Bibliography of Charles, Prince of Wales

The Bibliography of Charles, Prince of Wales is a list of approximately three dozen works which HRH Charles, Prince of Wales has authored, co-authored, illustrated or narrated and includes works for which he has written a foreword, introduction or preface.

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*"Architecture & the Environment: HRH The Prince of Wales and the Earth in Balance (Architectural Design Profile)". With Andreas C. Papadakis. John Wiley & Sons (1993). Paperback: ISBN 1-854-90143-5.

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*"The Prince's Choice: A Personal Selection from Shakespeare: Performed by Richard Briers & Cast". William Shakespeare. Performed by Richard Briers, John Gielgud, Glenda Jackson, Alan Bates, Robert Lindsay, Maggie Smith, Juliet Stevenson, et al. Narrated by Charles, Prince of Wales. Selections divided into categories (e.g. extraordinary people, public life, humour). London: Hodder & Stoughton Audio Books (1995). Audio Cassette / Audiobook: ISBN 1-859-98514-9, ISBN 978-1859985144.


*"Airborne Free: Red Devils & Other Rare Breeds". Mark Bryant, ed. London: Leo Cooper, Octopus Books (1990). Paperback: ISBN 0-850-52153-X, ISBN 978-0850521535.: Observations on airborne forces and wildlife management by more than fifty cartoonists: George Worsley Adamson, Barry Fantoni, Alex Graham, Martin Honeysett, Peter Maddocks, Gerald Scarfe, Bill Tidy, Kevin Woodcock "et al." (Royalties to the Airborne Forces Charities Development Trust and the David Shepherd Conservation Foundation.) See also: Red Devils (Parachute Regiment).

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*"Sealed by Time: The Loss and Recovery of the Mary Rose. Vol. I: The Archaeology of the Mary Rose."cite web |url= |title= Review of "Sealed by Time: the loss and recovery of the Mary Rose. Vol. I: The Archaeology of the Mary Rose." |author= Alan Aberg |format= html |work= Journal of Maritime Research |date= June 2004 |quote= ] Peter Marsden, et al. Mary Rose Trust Ltd (2003). First of five volumes. Hardcover: ISBN 0-954-40290-1, ISBN 978-0954402907.


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