List of landscape architects

A landscape architect is educated, to a high standard whether academic or practical, in landscape architecture and whose professional work conforms to the practice of the same name. The term landscape architect is used differently because professional licenses can be sought through registration examinations. This varies by country and state, for example some US states offer "practice acts" and some offer "title acts". Each refers to the limitations placed on persons who are and are not licensed.

This page also includes figures who are better known as landscape gardeners, landscape designers, architects, surveyors or engineers, particularly those from the 18th century who practised before the term 'landscape architect' was coined. Landscape architecture was also differentiated as a profession in the United States earlier than in other parts of the world so this ambiguity has persisted to the present day; in much of Europe, for example, landscape architecture is not a distinct profession but there are many significant historical and contemporary examples of 'landscape architectural' projects.


20th century and contemporary

* Roelf Botha
* Gwen Fagan
* Ian Ford
* Ben Farrel
* Bernard Oberholzer
* Joan Pim
* Wim Tijmans
* Willem van Riet
* Johan van Papendorp
* Patrick Watson″Nyandega daniel


19th, 20th & 21st century

* Sue Barnsley
* Edward La Trobe Bateman
* Jocelyn Brown
* [ Catherin Bull]
* Daniel Bunce
* Craig Burton
* Walter Richmond Butler
* Elsie Cornish
* Percy Everett
* Emily Gibson
* Walter Burley Griffin
* William Guilfoyle
* Clement Hodgkinson
* Harry Howard
* Hugh Linaker
* Charles Bogue Luffman
* Bruce MacKenzie AM
* Joseph Maiden
* Olive Mellor
* Charles Moore
* Bruce Rickard
* Peter Spooner
* George Schomburgk
* Richard Schomburgk
* William Sangster
* Paul Sorensen
* Ellis Stones
* Edna Walling
* [ Glen Wilson]

Further lists

See further listing under [ Australian Institute of Landscape Architects website]


18th century

* Charles Bridgeman
* Capability Brown
* William Eames
* Charles Hamilton
* Henry Hoare
* William Kent
* George London
* André Le Nôtre
* Humphry Repton
* John Vanbrugh
* Henry Wise

19th century

* JC Adolphe Alphand
* Édouard André
* Joachim Carvallo
* Jean-Claude Nicolas Forestier
* Baron Haussmann
* Gertrude Jekyll
* Joseph Forsyth Johnson
* George Loddiges
* John Claudius Loudon
* William Andrews Nesfield
* Joseph Paxton
* Prince Hermann von Pückler-Muskau
* Henry Winthrop Sargent

20th century

* Harold Ainsworth Peto
* Erik Gunnar Asplund
* Eduard Bru
* Xavier de Winthuysen
* Fernando Caruncho
* Gerard Ciołek
* Brian Clouston
* Sylvia Crowe
* Nicolau Mª Rubiò i Tudurì
* Ernst Cramer
* Silvia Decorde
* Francisco Páez de la Cadena
* Bet Figueras
* Ian Hamilton Finlay
* Adriaan Geuze
* William Gillespie
* John St. Bodfan Gruffydd
* Ralph Hancock
* Robert Holden
* Preben Jakobsen
* Geoffrey Jellicoe
* Charles Jencks
* Peter Latz
* Ricardo Librero
* Thomas Mawson
* Russell Page
* Vita Sackville-West
* Jorge Subirana
* Nicola White
* David Roland
* Bernard Blareau
* François Goffinet
* Dan Pearson
* Benoit Fondu
* Arthur Shackleton
* Aurelien Liutkus
* Pietro Porcinai

India and Asia


*Vijaya Chakravarty
*Nandita & Minesh Parikh
*Priya Dey
*Kinnari Kulkarni
*Shlomo Aronson
*TURENSCAPE (Kongjian Yu)

North America

18th century

* Pierre Charles L'Enfant
* Thomas Jefferson

19th century

* Daniel Burnham
* Horace Cleveland
* Andrew Jackson Downing
* Charles Eliot
* Beatrix Farrand
* Horatio Greenough
* Jens Jensen
* Warren H. Manning
* Frederick Law Olmsted
* Frederick Law Olmsted, Jr.
* John Charles Olmsted
* Samuel Parsons
* Ellen Biddle Shipman
* Ossian Cole Simonds
* Fletcher Steele
* Calvert Vaux
* George Edward Kessler
* Theodore Wirth
* Frederick Nussbaumer
* Jacob Wiedemann

20th century

* Peter F. Alexander
* Charles Morris Anderson
* A.E. Bye
* Dennis Carmichael
* Marjorie Sewell Cautley
* Thomas Dolliver Church
* Gilmore David Clarke
* James Corner
* Roger Courtney
* James Frederick Dawson
* Garrett Eckbo
* Don Ensign
* M. Paul Friedberg
* Kathryn Gustafson
* Richard Haag
* Lawrence Halprin
* George Hargreaves
* J.B. Jackson
* Todd Johnson
* William J. Johnson
* Grant Jones
* Dan Kiley
* Nancy Lancaster
* Ian McHarg
* Robert Murase
* Laurie Olin
* Joe A. Porter
* Daniel P. Rieden
* James C. Rose
* Hideo Sasaki
* Martha Schwartz
* Richard Shaw
* Edward Durell Stone, Jr.
* Michael Van Valkenburgh
* Thomas Chalmers Vint
* Peter Walker
* Thad Kudela

outh and Central America

19th century

* Carlos Thays

20th century

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