Cocksucking Cowboy

Cocksucking Cowboy
Canned Cocksucking Cowboy
Type Layered shooter
Primary alcohol by volume
Served straight-up
Standard drinkware
Shot Glass (Standard).svg
Shot glass
Commonly used ingredients
  • two parts cold Butterscotch Schnapps
  • one part Baileys Irish Cream
Preparation *Pour the butterscotch schnapps into the shot glass.
  • Carefully add the Bailey's. letting it float on top.
  • Serve.

A Cocksucking Cowboy (also known as a Cowboy and Butterball) is a layered shooter made from two parts cold Butterscotch Schnapps with one part of Baileys Irish Cream,[1] making it 32 proof (16% ABV). The Baileys is poured off the back of a bar spoon so it "floats" on top of the schnapps in a shot glass.

The drink is also known as a Buttery Nipple or Slippery Nipple #4, though the Buttery Nipple is often thought to be composed of 12 Butterscotch and 12 Irish Cream. Note that Baileys does not have to be used; any type of Irish Cream will do.

In 2004, it was an extremely popular shooting drink in Australian pubs and clubs and could be purchased prepared in segmented shot glasses sealed with foil. Kits with bottles of each liqueur are also sold, both under the name "CS Cowboy".

On the movie The Butterfly Effect 3: Revelations, Sam Reide (Chris Carmack) is seductively offered a "buttery nipple" by the bartender Vicki (Melissa Jones).


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