Rack 'n Roll

game_title = Rack 'n Roll

year = 2007
number_teams = 1305 [ [http://www.usfirst.org/who/content.aspx?id=160 USFIRST.org ] ]
number_regionals = 37 [ [http://www.usfirst.org/community/frc/regionalevents.aspx?id=430 FRC Regional Events ] ]
championship_location = Georgia Dome, Atlanta, Georgia
chairman_winner = Team 365 - "MOE"
wf_winner = Dan Green
Team 111
founders_winner = General Motors
champions = Team 190 - Gompei and the Herd
Team 987 - High Roolers
Team 177 - BobCat Robotics

Rack 'n Roll is the game for the 2007 FIRST Robotics Competition season, announced on January 6, 2007. In it, two alliances of three teams each compete to arrange toroidal game pieces on a central arena element known as 'The Rack'.



Robots fall under three different classes restricting their maximum weight and height. These classes are:

Other restrictions

Robots also must have a maximum starting footprint of 28" x 38" regardless of class. Robots may expand once the match has begun. The game manual includes other rules restricting various aspects of the construction of the robot that have been put in place for the purpose of safety and fairness.


The Rack 'n Roll field is dominated by 'The Rack', a large metal contraption with three levels of hanging metal bars, with each level having 8 arms evenly spaced in an octagonal manner. Each arm (known as a 'spider leg') has space for two game pieces. Any more pieces placed on a spider leg beyond the first two are ignored for scoring purposes. At the beginning of the match, the rack is arbitrarily translated or rotated within three feet of the center of the field in order to give some randomness and to encourage autonomous modes that do not depend on dead-reckoning. At the top of the Rack are four green-colored lights above the 1, 3, 5, and 7 legs to aid in autonomous-mode tracking.

Game pieces

The game pieces in Rack 'n Roll are inflatable toroidal pool toys. There are 3 styles: Keepers, Ringers, and Spoilers. Keepers are tubes with lettering that are placed only during autonomous mode and, once placed, override any pieces placed later for scoring purposes. Ringers are undecorated tubes that are delivered onto the field either by human players via chutes, or are picked from the floor. Nine ringers of each color start on the field in the opposing team's start area (so the 9 blue ringers are in the red alliance's end zone, and vice versa). The other nine start behind the end wall, to be given out by human players. Spoilers are colored black, and cause the spider arm holding them to be ignored for scoring purposes. Spoilers can be removed or repositioned on the rack by robots multiple times. Each alliance starts with two spoilers, accessible by their human players.

Game play

Each match of Rack 'n Roll is 2 minutes 15 seconds long, divided into three segments. The first segment is a 15 second autonomous period, where robots may attempt to place keepers onto the rack without human input. Once autonomous mode is complete, any keepers not already on the rack are no longer valid for scoring. The second segment, the teleoperated mode, is 2 minutes long, during which robots are operated by the drivers and may roam anywhere on the field. In the final 15 seconds, the end game, robots may not enter their opponent's end zone, but all other rules remain the same from the teleoperated period. Though the head referee may pause the game between the autonomous period and the teleoperated period, the end game follows directly after the teleoperated period.


Rack scoring

The primary method of scoring in Rack 'n Roll is by making rows and columns of tubes on the rack. A row or column of "n" tubes is worth 2n points to a maximum of n=8. Note that this includes rows or columns of length 1, so a single tube on the rack that does not form a row or column is worth 2 points. Teams have access to 21 scorable keepers and ringers. This means that the maximum possible score from the rack should be 596 . That is, two rows of 8 ringers, a row of 5 (2 ringers plus 3 keepers), 5 vertical columns of length 3, then 3 vertical columns of length 2.

Robot scoring

As is usual in a FIRST game, robot positions at the end of the match are worth bonus points. In Rack n' Roll, each robot in its alliance end zone that is not touching any field element and has its lowest part 4 or more inches off the ground will score 15 bonus points. A robot that is not touching any field element and has its lowest part 12 or more inches off the ground will score 30 bonus points. Since robots may not be touching any field element, this means that in order to score bonus points, teams will have to depend on their alliance partners to provide mechanisms to lift their robots or will have to have mechanisms to lift their alliance partner's robots. Since at least one robot must be touching the ground in order to lift the other two alliance robots off the ground, the maximum conceivable bonus points an alliance can score is 60 points.

Kit of parts

The kit of parts included a few new items, including a new battery and the new EasyC Pro. One substantial rule change is that batteries from previous competitions are not legal, a change that can be easily enforced since the 2007 batteries are visually different from earlier batteries.

Notable events

In the first week of regionals, a bug in the match scheduling system caused many teams to face one other team in all or almost all of their matches [http://www2.usfirst.org/2007comp/Updates/2007%20Team%20Update%2016.pdf] .

Regional winners

The top three teams in each of the 37 Regional events were invited to attend the Championship event at Atlanta, GA.

Week one

[http://www.baesystemsfirst.org/regional/ BAE SYSTEMS Granite State Regional] Winners:
* [http://www.powerknights.com/ Team 501] - [http://www.fciconnect.com/ FCI Burndy Products] / [http://www.homeseer.com HomeSeer Technologies] & Manchester High School West
* [http://www.buzzrobotics.org/ Team 175] - UTC Hamilton Sundstrand Space, Land & Sea & [http://www.enfieldschools.org/our_schools/fermi_high/index.html Enrico Fermi High School]
* [http://www.team1824.com/ Team 1824] - [http://www.warwickmills.com/ Warwick Mills] / BAE Systems & [http://www.region14atc.org/ Region 14 ATC]

[http://www.virginiafirst.org/ NASA / VCU Regional] Winners:
* [http://team2108.8tt.org/ Team 2108] - NASA / Qimonda / GSK / GE / ASME & Green Hope High School
* [http://teachers.henrico.k12.va.us/godwin/hurlburt_h/ghswebpage/Robotics/index.html Team 540] - [http://www.ecpi.edu/ ECPI] / [http://www.showbest.com/ ShowBest Inc.] / [http://www.tkl.com/ TKL] / Verizon / Outhouse Repairs / ITT Technical Institute / [http://www.blueprintautomation.com/ Blueprint Automation] / UPS Store at Gayton Crossing / [http://www.flexicell.com/ Flexicell, Inc.] / Qimonda of Richmond & Mills Godwin High School
* [http://wos.hdsb.ca/robotics2004/index.html Team 843] - Dofasco/Ford Canada/Hertz/ [http://www.ktstooling.com/ KTS Tooling] / [http://www.ntn.ca/ NTN Bearings] & Halton District School Board & White Oaks Secondary School

[http://www.nycnjfirst.org New Jersey Regional] Winners:
* [http://www.raiderrobotix.org/ Team 25] - Bristol-Myers Squibb & North Brunswick Township High School
* [http://www.cybersonics.org/ Team 103] - [http://www.ar-amps.com/ Amplifier-Research] /BAE Systems/Lutron Electronics, Inc/Pathology Group of Doylestown/ [http://www.glenmagnetics.com/ Glen Magnetics] /Harro Hoflinger/ [http://www.daytool.com/ Day Tool] /LRIG/Custom Finishers/Hot Chalk/Beckman Coulter & [http://www.palisadessd.org/palisadeshs/site/default.asp Palisades High School]
* [http://www.team1302.org/ Team 1302] - ThorLabs / BAE Systems / [http://www.pointblankarmor.com/ Point Blank Body Armor] & Pope John XXIII Regional High School

[http://www.pnwfirst.org/ Pacific Northwest Regional] Winners:
* [http://www.team997.org/ Team 997] - Hewlett Packard Corporation / [http://www.videx.com/ Videx Corporation] / [http://outbackmfg.com/pages/1/index.htm Outback Manufacturing] & Corvallis High School
*Team 272 - Visteon Automotive Systems/ [http://www.golftax.com/ TPS Golf] -- AimPoint Technologies/Montgomery County Community College & Lansdale Catholic High School
* [http://west.salkeiz.k12.or.us/contract/robotics/Robotics/index.htm Team 1087] - West Salem High Education Foundation / [http://hanard.com/ Hanard Machine Inc] / [http://www.todayshair-salon.com/ Today's Hair] / Schneider Charitable Foundation / [http://www.clubrunner.ca/dprg/DxHome/_home.aspx?did=5100 West Salem Rotary] / [http://www.mmt.org/ Meyer Memorial Trust] & West Salem High School

[http://www.stlouisfirst.org/ St. Louis Regional] Winners:
* [http://www.first1444.com/ Team 1444] - [http://www.spartanlmp.com/ Spartan Light Metal Products] / Habco Partnership Inc / [http://www.inventorysales.com/ Inventory Sales Co] / Beta Sigma Psi [http://web.umr.edu/~betasig/ Rolla Alumni] / Microfinish / [http://www.crhtransport.com/ CRH Transportation] / [http://www.arco1.com/ Arco Construction Co.] / Trinity Products / Applied Ind. Tech. / Engineered Sales / Delta Gases / Precision Enclosures and Fabrication & Lutheran High School South
* [http://www.warrenrobotics.org/ Team 829] - [http://www.proportionair.com/ ProportionAir Corporation] /Rolls-Royce Corporation & Walker Career Center
* [http://www.technokats.org/ Team 45] - Delphi/Ivy Tech Community College & Kokomo Center School Corporation

Week two

[http://www.azfirst.org/ Arizona Regional] Winners:
* [http://www.team39robotics.org/ Team 39] - Desert Oncology Associates/General Motors Desert Proving Grounds/Intel/US Airways [http://www.usairways.com/awa/content/aboutus/corporategiving/education.aspx Educational Grant] & Highland High School
* [http://www.team60.com/ Team 60] - Ford Motor Company/ [http://www.brackettaircraft.com/ Brackett Aircraft] / [http://www.laron.com/ Laron Incorporated] / [http://www.southwire.com/ Southwire] /Honeywell & [http://www.kusd.org/khsn/northcampus.html Kingman High School]
* [http://www.qcusd.org/ThePhoenix1013/ThePhoenix1013.htm Team 1013] - General Motors Desert Proving Grounds/Intel/ [http://www.magmaengr.com/ Magma Engineering Co] /TRW Automotive & [http://www.qcusd.org/qchs/ Queen Creek HS]

[http://www.bayouregional.org/ Bayou Regional] Winners:
* [http://www.northshorerobotics.homestead.com/ Team 1912] - Shell Exploration & Production Company / Woodside USA / NASA / Lockheed Martin / Taylor Energy Company LLC / [http://www.plansys.com/index.cfm Planning Systems Inc] & St. Tammany Parish [http://www.stpsb.org/ School Board] & Northshore High School
* [http://www.rambunctiousrams.net/ Team 462] - NASA/Delphi Automotive & Provine High School Robotic Team
* [http://www.freewebs.com/technotitans Team 1683] - NASA/Siemens [http://www2.sea.siemens.com/Home Energy and Automation] / [http://www.nordson.com/ Nordson Corp.] /Perma Mulch & Northview HS

[http://www.firstrochester.org/ Finger Lakes Regional] Winners:
* [http://www.1000islandsschools.org/FIRST/FIRST.htm Team 1713] - Verizon/New York Air Brake & [http://www.1000islandsschools.org/ Thousand Islands CSD High School]
* [http://www.team250.org/ Team 250] - [http://www.geadvancedmaterials.com/ Momentive Performance Materials] /RPI/GE Volunteers/Knolls Atomic Power Laboratory & Colonie Central High School
* [http://www.xq-robotix.org/ Team 1450] - Xerox Corp & [http://www.rcsdk12.org/schools/secondary/franklin.htm Ben Franklin Educational Campus]

[http://www.floridafirstregional.com Florida Regional] Winners:
* [http://www.teamresistance.org/ Team 86] - [http://www.jea.com/ JEA] /Johnson & Johnson [http://www.jnjvision.com/about_us.htm VISTAKON] & Stanton College Preparatory School
* [http://www.techtigers.com/ Team 1251] - [http://www.sonnysdirect.com/ Sonny's Enterprises, The Car Wash Factory] & [http://www.atlantictechcenter.com/ Atlantic Technical Magnet High School]
* [http://www.ytaccc.org/ Team 1270] - Youth Technology Academy of Cuyahoga Community College / National Science Foundation / NASA Glenn Research Center / [http://workforce.cuyahogacounty.us/ Cuyahoga County Workforce Development Dept] / [http://www.grantsmanagement.com/dolphinguide.html The Dolphin Trust] / Cleveland TechWorks / Ronald McDonald House Charities & Cleveland Municipal School District

[http://www.greatlakesregional.com Great Lakes Regional] Winners:
* [http://www.mechwarriors573.com/ Team 573] - Daimler Chrysler & Brother Rice High School & [http://www.marian-hs.org/ Marian High School]
* [http://www.intiernovi503.com/ Team 503] - [http://www.intier.com/ Intier Automotive] & Novi High School
* [http://PiHiSamurai.org Team 1015] - [http://www.yazaki-na.com/ Yazaki North America] & Pioneer High School

[http://www.lafirstregional.com Los Angeles Regional] Winners:
* [http://team254.bcp.org/ Team 254] - NASA Ames Research Center / Laron Inc. / ACS Engineered Systems / Modern Machining Co / [http://zenitramfinishing.net/ Zenitram Finishing, Inc.] / Haro's Metal Plating & Bellarmine College Prep High School
* [http://www.team330.org/ Team 330] - J&F Machine/NASA-JPL/Raytheon & [http://www.hopechapel.org/Ministries/hopeacademy.html Hope Chapel Academy]
* [http://www.team4element.com Team 4] - Milken Family Foundation/ [http://www.robertstool.net/ Roberts Tool Co.] / [http://carcannon.com/ The Carcannon Corp] & [http://www.hthla.org/hth/ HighTechHigh-LA]

[http://www-education.rec.ri.cmu.edu/first2007/ Pittsburgh Regional] Winners:
* [http://www.teamfordfirst.org/team123 Team 123] - Ford Motor / JJ's Design & Engineering / ITT Tech / General Motors / R & B Welding / Coffey Machining Services & [http://www.hamtramck.k12.mi.us/ Hamtramck High School]
* [http://www.dabears247.com Team 247] - [http://www.comaupico.com/ Comau Pico] /Ford Motor Company/ [http://www.terminalsupplyco.com/ Terminal Supply] & Berkley High School
* [http://www.starbot337.com Team 337] - American Electric Power/ [http://www.nationalarmature.com/ National Armature] /Ralph R Willis Career-Technical Center/WV Department of Adult-Technical Programs/Mayo Manufacturing & [http://lc2.boe.loga.k12.wv.us/ Logan County Schools]

[http://www.wisconsinregional.org/ Wisconsin Regional] Winners:
*Team 2169 - [http://www.priorlake-savage.k12.mn.us/sh/shindex.htm Prior Lake High School]
* [http://www.team537.com/ Team 537] - Rockwell Automation / GE Volunteers & Hamilton High School
* [http://fondyfire.us/ Team 2194] - Mercury Marine/NASA/ [http://www.brennertank.com/ Brenner Tank] & [http://www.morainepark.edu/ Moraine Park Technical College]

[http://www.brfirst.org/ Brazil Pilot] Winners:
* [http://www.cephatron1860.com/ Team 1860] - Johnson & Johnson & [http://www.cephas.org.br/ CEPHAS] - H.A.Souza Professional Training Center
* [http://www.team1382.com/ Team 1382] - Johnson & Johnson & [http://www.etep.edu.br/ ETEP] - Prof. E. Passos Technical High School
*Team 2243 - Fundação Bradesco Campinas Fundação Bradesco

Week three

[http://first.purdue.org/boilermakerregional/ Boilermaker Regional] Winners:
* [http://www.teamdriven.us Team 1730] - [http://www.rdtool.com/ R&D Tool and Engineering] / [http://www.kauffman.org/ Ewing Marion Kauffman Foundation] / Black and Veatch / Browns Needlework / [http://www.superior-elect.com/ Superior Electric Construction Inc.] / Aquila / Cerner / [http://www.controlservice.com/ Control Service] / [http://www.kastlegrinding.com/ Kastle Grinding] / [http://www.p1group.com/ P1 group] / Shelton and Son Lawn and Tree / [http://www.ecahq.com Electrical Corporation of America] / [http://www.huxtop.com/divisions/adjhux/index.htm ADJ HUX] / Gary D. Lohr D.D.S. / [http://www.computech.com/ Computech] / [http://www.wolverinefpi.com/ Wolverine Fluid Power] / David and Nancy Staves & Lee's Summit High School
* [http://www.cyberblue234.com Team 234] - Allison Transmission/Rolls-Royce/and [http://www.cyberblue234.com/grandmas.html 74 Proud Grandmas] & Perry Meridian High School
* [http://www.nwhite.k12.in.us/HSTeachers/vmaier/RoboTeam/website1.htm Team 1555] - Leis Machine Shop/Liberty Township & [http://www.nwhite.k12.in.us/ North White High School]

[http://www.chesapeakefirst.org/ Chesapeake Regional] Winners:
* [http://www.hvrsd.k12.nj.us/chs/firstrobotics Team 293] - Bristol-Myers Squibb/MEI & Hopewell Valley Central High School
* [http://www.roboraiders.com/ Team 75] - J&J Consumer and Personal Products Worldwide - & Hillsborough High School
* [http://www.rockyrobot.com/ Team 203] - Campbell's Soup & Camden County Technical High School

Detroit Regional Winners:
*Team 123 - Ford Motor / JJ's Design & Engineering / ITT Tech / General Motors / R & B Welding / Coffey Machining Services & Hamtramck High School
*Team 247 - Comau Pico/Ford Motor Company/Terminal Supply & Berkley High School
* [http://www.geocities.com/melissa_fayall/chadsey_index.html Team 903] - General Motors / ArvinMeritor, Inc. / Ford Motor Company & [http://schools.detroitk12.org/Chadsey/ Charles Chadsey High School] & Southwestern High School & Northwestern High School

[http://www.kcfirst.org/ Greater Kansas City Regional] Winners:
* [http://team935.info/ Team 935] - EWING MARION KAUFFMAN FOUNDATION/Higgs Tech Consulting/ [http://www.standridgecolor.com/ Standridge Color Corp] & Newton High School
* [http://www.lincobotics.com/ Team 1775] - Ewing Marion Kauffman Foundation & Lincoln College Preparatory Academy
* [http://www.stagrobotics.com Team 1997] - Ewing Marion Kauffman Foundation & Bishop Miege High School

[http://www.midwestfirst.org/ Midwest Regional] Winners:
* [http://www.wildstang.org/ Team 111] - Motorola & Rolling Meadows High School & Wheeling High School
* [http://www.ravonics.net/ Team 1710] - Ewing Marion Kauffman Foundation & Olathe Northwest High School
* [http://www.creston904.com/ Team 904] - [http://www.hsdie.com/ HS Technolgies] / [http://www.dematic.us/ Dematic] / [http://www.gill-industries.com/ Gill Industries] / [http://www.gmdynamic.com/company/gmability/environment/plants/facility_db/facility_summary.php?fID=149 GM - Grand Rapids Metal Center] & Creston High School
* [http://acerobotics.googlepages.com/ Team 1850] - NASA & [http://www.acetechnical.org/ ACE Technical High School]

[http://www.peachtreeregional.org/ Peachtree Regional] Winners:
* [http://www.miltontech.org/ Team 1127] - [http://www.womenintechnology.org/ Women In Technology] / [http://www.manheimdrive.com/ Manheim DRIVE] / Kimberly Clark / MB & R Engineering Inc. & Milton High School
* [http://www.team1369.com/ Team 1369] - University of South Florida / DeVry University & [http://www1.sdhc.k12.fl.us/~middleton.high/ Middleton Magnet High School]
*Team 1539 - Duke Energy/Process Innovation and Design & [http://www.clover2.k12.sc.us/ Clover School District]
* [http://www.circuitrunners.com/ Team 1848] - [http://www.wheelermagnet.com/ Wheeler CircuitRunners] / [http://www.forsythalliance.com/ Forsyth Alliance] / UPS & [http://www.circuitrunners.com/gra/index.php Georgia Robotics Alliance]

[http://www.firstsv.org/ Silicon Valley Regional] Winners:
* [http://www.srvhsrobotics.org/ Team 1280] - EMC Corporation/Intuitive Surgical & San Ramon Valley High School
* [http://tetrabot.com/ Team 1516] - [http://www.wk-autoserv.com/ W & K Automotive] / [http://www.cccoe.k12.ca.us/stsvcs/rop.html ROP Contra Costa Co, CA] / [http://www.srvef.org/ San Ramon Valley Education Foundation] & California High School
* [http://www.wpi.edu/~first Team 190] - WPI & Massachusetts Academy of Math and Science

[http://www.ctfirst.org/frc_events/index.html UTC Connecticut Regional] Winners:
* [http://www.team195.com/ Team 195] - [http://www.smiths-medical.com/ Smiths Medical] / [http://www.tigerenterprises.com/ Tiger Enterprises] & Southington High School
* [http://www.robosquad558.com/ Team 558] - Yale University/ [http://www.uinet.com/ United Illuminating] & H.R. Career H.S.
* [http://www.uberbots.org/ Team 1124] - UTC [http://www.utcfireandsecurity.com/ Fire and Security] & Avon High School

[http://www.nycnjfirst.org/ New York City Regional] Winners:
*Team 1302 - ThorLabs / BAE Systems / Point Blank Body Armor & Pope John XXIII Regional High School
* [http://www.gwestrobotics.com/ Team 354] - Bloomberg/New York City College of Technology/Verizon Corporation & George Westinghouse High School
*Team 2274 - Con Edison & Fordham Leadership Academy High School

Week four

[http://bostonfirst.org/ Boston Regional] Winners:
* [http://www.gaelforce126.org/ Team 126] - [http://www.nypro.com/ Nypro Inc.] & Clinton High School
* [http://www.hyper-robotics.com/ Team 69] - Gillette & Quincy Public Schools
* [http://www.nutrons.neu.edu/ Team 125] - Northeastern University/Textron Systems & Boston Latin School & Brookline High School

[http://www.firstbuckeye.org/ Buckeye Regional] Winners:
* [http://www.team291.org/ Team 291] - GE Volunteers & Erie School District & Villa Maria Academy
* [http://www.girardrobotics.com Team 379] - General Motors Lordstown/Idalex & Girard High School
* [http://www.delphielite.com/ Team 48] - Delphi Corporation & Warren G. Harding High School

[http://regional.sandiegorobotics.com/ San Diego Regional] Winners:
*Team 330 - J&F Machine/NASA-JPL/Raytheon & Hope Chapel Academy
* [http://www.team696.com/ Team 696] - NASA / JPL / Glendale Community College / TruCut / The Kauffman Family / Canoga Perkins / Hardcore Racing / Arrow Metal Stamping / [http://www.gordonwoods.com/ Gordon Woods Welding Supply] / HEC & Clark Magnet High School
* [http://bluegold.dcds.edu/Upper%20School/US%20Club%20pages/Robotics.htm Team 835] - DENSO & Detroit Country Day School
* [http://www.team1216.com/ Team 1216] - NASA/KUKA & Oak Park High School

[http://www.firstrobotics.uwaterloo.ca/ Waterloo Regional] Winners:
* [http://www.simbotics.org/ Team 1114] - General Motors - St. Catharines Powertrain / [http://allmind.com/ Allied Marine and Industrial] & Governor Simcoe Secondary School
* [http://www.oppatriotics.com/ Team 2056] - Edson Packaging Machinery/RMT Robotics/CNC Woodcraft & HWDSB & Orchard Park Secondary School
*Team 771 - St. Mildred's Lightbourn Parent Association / DANA-Long Manufacturing / Canadian Bearings Ltd / Fisher-Ludlow / MD Robotics / David L.H. Yiu, CFA / Lexus of Oakville & St. Mildred's-Lightbourn High School

Week five

GM/Technion Israel Regional Winners:
*Team 1950 - Ramot Hefer highschool (The Crackbots)
* [http://www.hamosadrobotics.net/ Team 1657] - Mevo'ot Iron (HaMossad)
*Team 1574 - Misgav (Miscar) - Iscar

[http://www.coloradofirst.org/ Colorado Regional] Winners:
*Team 555 - Montclair Robotics - Montclair, NJ
*Team 1583
*Team 1636 - Arvada High School/DeVry University/Lockheed Martin/Spectrum General Contrators Inc./First & Safety/Great Divide Door Service

[http://firstsac.engineering.ucdavis.edu/ Davis Sacramento Regional] Winners:
*Team 100
*Team 997
* [http://www.mvhigh.net/robotics/ Team 1458]

[http://www.firstcanadianregional.org/ Greater Toronto Regional] Winners:
*Team 2056
* [http://www.simbotics.org/ Team 1114] - General Motors - St. Catharines Powertrain / [http://allmind.com/ Allied Marine and Industrial] & Governor Simcoe Secondary School
*Team 176

[http://www.lvfirst.org/ Las Vegas Regional] Winners:
*Team 1425
* [http://team254.bcp.org/ Team 254]
*Team 1983--Skunkworks--Seattle, Washington

Lone Star Regional Winners:
* [http://www.robonauts.org/ Team 118] - [http://www.nasa.gov/centers/johnson/home/index.html NASA-JSC] & [http://ccisd.net Clear Creek ISD]
* [http://www.team476.com/ Team 476] - Wildcat Robotics - Ponca City, Oklahoma
* [http://www.risd.org/schools/phs/clubs/phsrobotics/portal/default.asp Team 1745] - [http://www.houstonrobotics.org/ Houston Robotics] /ITT Technical Institute/Richardson ISD/Pizza Hut, Inc & J.J Pearce High School

[http://palmettofirst.engr.sc.edu/ Palmetto Regional] Winners:
*Team 1319
*Team 832
*Team 342

[http://www.philadelphiafirst.org/ Philadelphia Regional] Winners:
*Team 84 - DuPont/NE PA Tech Prep Consortium & Athens Area School District & Northeast Bradford School District & Towanda Area School District & Troy Area School District [http://www.chuck84.org/ Website]
*Team 341 - Rohm & Haas Company/BAE Systems/Johnson & Johnson PRD/Siemens Corporation/DeVry University & Wissahickon High School & North Montco Technical Career Center [http://www.team341.com/ Website]
*Team 181 - Pratt & Whitney/United Technologies & Hartford Public Schools [http://alum.wpi.edu/+birdsofprey Website]

[http://www.sbpli-lifirst.org/ SBPLI Long Island Regional] Winners:
*Team 229 -- Division by Zero Potsdam, NY
*Team 234 -- Cyber Blue Indianapolis, IN
*Team 545 -- RoboDawgs Levittown, NY

[http://www.westmichiganregional.com/ West Michigan Regional] Winners:
* [http://www.team703.com/ Team 703] -- Phoenix Saginaw, MI
* [http://www.lasguerrillas.com/ Team 469] -- Las Guerrillas Bloomfield Hills, MI
* [http://www.494martians.com/ Team 494] -- Goodrich Martians Goodrich, MI


The 2007 Championship event was held in the Georgia Dome from April 12-14, 2007. 344 [ [https://my.usfirst.org/myarea/index.lasso?page=teamlist&menu=false&event=CMP FIRST Events :: ] ] teams from around the globe competed in four divisions for the Championship title.

Division champions:

These were the teams within each division that won their respective divisions. Archimedes: Teams 179, 233, 71 Curie: Teams 910, 1270, 330 Galileo: Teams 1902, 173, 1319 Newton: Team 190, 987, 177

Einstein playoffs

The four division champions played each other at a fifth, central playing field for the title of Championship Winner.

SF 1-1: Galileo beat Newton, 54-32 SF 2-1: Archimedes beat Curie by way of a disqualification. A Curie robot earned a red card for tipping an Archimedes robot. This was the first time a robot was disqualified on the Einstein field during the final rounds of the FIRST Championship. [http://www.thebluealliance.net/tbatv/events.php] [ [http://www.chiefdelphi.com/forums/showthread.php?t=57152 Need some help with FIRST history? - Chief Delphi ] ] SF 1-2: Newton beat Galileo, 48-34 SF 2-2: Archimedes eliminated Curie, 88-74 SF 1-3: Newton eliminated Galileo, 44-32 Final 1-1: Archimedes beat Newton, 50-34 Final 1-2: Newton beat Archimedes, 72-58 Final 1-3: Newton beat Archimedes, 59-54, to become the 2007 Championship Winner. [http://www2.usfirst.org/2007comp/events/CMP/matchresults.html]

Notable events

*Chad Hurley, cofounder of YouTube, was a guest speaker before the final matches on Einstein Field. This makes 2007 the second year in the row in which a Google employee gave a speech before the final matches. In 2006, Sergei Brin was a speaker.
*Three of the alliances that won their division and competed on Einstein field had a former world champion in their ranks [https://my.usfirst.org/myarea/index.lasso?page=teaminfo&team=173] [https://my.usfirst.org/myarea/index.lasso?page=teaminfo&team=330] [https://my.usfirst.org/myarea/index.lasso?page=teaminfo&team=71] . These robots were 71 for Archimedes, 330 for Curie, and 173 for Galileo.


External links

* [http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NLTAGrUHhG4 Official Rack N' Roll animation]
* [http://www.usfirst.org/community/frc/content.aspx?id=452 2007 Game Manual]
* [http://www.soap.circuitrunners.com/2007/movies/ Video archive of most matches from 2007 regionals]
* [http://www.thebluealliance.net/tbatv/?year=2007 Flash Format archive of many match Videos from 2007 regionals and The Championship]
* [http://www.chiefdelphi.com Chief Delphi] has current topics on the 2007 game and the past games of the FIRST competitions

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