10
hm10-exit = Day 80
hm10-stat = evic
hm11 = Amy
hm11-enter = Day 59
hm11-exit = Day 73
hm11-stat = evic
hm12 = David
hm12-enter = Day 59
hm12-exit = Day 66
hm12-stat = evic
hm13 = Shanessa
hm13-enter = Day 59
hm13-exit = Day 66
hm13-stat = evic
hm14 = Chanelle
hm14-enter = Day 1
hm14-exit = Day 62
hm14-stat = walk
hm15 = Charley
hm15-enter = Big Brother endgame/2values|Day 1|Day 45
hm15-exit = Big Brother endgame/2values|Day 45|Day 59
hm15-stat = evic
hm16 = Nicky
hm16-enter = Day 1
hm16-exit = Day 52
hm16-stat = evic
hm17 = Laura
hm17-enter = Day 1
hm17-exit = Day 38
hm17-stat = evic
hm18 = Jonathan
hm18-enter = Day 17
hm18-exit = Day 35
hm18-stat = walk
hm19 = Billi
hm19-enter = Day 17
hm19-exit = Day 31
hm19-stat = evic
hm20 = Seány
hm20-enter = Day 10
hm20-exit = Day 24
hm20-stat = evic
hm21 = Shabnam
hm21-enter = Day 1
hm21-exit = Day 17
hm21-stat = evic
hm22 = Lesley
hm22-enter = Day 1
hm22-exit = Day 11
hm22-stat = walk
hm23 = Emily
hm23-enter = Day 1
hm23-exit = Day 9
hm23-stat = eject

legendwinner = Winner
legendrunner = Runner-up
legendevic = Evicted
legendeject = Ejected
legendwalk = Walked

"Big Brother 8" in 2007 was the eighth series of the United Kingdom reality television programme "Big Brother", [cite web|url=|title=Ethics of reality TV|publisher=BBC News|accessdate=2007-09-08] airing on Channel 4, with a number of closely associated programmes also airing on E4.The series began on 30 May 2007 when eleven female contestants entered the house and ended on 31 August 2007.cite episode|title="Big Brother": The Live Launch | series = Big Brother | network = Channel 4| city=Hertfordshire, England | airdate=2007-05-30 | transcripturl=,,2007250250,00.html] A male housemate joined two days later,cite news
first = Danielle
last = Lawler
author = Lawler, Danielle
title = The Sun Online - Big Brother: Male model is lucky BB fella
url =,,2003230001-2007250432,00.html
publisher = The Sun
date = 2007-06-01
accessdate = 2007-06-01
quote = And Ziggy will be the ONLY housemate to nominate this week and will decide which BB babes face the public vote... Zac, 26, who was in a campaign for French Connection... The North Londoner toured with cheesy boy band Northern Line
] with a further two male contestants being added a week after that.cite web|url= |title=Men Are Like Buses |publisher="Channel 4 Official Site" |accessdate=2008-07-22] Another four men joined on 15 June. The series was eventually won by housemate Brian Belo on 31st [August 2007, with twin housemates Sam and Amanda polling second place, and housemate Liam in third.cite news
first = Colin
last = Robertson
author = Robertson, Colin
title = The Sun Online - Big Brother: Good ... Fellows enter House
url =,,2003230001-2007270942,00.html
publisher = The Sun
date = 2007-06-16
accessdate = 2007-06-18
quote = Four new men entered the female-dominated BB house last night to the delight of the girls. Data entry clark Brian Below, 19, model Billi Bhatti, 25, and tree surgeon Liam McGough, 22, all plan to stir it up with the women. Millionaire newcomer Jonathan Durden is known for his pulling power
] Five new housemates then entered the house on Day 59: three females, and two males. They went to a new house next door called "The Halfway House"cite web|url= |title=Five new people enter the show |publisher="" |accessdate=2007-07-28] and stayed in the Halfway House until Day 62.Fact|date=September 2007

This was the first "Big Brother" series to air in the UK since the controversial "2007 Celebrity Big Brother", and a number of changes had been made to the show, including the omission of text message voting, and a reduction in the cost of calls to vote for evictions from 50pFact|date=September 2007 to 25p. At least 10p from each vote was going to charity.Fact|date=September 2007

Brian Belo won the series, Beating bookies favourite Amanda and Sam in the final vote.


The first round of auditions started on 6 January 2007cite news
title = Thousands brave rain for BB fame
url =
publisher = Evening Times
date = 2007-01-07
accessdate = 2007-01-10
quote = Thousands of Big Brother hopefuls turned up to Glasgow's SECC at the weekend having travelled from all corners of Scotland to audition for the show. These auditions took place at the same time celebrity big brother was shown.
] at the SECC in Glasgow, where there was a queue of three hundred people.cite news
first = Donna
last = Watson
author = Watson, Donna
title = The Daily Record - NEWS - REALITY CHECK
url =
publisher = Daily Record
date = 2007-01-08
accessdate = 2007-01-26
quote = Meanwhile the proof of the failing interest in the "ordinary" Big Brother series was shown when only 300 turned up at Glasgow's SECC.
] Auditions were also held in Birmingham, Cardiff, Dublin, London, Manchester, and Newcastle.cite news
title = Big Brother hopefuls descend on Dublin
url =
publisher = Daily Mail
date = 2007-01-31
accessdate = 2007-05-11
quote = Hundreds of Big Brother fans seeking fame and fortune auditioned in Dublin for the eighth series of the show... Open auditions to enter this summer's house have already taken place in Glasgow, Cardiff, Newcastle and Birmingham, with more scheduled in Manchester and London in the coming weeks.


On 8 March 2007, it was announced that The Carphone Warehouse would not return to sponsor "Big Brother 2007" after cancelling its sponsorship of "Celebrity Big Brother 2007", [cite web | url= | title=Carphone Warehouse not returning for 'BB8' | accessdate=2007-03-08 | last=Oatts | first=Joanne | date=2007-03-08 | publisher=Digital Spy] and on 21 March, that Virgin Media would sponsor the show, for a reported £3 million. [cite news | url= | title=Virgin Media sponsors "Big Brother" | accessdate=2007-03-21 | date=2007-03-21 | publisher=BBC News] Virgin Media's idents for the show use footage from "Big Brother" programmes from all around the world, including Germany, Brazil, Philippines and the Netherlands.Fact|date=September 2007


The iconic "Big Brother" eye has been redesigned to what has been described as a "centrifugal inter-locking RGB rainbow test card"cite web
title="Being Big Brother" - View.Vote.Control
quote=The eye was once again designed by Daniel Eatock who said his brief was to "embrace all colours within the spectrum, opposites, complimentaries (sic) and all shades in-between." He described his creation as "Centrifugal Inter-locking RGB Rainbow Test Card" and revealed that "the colours are very specific to the TV test cards that used to be broadcast to enable television cameras and receivers to be adjusted to show the picture correctly."
] by its designer Daniel Eatock. [cite web | url= | title="Big Brother" 8 Logo | accessdate=2007-05-13 | last=Eatock | first=Daniel]


On 4 April 2007, it was announced that Russell Brand had quit the spin off show "Big Brother's Big Mouth". [cite news | url= | title=Brand quits "Big Brother" spin-off | accessdate=2007-04-08 | date=2007-04-04 | publisher=BBC News] As a replacement there was to be a guest host each week on "Big Brother's Big Mouth", starting with Chris Moyles who presented the first three editions from launch night. [cite book | title=heat | edition=Issue 420|pages=pp. 116]

Dermot O'Leary returned again to present "Big Brother's Little Brother" [cite web|url=,,2003230001-2007230752,00.html|title=Dermot dishes on Little Bruv|publisher=The Sun|accessdate=2007-09-08] and Davina McCall has also returned to present the live eviction showsFact|date=September 2007 as well as a spin-off show; "Big Brother On The Couch" which airs as an hour long show each Sunday [cite web|url=|title= Davina to host BB psychology show|publisher=Digital Spy|accessdate=2007-09-08] and replaced "Big Brother's Big Brain", which was axed. [cite web | url= | title='Big Brain' dropped for Big Bro 8 | accessdate=2007-04-24 | last=Wilkes | first=Neil | date=2007-04-19 | publisher=Digital Spy]

Before the launch programme, Channel 4 presented a statement from Ofcom explaining the racism incidents from "Celebrity Big Brother" earlier in the year. The statement said:

Quotation|"This is a summary of findings from Ofcom, the communications regulator, about the Channel 4 series "Celebrity Big Brother"."

In January 2007, Ofcom received over 44,500 complaints, mainly about potentially racist material.

Ofcom has concluded that Channel 4 failed to handle appropriately the strong content it was transmitting. This resulted in breaches of the Ofcom Broadcasting Code, which is designed to ensure that when broadcasters show potentially offensive material, they do so in a way which offers adequate protection to the viewer.

Ofcom has found that Channel 4 breached the Code on three separate occasions. Its decision to repeat one of these incidents in its early morning show resulted in a further breach for failing to protect children.

There was also a serious failure in Channel 4's compliance processes which meant that it was not aware of all the relevant activity in the House at a particularly critical time. This compounded its failure to ensure compliance with the Code.

These are significant failings. Ofcom has therefore imposed a formal sanction on Channel Four, directing it to broadcast this statement. This ensures that the largest number of viewers will be made fully aware of the seriousness of Channel 4's failure to comply.

For the full adjudication please visit"

This was followed immediately by a Channel 4 ident, and then the "Big Brother" titles. Channel 4 also broadcast the Ofcom statement on the morning of 31 May 2007 before the early morning repeat, and again immediately before the first eviction on Friday 15 June. [cite web | url= | title=Consideration of sanction against Channel Four Television Corporation in respect of its service Channel 4| accessdate=2007-06-08 | date=2007-05-24 | publisher=Ofcom]

Popularity of the series

Channel 4 announced on 24 August that they were cancelling the next series of "Celebrity Big Brother". The decision came after the race row that engulfed the fifth celebrity series, and after the eighth non-celebrity series failed to "make as big of a splash as usual", although it still held healthy viewing figures. [ [,,30000-1281299,00.html?f=dta Channel Four Axes Celebrity Big Brother |Sky News|Home ] ]

Channel 4's Julian Bellamy said he wanted to create "more anticipation" for the ninth series of Big Brother in 2008. [] Big Brother UK has been signed until Big Brother 11 (2010).


The series average ended up around 3.9 million with a 18% share in officials. [ Ratings » Inside Big Brother - The ULTIMATE Big Brother 9 UK 2008 resource ] ] When ITV's Britain's Got Talent concluded, Big Brother returned to viewing figures of around 4 million per night. [ [ Weekly Viewing Summary] , BARB.]

The launch show was the fourth most watched launch show in "Big Brother UK" historyFact|date=September 2007 by attracting an average of 6.2 million viewers. The number of viewers rose to 8 million after "The British Soap Awards" on ITV1 and "The Apprentice" on BBC One ended. [cite web|url=|title=Big Brother back with 6.2m|publisher=Broadcast Now|accessdate=2007-09-09]

The next night saw a traditional drop in ratings with the show shedding more than 2 million viewers while 4 million people watched the first highlights show of the series, which was 22% of the television audience between 10:00 and 11:05. []

Despite the promising launch show ratings, the first Friday show did not fare well in the ratings with the first part attracting 3.3 million people (15%), [ CHANNEL4SALES : AUDIENCE DATA : OVERNIGHTS ] ] although this show was up against Match of the Day Live which aired England's first match at the new Wembley stadium. However, at 10:30, the second part, which showed the entrance of the first male contestant, was watched by 4.3 million viewers (24.6%).

4.6 million viewers watched the highlights show on 7 June which contained Emily's ejection from the "Big Brother" House due to using a racial slur. [ [ Racist slur on "Big Brother" pulls in 4.6 million] "Digital Spy"] This was the second-highest viewed show of the series after the live launch at the time.

The show's second full week was rated as one of the lowest watched weeks in Big Brother history with the week averaging 2.83m (12.7%). The ratings were reduced to 2.11m on Wednesday night and the Friday night eviction shows rated as the lowest eviction shows in Big Brother history, with 3.1m (13.7%) watching at 8:30, and 3.0m (13.3%) at 10:00. [ [ CHANNEL4SALES : AUDIENCE DATA : OVERNIGHTS ] ] However, this has since been beaten by the eviction of Belinda in Big Brother 9.

When the Friday 6 July twist was revealed, ratings were picking up yet again - returning Big Brother to its usual high rated status. Charley's interview during her fake eviction was watched by 5.4m viewers, the highest since the launch. [ [ Bumper ratins for fake eviction] "Inside Big Brother"] Her real eviction was seen by an average of 5.0 million viewers, the second highest since the launch.

Week Averages

The following is a summary of weekly ratings points::0. (Launch Week Wed-Fri) 4.4m (25%):1. 4.0m (22%):2. 2.8m (13%):3. 3.5m (17%):4. 3.6m (19%):5. 3.6m (18%):6. 4.1m (19%):7. 3.7m (17.5%):8. 3.7m (18.3%):9. 3.7m (18%):10. 3.4m (17.3%):11. 3.5m (16.7%):12. 3.4m (16.1%):13. 3.2m (14%)

Average Ratings- 3.09m"Note: On week 12, Channel 4+1 was launched, and thus the reading for weeks 12 and 13 includes the viewings from both Channel 4 and Channel 4+1." [ [ Ratings » Inside Big Brother - The ULTIMATE Big Brother 9 UK 2008 resource ] ]


It was initially believed that this would be the last series to be aired from the house in Elstree Studios, with a new house set to be built in Hammersmith for 2008, although, Endemol decided to renew the lease at its current location for another two years.

The layout of the house remained much the same as the previous series, although the kitchen moved to the other side of the main living area. Many of the kitchen appliances were scattered around the house, with the oven and heat proof surface in the bedroom and the fridge in the garden. Where the oven is in the bedroom, is approximately where the kitchen area was located in Big Brother 7 [ there was also a hidden washing machine in the garden which was uncovered by Dermot O'leary on the renunion show.citenews|url=|title=BBC: WI member set for new "Big Brother"|publisher=BBC News|accessdate=2007-06-05|date=2007-05-30]

The bedroom contained a single, double and triple bed as well as two four-person beds. Outside the bedroom window, in the main living area, is a lip shaped sofa that the presenters of the show refer to as "the lips". The house also contains a salon/bathroom, which houses two large hair dryers and two steam suits.


As well as the kitchen fridge, the garden contained a swimming pool, a seating areaFact|date=September 2007 and, due to the smoking ban that came into effect in all public places during the series, a smoking area which housemates had to use from 1 July. This was checked by health officials, and deemed acceptable. [cite web|url= |title=BB producers in smoking ban probe |publisher=Digital Spy |accessdate=2007-07-10] The grass from the previous series has been replaced with AstroTurf.Fact|date=September 2007 The garden was one of the smallest this year, in comparison to the garden in Big Brother 7.

On Day 25 it was revealed that a caravan was hidden behind a garden wall. The caravan came with two single beds and sleeping bags. Brian and Charley went "on holiday" to the caravan for one night. [cite web|url=,,2003230001-2007290018,00.html|title=Brian's caravan of love?|publisher=The Sun|accessdate=2007-09-08] The caravan was again accessible from day 36, this time any of the housemates were allowed to use the room. [cite web|url= |title= Housemates win task and caravan |publisher=Digital Spy |accessdate=2007-09-08]

An extension to the pool was revealed on Day 67, along with a bar area. The area was hidden behind the "wet" sign in the garden. [cite web|url=|title= Kara-Louise and Brian flirt at pool party|publisher=Digital Spy |accessdate=2007-09-08]

"The Insider" on BBLB revealed that there was a fully-functioning washing machine hidden in the garden, throughout the show. [cite episode|title=The Insider | series = Big Brother's Little Brother | network = E4| city=Hertfordshire, England | airdate=2007-06-22] Dermot O'Leary revealed this to the housemates during the BBLB reunion show.

Because of the Big Brother 7 water shortage, the garden included a water tower, which at the beginning of the series was full. The water tower was located next to the fridge and the mangle.


Between the entrance/exit stairs and the main house was a vestibule area. This was used for several tasks, rewards and punishments, such as Ziggy's dating task, Amanda and Sam's birthday party, the punishments on Day 43, and the "Sin Bin" which is the room Charley was made to stay in while the rest of the housemates had their sin party.Fact|date=September 2007

Diary Room

A corridor was added between the Diary Room door and the main house which changes colour from red to blue to green when the "eye" button to open the door is pressed. The diary room chair has been changed to a much larger see-through chair which contains white neon lights. For , the lights inside the chair were coloured purple, to keep up with E4's theme. The diary room resides in almost the same place as last year, but set back a bit, making the living area larger.

As in recent years, the diary room was used for several tasks. The Time Machine from Big Brother's time machine task was in the diary room. It was also used for the Seven Deadly Sins task.

Hidden rooms

The House contained a number of hidden rooms that were accessed either through the diary room or through a store room off the living area. At various points in the show, all or part of these rooms were opened up for various tasks and twists.

*One of these rooms was slept in by Thaila Zucci, in her role as "Pauline", and it was Australia-themed and contained a kangaroo statue, a surfboard, plants and beanbags. The bedroom also contained the dossier from which "Pauline" could find out things about her housemates. Only "Pauline" was allowed in the room at that time. [cite web|url=!+Sneak+peek+inside+Pauline%e2%80%99s+secret+room|title=Ooh! Sneak Peak inside Pauline's secret room |publisher=Heat World |accessdate=2007-06-27]

*The rooms were later on used to house five 'halfway housemates' as part of a nominations twist. It included a dormitory, common room, wash room and kitchenette as well as a small garden.Fact|date=September 2007

Periodically throughout the series, housemates conducted various tasks in some of these rooms.
*For the BBTV task, a newsroom was built, where two housemates transmitted news to the rest of the house, such as messages from home. [cite web|url=|title= Gerry and Liam receive messages from home|publisher=Digital Spy |accessdate=2007-09-08] The rooms were also used as a studio for a gameshow and later a talent show.
*It was used as a "The Happy Room" to cheer up Charley and Billi, who were instructed to wear "happy" t-shirts and baseball caps for the duration of their stay. The room was full of red beanbags, and featured cheery slogans on the walls. While in the room, Big Brother played the tune, If You're Happy and You Know It.cite web|url= |title= Charley and Billi enter the happy room |publisher=Digital Spy |accessdate=2007-09-08]
*During the seven deadly sins task, it was turned into "The Room of Nicky" and contained pictures, books and footage of Nicky and also a sofa with cushions spelling N-I-C-K-Y. Nicky was instructed to stay in the room and learn to appreciate herself until Big Brother allowed her to leave.Fact|date=September 2007
*For Big Brother's birthday task, a Practice Room was built, where the entertainers had to practise. [cite web|url= |title= Group given party entertainer roles |publisher=Digital Spy |accessdate=2007-09-08] A party room was then provided with a ball pool, small stage, and an area for food. [cite web|url=|title= Party goers start birthday task|publisher=Digital Spy |accessdate=2007-09-08] Amanda and Sam, Gerry, Nicky, and Ziggy were chosen as the party guests. Carole's job was the face painter. Chanelle, and Liam were the magical duo, performing magic. Charley, and Tracey were the clowns and entertainers. Brian was the final musical performer.


There were twenty-four housemates in total in this series of "Big Brother" in the UK, more than ever before. Each week, two or more housemates were nominated to be evicted by the general public until the winner was left. All of the housemates that entered on the first day were female, then on the third day; a male housemate - Ziggy - entered the house.cite web | title="Big Brother" 2007: Women To Choose New Male Housemate | publisher=Unreality TV | accessdate=2007-06-01 | url=] On 7 June 2007 it was announced on "Big Brother's Big Mouth" that Day 10 would see the addition of two male housemates, in replacement of the cancelled eviction.cite episode|title=Big Brother's Big Mouth| series = Big Brother| network = Channel 4| city = Hertfordshire, England| airdate = 2007-06-07] These two housemates were Gerry and Seány. On 15 June, four new male housemates entered the house. They were Billi, Jonathan, Liam, and Brian. Jonathan left on Day 35 due to a family death from day 34 that he wanted to attend to" [ Four new men enter house] ", "Digital Spy". URL last accessed 2007-06-16.] A new housemate called "Pauline" entered the house on 8 July, supposedly from "Big Brother Australia", however, her true identity was actress Thaila Zucchi, and worked as a mole for Big Brother, before being removed on Day 42. Five new housemates, Amy, Jonty, Shanessa, David & Kara-Louise entered the house in a separate room called Halfway House on Day 59. [cite episode|title=The Insider | series = Big Brother's Little Brother | network = E4| city=Hertfordshire, England | airdate=2007-07-24]

Weekly summary

Each week in the "Big Brother" House is summarized in the table on the main page. A typical week begins with the nominations, shopping task, and ends with the eviction of a Housemate during the following Friday's episode. Evictions, tasks, and other noteworthy events for a particular week are noted. Some of the events listed may not be in order of sequence.

Criticism and controversy

Nine days into the new series, Channel 4 was criticised for deciding to air the word "nigger" on their daily highlights show. [cite web|url=|title=New Racism Row Engulfs "Big Brother" ||accessdate=2007-06-07] After the criticism they received for not handling the "Celebrity Big Brother" racism allegations properly back in January, they were quick to intervene after Emily used the word in conversation with Charley. On the other hand, Charley and Nicky subsequently used the same contentious word several times, in reference to Emily's use. No action was seen to be taken against them.cite episode|title=Day 8 Programme | series = Big Brother | network = Channel 4| city=Hertfordshire, England | airdate=2007-06-07] After Emily's disqualification from the competition was announced, 922 viewers complained to Ofcom, the British television regulator, believing that it was unfair. [ 1,000 viewers say Emily's 'BB' ejection was wrong] "Digital Spy"] Another 270 people expressed dissatisfaction with Channel 4's decision to air the word "nigger" uncensored. Parr was invited on BBLB, which also caused disturbances, but postponed her appearance. The press and Dermot presumed she postponed due to the controversy, but as she revealed in her BBLB interview, it was not.

Furthermore, on Day 40, Channel 4 confirmed that Charley had been called to the Diary Room and reprimanded after using the word "nigger" twice on one night. This was not broadcast on the nightly highlights programme or the live feed, further enflaming rumours about favouritism towards Charley. A Big Brother spokesperson claimed "Charley used the N-word as a black woman to refer to another black person. We judged her use of the term different from Emily's. But Big Brother called her to the Diary Room to remind her that this word could cause offence." [ [ Sunday Mirror: Chanelle Rushed To See Docs] . Retrieved 8 July 2007.] [cite web|url=|title=Charley warned for using racist slur|publisher=Digital Spy|accessdate=2007-06-07]

Charley was given a third and final warning by Big Brother on Day 55 when she implied that housemate Gerry was a paedophile. Over 300 people complained to Ofcom when Charley said that Gerry liked to "sleep with 15-year-olds". [cite web|url=|title=Big Brother Day 55: Charley's 'paedophile' row with Gerry earns her a FINAL warning|publisher=Daily Mail|accessdate=2007-07-23] [cite web|url=,,2003230001-2007340117,00.html|title=More complaints over BB fight|publisher=The Sun newspaper|accessdate=2007-07-24]

Nominations table

[] []

fnb|1 Ziggy was told by Big Brother that he would be the only housemate allowed to nominate for the first eviction vote on Day 7. The eviction was later cancelled due to Emily being removed before the eviction could take place.cite news
title = Emily removed from "Big Brother"
url =
publisher = "BBC"
date = 2007-06-07
accessdate = 2007-06-07
quote = This week's eviction vote has been cancelled

fnb|2 New housemates Seány and Gerry were two of four housemates allowed to nominate, and together they had to choose the other two housemates nominating with them. They chose Sam and Amanda to nominate.

fnb|3 Nicky and Charley were among those receiving the most nominations, but Billi and Charley's nominations were discounted so Nicky and Charley did not face the public vote.cite web|url= |title=Carole, Tracey and Billi up for eviction |publisher=Digital Spy |accessdate=2007-06-26]

fnb|4 The evicted housemate, Charley, was interviewed by Davina, with the interview shown on the plasma screen in the house, and then put back in the house.cite news
title = 'Evictee' Charley back in house
url =
publisher = BBC
date = 2007-07-13
accessdate = 2007-08-01
quote = Argumentative housemate Charley Uchea has been voted out of the Channel 4 Big Brother house in a fake eviction - and then allowed to rejoin her housemates.

fnb|5 Nominations took place on a Sunday (Day 47) instead of a Monday (Day 48). Chanelle and Ziggy were asked to nominate one housemate each, instead of the usual two housemates, as punishment for discussing nominations previously.cite web|url=|title=Ziggy brands Big Brother a "fix"|publisher=Digital Spy|accessdate=2007-07-16]

fnb|6 After continuous swapping of housemates between the Main House and the Halfway House, the housemates remaining in the Halfway House faced the public vote on from Day 65. However, the second twist to this was whoever faced the votes had an even bigger chance of being evicted, as there was a double eviction.cite news
url =
title = Four face eviction in "Big Brother"
publisher = "BBC"
date = 2007-08-02
quote = Four "halfway" housemates are facing eviction on Friday from Channel 4's reality TV show, Big Brother.

fnb|7 Amanda and Sam chose to become one housemate on Day 69. However, as a result they both faced the public vote.cite news
title = Twins to be counted as one housemate
url =
publisher = Digital Spy

fnb|8 For week 11's shopping task those who won mini-tasks gained "guru status" and were immune from eviction. All other housemates automatically faced the public votecite web|url= |title= Big Brother sets 'Guru' shopping task |publisher=Digital Spy|accessdate=2007-09-08] but the Gurus had to decide from the two housemates with the highest number of votes (this was Carole with 49% and Gerry with 24%) who to evict.cite news
url =
title = "Big Brother" plans Guru eviction twist
date = 2007-08-15
publisher = "Digital Spy"
accessdate = 2007-08-15
quote = At the end of the public vote on Friday, the two housemates with the most nominations will be revealed to the house. Then it will be up to the Gurus to decide upon which housemate should be evicted during the live Channel 4 show.

fnb|9 In Week 12 there was a double eviction.cite news
first = Colin
last = Robertson
author = Robertson, Colin
url =,,2003230001-2007380513,00.html
title = BB pair face the punt this week
date = 2007-08-20
publisher = "The Sun"
accessdate = 2007-08-22
quote = Housemates are in for a major shock this week — Big Brother bosses are to stage a DOUBLE eviction.
] A very close eviction in which Jonty was 0.2% away from being evicted receiving 30.7% while Kara received 30.8%.

fnb|10 There were no nominations in the final week as the public were voting for the housemate they wanted to win..



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  • Big Brother 2007 (UK) — 51°39′23″N 0°16′02″O / 51.65639, 0.26722 Big Brother 2007 est une émission de télévision anglaise de télé réalité …   Wikipédia en Français

  • Big Brother 2007 (UK) weekly summary — NOTOC This article documents the highlights of Big Brother 2007 (UK). Each week in the Big Brother House is summarized in the table on the main page. A typical week begins with the nominations, shopping task, and ends with the eviction of a… …   Wikipedia

  • Celebrity Big Brother 2007 (UK) — Big Brother endgame seriesname = Celebrity Big Brother UK series = Fifth series (2007) previous = Celebrity Big Brother 2006 (UK) next =Celebrity Big Brother UK (2009) imagebg = #000 hm1 = Shilpa hm1 enter = Day 1 hm1 exit = Day 26 hm1 stat =… …   Wikipedia

  • List of Big Brother 2007 housemates (UK) — There were 24 housemates in total in the eighth series of Big Brother in the UK where they were observed by television viewers 24 hours a day and each week, one or more housemates were voted to be evicted by the general public until the winner,… …   Wikipedia

  • Big Brother (TV series) — Big Brother is a television show in which a group of people live together in a large house, isolated from the outside world but continuously watched by television cameras. Each series lasts for around three months, and there are usually fewer… …   Wikipedia

  • Big Brother Australia — was the Australian version of the international Big Brother reality television series. Big Brother Australia was produced by Endemol Southern Star, and shown on Network Ten, Australia. Between 2001 and 2008 it was also shown in New Zealand on TV2 …   Wikipedia

  • Big Brother Australia 2007 — Big Brother endgame seriesname = Big Brother Australia imagebg = #000 series = Season 7 (2007) previous = Big Brother Australia 2006 next = Big Brother Australia 2008 hm1 = Aleisha hm1 enter = Day 0 hm1 exit = Day 100 hm1 stat = winner hm2 = Zach …   Wikipedia

  • Big Brother (UK) — Big Brother UK sidebar| Big Brother is a reality television series broadcast in the United Kingdom and Ireland on Channel 4 and E4, and on S4C in Wales. Internationally, it is broadcast in on The Polish station TVN. [… …   Wikipedia

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