Round Table (disambiguation)

The Round Table is the legendary gathering place of King Arthur's knights in the Arthurian legend.

Round Table or round table can also refer to:

*Round table (furniture), a type of table with no sides.

Famous gatherings around round tables

* Polish Round Table Agreement, in Warsaw, Poland, February 6 — April 4, 1989
* Algonquin Round Table, a New York City gathering of wits in the 1920s
* The Dutch-Indonesian Round Table Conference, held in the Hague from August 23 - November 2 1949, which ended with Dutch recognition of Indonesian sovereignty
* Round Table Conferences (India) organized between 1930 and 1932 by the British government


* Round Table (club), an international friendship organization
* The European Round Table of Industrialists, an influential European interest group
* Round Table movement, semi-secret societies active in the 1920s to promote the unity of the British Empire and later the Commonwealth of Nations


* Microsoft RoundTable, a 360-degree videoconferencing device
* Round Table Pizza, a chain of pizza restaurants located mostly in the western United States
* The Round Table Journal, a policy matters journal relating to the Commonwealth of Nations
* Round Table (band), a Japanese pop ("J-Pop") band
* Round Table (horse), a champion thoroughbred racehorse
* Round table (tournament), a type of medieval chivalric tournament
* "The Round Table" (TV series), American television series

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