Starship Regulars

Starship Regulars was an animated Macromedia Flash cartoon series created by Simpsons producer Rob LaZebnik for Icebox in 1999. It parodied modern science fiction programs such as "Star Trek". The series is available at Icebox's website, as well as on Comcast video on Demand.

In 2000, Showtime expressed interest in developing a live-action television version.


"Starship Regulars" is set aboard the massive Federation starship "Integrity" in the 24th century. The "Integrity" is commanded by Captain Bellagen (usually referred to as "The Captain"). The series focuses on three grunt soldiers, Tycho, Wilson, and Dave. In contrast to the morality shown by the Captain, Tycho and Wilson are shown to be more interested in "getting laid" or drinking booze.

Voice performers

"Starship Regulars" had a diverse cast, including:
* Diedrich Bader as Wilson
* Michael Dorn as Captain Bellagen
* Amy Pietz as Mara
* Billy Ragsdale as Tycho
* Karl Wiedergott as Jackson and Blinka
* Megan Price as Lees


There were ten webisodes of Starship Regulars:; War : The Starship Regulars participate in a drinking game as the ship is under attack.; Hostage : The Starship Regulars plot how to get back a bottle of "Cordomite", a rare alcoholic beverage, which was taken hostage with the Captain.; Raid : As the Captain is tortured, Tycho, Wilson, and Dave ingeniously use an old "Hughes"-transporter to beam up the "Cordomite" bottle.; Enemy Engaged : Tycho works hard to pick up a Gerex woman.; Conquest : Tycho must struggle with whether to do it with a Gerex woman and possibly die.; Galien Nation : Tycho struggles with the advances of a male alien Ambassador.; The Ultimate Weapon : The Starship Regulars are placed in charge of guarding a Koraeg, the Federation's worse enemy. As the Captain contemplates whether to introduce a virus into the Koraeg civilization, the Regulars get him drunk and show him a good time.; Obsession : Wilson is infatuated with the music of Dido, although his trip to her concert on Rantor 6 may be moved because of some war in the Ashtar Nebula.; Virgin Territory : Tycho is trusted to guard a beautiful virgin alien princess.; Untouched : Wilson is treated like a god by the Kaligians, something he uses to satisfy his hunger.

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