Lamy (disambiguation)

Lamy is a German fountain pen brand and producer.

Lamy may also refer to:
* Lamy, New Mexico, United States
* Fort Lamy, former name of N'Djamena, Chad
* Lamy (and Rinck), catalogue of Peruvian stamp cancellations

Lamy is a French surname and may refer to:
* Alfred Lamy (1886-1922), French celebrated bow-maker (violin family)
* Alexandra Lamy (born 1975), French actor
* Amédée-François Lamy (1858–1900), French army officer, conqueror of Chad
* Benoît Lamy (born 1945), Belgian film director
* Bernard Lamy (mathematician) (1640–1715), French philosopher and mathematician
* François Lamy (born 1959), French politician
* Jean-Baptiste Lamy (1814–1888), French clergyman, Archbishop of Santa Fe, New Mexico
* Jerome Lamy (1726–1781), Austrian scholar and teacher
* Jenny Lamy (born 1949), Australian sprinter
* C. Josef Lamy, German pen manufacturer, founder of Lamy
* Maurice Lamy, French actor
* Pascal Lamy (born 1947), French political advisor, businessman, and Director-General of the WTO
* Pedro Lamy (born 1972), Portuguese racing driver
* Pierre Lamy (1926–1998), Canadian producer
* Raymond Lamy (born 1903), French film director
* Robert Lamy (born 1941), French politician
* Thomas Joseph Lamy (1827–1907), Belgian biblical scholar and orientalist

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* Lami, Rewa Province, Fiji

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