John Robinson (Virginia)

John Robinson (February 3, 1704 - May 11, 1766) - John Robinson at one point was one of the most powerful people in the Virginia Colony. Robinson had very close ties to Governor Fauquier, Peyton Randolph, and most of the House of Burgesses. While John Robinson was speaker of House the Virginia Resolves occurred. John Robinson was the person who shouted, "Treason!, Treason!" after Patrick Henry's speech. After his death the John Robinson Estate Scandal was discovered where he stole thousands of pounds from the treasury.

Positions Held in the Virginia Colony

*Delegate, Virginia House of Burgesses, 1736 – 1738

*Speaker of Virginia House of Burgesses, 1738 – 1766

*Treasurer, Virginia Colony, 1738 – 1766


*John Robinson was mentor to Edmund Pendleton

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* [|Williamsburg Bio] - a little information on John Robinson.

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