List of fictional deities

This alphabetical list of fictional deities provides information about the sundry deities in the religions, cultures, and mythologies of various fictional universes.


* Mata Nui the Great Spirit
* The Great Beings ( Created the Universe)

"The Belgariad" and "The Malloreon"



*The Powers That Be
*The First Evil
*Olaf the Troll God
*Dinza (Demi-goddess of the Lost)


*The Angel of Death - A being who supervises the transition from death to the afterlife
*Angels of Destiny - Beings who supervise the destinies of all, intervining only in the most unique of circumstances.
*The Avatars - Beings with tremendous power, they exist outside of Time and Space
*Barbas - The Demon Of Fear
*Cole Turner - Was once a high level half-demon, then The Source of All Evil, then indestructable with a multitude of powers and then an Avatar, now he exists within "the Void between life and death" as punishment for all his past evil deeds.
*The Elders - Leaders of Whitelighters, Cupids and the forces of Good.
*Gideon - One of the most powerful of the Elders
*The Hollow - An entity considered to be the ultimate power.
*The Source Of All Evil - Ruler of the underworld and the forces of Evil.
*The Tall Man - An extremely powerful demon who was thought to be indestructable, its been said that he could "swallow worlds"
*The Triad - They were one of the most powerful of the upper-level demons
*Zankou - A demon whos power was a threat to The Source

Greek deities, Hindu deities, and many other mythological beings have been adapted into the Charmed universes own version of them. "One example of this would be;" thousands of years before the main storyline, the Titans once ruled the world, but were abusive of their powers. Seeking to entomb them, the Elders of that time created the Greek gods by infusing mortals with a mystical power beyond their own. Ironically, the self-declared Gods of Mount Olympus would later force the world to worship them too for many years.

="The Dark Tower" (And Other Works by Stephen King)=

*The Crimson King

DC Universe

The DC Universe simultaneously adapts every aspect of theology into its mythos, from Greek to Norse to even atheism and various fictional religions. Examples of gods featured in its narrative include:
*Ares (DC Comics) - The Greek God of War
*Hercules - Demi-god and son of Zeus
*H'Ronmeer - (Martian deity referenced by Martian Manhunter)
*The Presence - Supreme being of the DCU
*Rao - (Personification of the red sun of Krypton)
*The Source - Semideistic, "absolute infinite" referenced by the New Gods
*Vext - "Patron deity of mishap and misfortune."
*Lords of Chaos and Order, opposed groups of god-like energy beings locked in eternal struggle
*Onimar Synn, a god-like entity worshiped by a militaristic death cult on Thanagar

Various other characters such as Wonder Woman and Captain Marvel, gifted with godly strength on par with their benefactors are sometimes considered deities.


*The Great Potato - Deity of the short-lived religion Potatoism


*Yggdrasil: The supposed "God" of the Digital World.

*The Digimon Sovereigns: Some of the very first Digimon, rulers of the Digital World. Based on the Ssu Ling in China/Four Gods of Kyoto.
**Zhuqiaomon: Guardian of the Southern region. Based on Vermilion Bird/Suzaku the Phoenix.
**Azulongmon: Guardian of the Eastern region. Based on Azure Dragon/Seiryu the Dragon.
**Ebonwumon: Guardian of the Northern region, eldest member. Based on Black Tortoise/Genbu the Turtle.
**Baihumon: Guardian of the Western region, youngest member and most powerful. Based on White Tiger/Byakko the Tiger.
**Fanglongmon: Guardian of the Center of the Digital World, and the leader of the Sovereign.

*Lucemon: The Angel digimon who once ruled the Digital World in Digimon Frontier

*The Celestial Digimon: Based on the celestial beings in the Book of Enoch.
**Seraphimon: Based on the Seraph.
**Ophanimon: Based on the Ophan.
**Cherubimon: Based on the Cherub.

*Alphamon (Kyuukyoku Senjin Ouryuken): The legendary leader of the Royal Knights
*Dexmon: The guardian/servant of Yggdrasil (in the Digital Monster X-Evolution movie) and the "Shadow" of Alphamon.
*Apocalymon: A being formed from the assimilated data of countless digimon
*Susanoomon: A being formed from the combined spirits of the Ancient Warriors
*Olympus Twelve: A group of Digimon based on the Olympian Gods and Goddesses of mythology


"Doctor Who"

British sci-fi drama "Doctor Who"'s setting has featured many god-like beings in its run, with simultaneous rational explanations for their presence. Earlier seasons presented the White Guardian and Black Guardian, personified forces of the universe. There was also the Mara, an evil entity which occupied "the dark places of the inside(or mind), during the Fifth Doctor. In the first story which featured the Mara, entitled "Kinda," the story contained elements animistic tribal beliefs, whereas in the second story, entitled "Snakedance", also featuring the Mara, contained elements of Buddhist belief. The new series features the demonic, Devil-like adversary "The Beast" and son Abaddon. References have also been made to a Kaled god of war and various other deities inspired by the Beast. In the far-flung future, the feline humanoids called The Sisters of Plenitude worship a Goddess of Antori, although it's clear that some elements of Christianity, such as its hymns, are still around in this era.



"Dungeons & Dragons"

Main Setting


Forgotten Realms


"Dune universe"

Religion is incredibly important to the "Dune" series, and while many of the religions portrayed in the series are based on modern faiths several characters are god-like figures who are worshipped.
*Muad'dib (Paul Atreides, Kwisatz Haderach, later becomes the blind Prophet)
*Saint Alia of the Knife (Paul's sister, a preborn Kwisatz Haderach)
*God Emperor Leto II (Paul's son, was a Kwisatz Haderach, achieved symbiosis with sandtrout so that he could rule humanity for 3,500 years starting his Golden Path)
*The Divided God (Sandworms, were worshiped as the descendants of the God Emperor)
*The Zensunni Shariat of the Bene Tleilax
*Sheeana (worshiped because she could command sandworms)
*Oracle of Time (The super-consciousness of Norma Cenva, founder of the Spacing Guild and leader of the Navigators) (It should be noted that the character of Norma is not included in the original six novels. Author KJA admits to his own personal creation of Norma)

"The Elder Scrolls"

*Altmer (High Elf) Pantheon
**Auri-El (King of the Aldmer)
**Lorkhan (The Missing God)
**Magnus (Magus)
**Mara (Goddess of Love)
**Phynaster (Hero-God of the Summerset Isles)
**Stendarr (God of Mercy, Justice)
**Syrabane (Warlock's God)
**Trinimac (Strong god of the early Aldmer)
**Xerxes (God of Ancestry and Secret Knowledge)
**Y'ffre (God of the Forest)
*Bosmer (Wood Elf) Pantheon
**Arkay (God of the Cycle of Life and Death)
**Auri-El (King of the Aldmer)
**Baan Dar (The Bandit God)
**Herma-Mora (The Woodland Man)
**Jode (Big Moon God)
**Jone (Little Moon God)
**Lorkhan (The Missing God)
**Mara (Goddess of Love)
**Stendarr (God of Mercy)
**Xarxes (God of Ancestry and Secret Knowledge)
**Y'ffre (God of the Forest)
**Z'en (God of Toil)
*Cyrodiil (Imperial) Pantheon or the Nine Divines (sometimes: The Eight and One)"Note: Morihaus and Reman are not part of the Nine Divines, but they are worshipped in Cyrodiil where the cult of the Nine is most popular."
**Akatosh (Dragon God of Time)
**Arkay (God of the Cycle of Life and Death)
**Dibella (Goddess of Love)
**Julianos (God of Wisdom and Logic)
**Kynareth (Goddess of Air)
**Mara (Goddess of Beauty)
**Morihaus (First Breath of Man)
**Reman (The Cyrodiil)
**Stendarr (God of Mercy)
**Talos (Tiber Septim, the Dragonborn, the One)
**Zenithar (God of Work and Commerce, Trader God)
*The Tribunal Temple"Note: Nerevar is not a member of the Tribunal Temple, but the three God-Kings of Morrowind formed the Tribunal Temple by killing him (allegedly)."
**Amalexia (Mother of Morrowind)
**Nerevar (Godkiller)
**Sotha Sil (Mage-Tinkerer)
**Vivec (The Warrior-Poet)
*Daedra Lords
**Azura (Dawn and Dusk)
**Boethiah (Plots)
**Clavicus Vile (Wish-granting through Pacts)
**Hermaeus Vora (Divination)
**Hircine (The Hunt)
**Jyggalag (Order)
**Malacath (Patron of the Spurned and Ostracized)
**Mehrunes Dagon (Destruction)
**Mephala (Mystery)
**Meridia (Life)
**Molag Bal (Domination and Enslavement)
**Namira (Ancient Darkness)
**Nocturnal (Night and Shadow)
**Peryite (Pestilence)
**Sanguine (Hedonistic Revelry and Debauchery)
**Sheogorath (Madness)
**Vaermina (Dreams and Nightmares)
*Dark Brotherhood"The Dark Brotherhood is a cult and assassins guild. They worship two mysterious beings:"
**Sithis (the Dread Father, Serpent God of Death)
**The Night Mother (who speaks through the statue of the "Lucky Old Lady")"They also seem to worship some Daedra:"
**Sanguine (Hedonistic Revelry and Debauchery)
**Mephala (Mystery)
*Eleswyr (Khajiit) Pantheon
**Alkosh (Dragon King of Cats)
**Azura (Goddess of Dusk and Dawn)
**Baan Dar (The Bandit God)
**Jode (Big Moon God)
**Jone (Little Moon God)
**Lorkhan (The Missing God)
**Mara (Goddess of Love)
**Rajhin (Footpad)
**Riddle'Thar (Two-Moons Dance)
**Sheogorath (The Madgod)
**Stendarr (God of Mercy)
*Skyrim (Nord) Pantheon
**Alduin (World Eater)
**Dibella (Goddess of Beauty)
**Herma-Mora (The Woodland Man)
**Jhunal (Rune God)
**Kyne (Kiss at the End)
**Mara (Goddess of Love)
**Mauloch (Mountain Fart)
**Orkey (Old Knocker)
**Shor (God of the Underworld)
**Stuhn (God of Ransom)
**Tsun (God of Trials Against Adversity)
**Ysmir (Dragon of the North)
*Yokuda (Redguard) Pantheon
**Diagna (Orichalc God of the Sideways Blade)
**HoonDing (The Make Way God)
**Leki (Saint of the Spirit Sword)
**Malooc (Horde King)
**Morwha (Teat God)
**Onsi (Boneshaver)
**Ruptga (Tall Papa)
**Satakal (The Worldskin)
**Sep (The Snake)
**Tava (Bird God)
**Tu'whacca (Tricky God)
**Zeht (God of Farms)




*Ka Anor

Fafhrd and the Gray Mouser

*The Gods "of" Lankhmar

Final Fanasy X

*Yu Yevon


The world of RuneQuest, created by Greg Stafford, was one of the first to bring myths, cults and religions to become major plot themes, rather than plot devices, in a fantasy setting. It is also very diverse in that it features 13 main pantheons and "arrays" of deities, and numbers some 250 single or small groups of divine aspects.

"Iter Vehemens ad Necem"


="The Legend of Zelda"=

Various characters are described as gods or deities in "The Legend of Zelda" series. While the three primary gods of Hyrule are its three creator goddesses (Din, Farore and
Nayru) as worshipped by Hylians, Dekus, Gorons and Zoras alike, there are other guardian spirits on Earth such as The Great Deku Tree, Lord Jabu-Jabu (or ) and who act in a divine, planetary guardian role and are worshiped as deities. Operating in a similar protective role of the planet are the , Ordona, Faron, Eldin, and Lanayru. Other characters such as and , while clearly demonstrating godlike abilities, have not had their place in the pantheon of Hylian gods and spirits clearly established. The major gods are channeled through various sages and oracles, the oracles carrying names in likeness of their gods. Separate from the rest of the species and races of Hyrule, the Gerudo worship a fourth sand goddess, although it is unclear whether or not she actually exists.

Alternate worlds such as Termina seem to carry their own pantheon of gods, such as its creator gods, and "The Fierce Deity". Foreign lands seem to also have gods or spirits protecting them separately, such as the and . is another deity of power enough to create an entire living world within his sleeping mind. In addition to these, several central villains of the series who did not start life as gods have either achieved the status, power or at least belief in themselves as such later in their character histories, including Ganondorf, Vaati and .

Little Big Adventure

*Dark Monk (formerly Kard'n Kom)

=Lone Wolf=

*Kai (sun god)
*Ishir (lady of the moon)
*Naar (lord of Evil)




Metal Heroes

* Great Shell God Kabuterios: A rhinoceros beetle-like robot from B-Fighter Kabuto.

* Evil Shell God Kuwaga Titan: A stag beetle-like robot from B-Fighter Kabuto.


*Eru Ilúvatar (supreme deity)
*Lords of the Valar
**Námo also known as Mandos
**Irmo also known as Lórien
*Queens of the Valar (Valier)
**Varda (Elbereth)
*Melkor also known as Morgoth Bauglir - an evil fallen deity.


The Higher Gods are connected with the basic matter of the world. They show no interest in the conduct of man. Prayers aren't heard, an answer is not forthcoming. From the four Higher Gods that remained we know: Abram-Sev, the giver of laws, the thunderer ; Ev-Dem, the worker from within, the calculator of chances ; Graf, the weaver of wishes ; and Helbinor, He Who Abstaines. The other three were Ishap, The One Above All ; Arch-Indar, the goddess of good and Nalar, the destroyer.

Prayers are made to the Lower Gods. They can be described as forces of nature who are prepared to interact with man. They have a soul and a consciousness, and the more people pray to them, the more powerful they become. That's why supposedly 'dead' gods can return. The Lower Gods who have dealings with Midkemia are divided into three categories:

*The orderly gods:
**Silban: the mother of the earth, the bringer of crops, the dreamless sleeper
**Sung the White: the follower of one path
**Ka-hooli: the beater of refugees, the indefatigable pursuer, the wargod of revenge, the tracer of the truth behind mysteries
**Astalon: the righteous, the builder

*The neutral gods:
**Ban-ath: the cunning evader, the teaser, the walker through the night, the silent thief of valuable merchandise
**Kilian: the singer of green silences, the collector of sweet pleasures, the goddess of love
**Tith-Onanka: the wargod, the tactician, the fortunate warrior
**Dala: the shield of the weak, the goddess of passive strength, the patroness

*The chaotic gods:
**Ruthia: she who dances through the hearts of men, the goddess of unreturned love, the lady of fortune
**Guis-wa: the howler under the moon, the hunter with the red jaw, the lover of forbidden knowledge, the one who desires everything
**Prandur: the burner of cities, the spreader of confusion, the bringer of light
**Lims-Kragma: the stretcher of snares, the mistress of death

Besides these gods there's made a mention of four 'disappeared' gods, among them Sarig, the god of magic. These four will return sometime.


* Ereal

="Mortal Kombat"=

*Elder Gods
*Shinnok (Fallen Elder God)
*The One Being

"Oh My Goddess!"

*Chrono, Ere, Ex
*Lord of Terror
*The Almighty


*Arceus: The creator of the universe in the Sinnoh-region mythology described in the games "Pokémon Diamond and Pearl"; created Dialga and Palkia, as well as Uxie, Mesprit and Azelf. Currently the only Pokémon not yet officially acknowledged by Nintendo. Based on the qilin of Chinese mythology.
*Dialga: The Pokémon which began the flow of time in Sinnoh-region mythology. Possesses the ability to manipulate time. Mascot of "Pokémon Diamond".
*Palkia: The Pokémon which began the expansion of space in Sinnoh-region mythology. Possesses the ability to manipulate physical reality. Mascot of "Pokémon Pearl".
*Uxie: The "Being of Knowledge"; gave mankind the gift of intelligence. Possesses the ability to wipe memories.
*Mesprit: The "Being of Emotion"; gave mankind the gift of emotion. Possesses the ability to remove emotions from any living being, rendering them zombielike.
*Azelf: The "Being of Willpower"; gave mankind gift of willpower. Possesses the ability to petrify any living being.

*Mew: Possesses the DNA of all existing Pokémon. Mew is a female, but considered genderless for gameplay purposes. Based on domestic cats.
*Celebi: The guardian of forests; possesses the ability to travel through time. Based on the dryads of Greek mythology.
*Jirachi: The Wishmaker; can grant wishes. Based on the concept of "Tanabata", a Japanese festival.
*Manaphy: The Prince of the Sea. Based on cliones, ocean-dwelling gastropods.
*Shaymin: Able to decompose toxins and grow flowers; essentially has unlimited chlorokinetic control over plant life. It was Shaymin who created Floaroma Meadow. It has two forms; Normal Form (introduced in "Diamond" and "Pearl"), and Sky Form (introduced in "Platinum", and a Grass/Flying hybrid). Based on the hedgehog.

*The Legendary Bird Pokémon
**Articuno: Legendary Bird Pokémon of Ice. Based on the anka (a giant Arctic bird) of Arabian mythology.
**Zapdos: Legendary Bird Pokémon of Lightning. Based on the thunderbird of Native American mythology.
**Moltres: Legendary Bird Pokémon of Fire. Based on the phoenix of Phoenician mythology.

*Lugia: Guardian of the Sea, and protector of the winged mirages. Based on the ryūjin of Japanese mythology. Mascot of "Pokémon Silver".

*The Legendary Beasts
**Raikou: the embodiment of thunder. Based on the tiger.
**Entei: the embodiment of volcanoes. Based on the lion.
**Suicune: the embodiment of the north wind. Mascot of "Pokémon Crystal". Either based off the wolf or cheetah, though this is hotly debated between the fandom.

*Ho-Oh: Guardian of the Sky, and protector of the Legendary Beasts. Based on the Fenghuang of Chinese mythology. Mascot of "Pokémon Gold".

*The Super-Ancient Pokémon
**Kyogre: The creator of the sea. Opposes Groudon. Based on the Leviathan of Biblical mythology. Mascot of "Pokémon Sapphire".
**Groudon: The creator of the land. Opposes Kyogre. Based on the Behemoth of Biblical mythology. Mascot of "Pokémon Ruby".
**Rayquaza: Makes its home in the ozone layer, and is the only one who can quell Groudon and Kyogre. Based on the chinese dragon. Mascot of "Pokémon Emerald".

*The Legendary Golems
**Regirock: A golem composed of a conglomerate of rocks.
**Regice: A golem composed of frigid ice.
**Registeel: A golem composed of an unknown extraterrestrial material.
**Regigigas: The creator of the other golems, able to pull whole continents with the aid of a rope.

*Heatran: The embodiment of the Stark Mountain volcano in the Sinnoh region. Unique among legendary Pokémon in that it has 50/50 chance of being either gender. Very loosely based on the western dragon.

*Giratina: A Pokémon living in an alternate dimension (the Torn World, accessible via a temporal rift located at the Spear Pillar), and lord of death. It has two forms; Another Form (introduced in "Diamond" and "Pearl", and the form it takes in our world as well as other foreign worlds), and Origin Form (introduced in "Platinum", and the form it takes in its home world and while travelling between dimensions). Mascot of "Pokémon Platinum". The Turnback Cave (its location in "Diamond" and "Pearl") serves as a gateway to the Torn World after the Elite Four in "Platinum", as well as in the game's mythos in general.

*Cresselia: Benevolent goddess of the moon and guardian of dreams, and nemesis of Darkrai. It has the power to dispel nightmares, and is the Sandman of the Pokémon universe. Based on the swan.
*Darkrai: Malevolent god of darkness and oblivion and nemesis of Cresselia. It has the power to induce and trap people in nightmares, and is most active during the new moon. Based on the concept of nightmares.

*Mewtwo: A Pokémon which was cloned from Mew to be extraordinarily powerful. Not actually a deity as such, nevertheless many fans categorize it as a Legendary due to its similar in-game characteristics.

*Deoxys: A sentient extraterrestrial virus that arrived on the planet on a meteorite. As with Mewtwo, it is not an actual deity, and categorized by the fandom as such. It has four forms, whose base stats differ; Normal, Attack, Defense, and Speed. Its appearance is based on that of the double helix.

*Latias and Latios: Twin dragons that guard Altomare, a city modeled after Venice, Italy. Generally friendly to humans (at least those they trust), and capable of understanding human speech. Latias is female, whereas Latios is male.

"Power Rangers"

*Dark Spector: The Grand Monarch of Evil, and the ruler over those of the United Alliance of Evil.

*: Ancestor of the Wild Force Megazord, and Lord of the Wildzords.

*Loki: Ancient god of mischief and mayhem. Causes the Power Rangers to doubt their allies and turn them against each other.


*Ki Ri Kashu
*Rizi Vizi
*Takae Su Suzi

"Record of Lodoss War"



*Guthix God of Balance, the creator of the world. Patron god of just about everything.
*Saradomin God of Order and Wisdom, though he is a bit shifty. Patron god of humans.
*Zamorak God of Chaos, achieved godhood by stabbing Zaros with the godstaff of Armadyl.
*Zaros No one knows what Zaros is the god yet, most people presume he is god of evil. He is currently banished from this world.
*Armadyl God of the skies, disappeared during the God Wars. His staff was used to banish Zaros. Patron god of All things winged.
*Bandos God of war. Patron god of goblins, cyclops, ogres and orcs.

And a lot of other gods; there are presumed to be 20 or more of them.

"Sealab 2021"


Shadow World

*The Lords of Orhan
*The Dark Gods of Charon

="Sonic the Hedgehog"=

* Chaos The God of Destruction
* Solarus

"Silent Hill"

*Xuchilbara The red god and god of rebirth
*Lobsel vith The yellow god
*Samael The evil God the Silent Hill cultists attempt to summon.


*Rao, a God formerly worshipped on the planet Krypton, whose name is still invoked ("Great Rao!") by Kal El and the few other survivors of the Kryptonian people

"Super Sentai"

*Guardian Beasts ("Shugojū"): seven avatars who were once one entity in Kyōryū Sentai Zyuranger.
**Ultimate Daizyujin ("Kyūkyoku Daijūjin"): The original form of all seven Guardian Beasts, said to be the original form of God. Name means "Ultimate Great Beast God".
***Zyutei Daizyujin ("Jūtei Daijūjin"): Combination of Daizyujin and Dragon Caesar. Name means "Beast Emperor Great Beast God".
****Beast Tank: DinoTanker ("Jūsensha: Dainotankā") / Daizyujin ("Daijūjin"): Combination of Tyrannosaurus, ZyuMammoth, Triceratops, SaberTiger and Pteranodon. Daizyujin means "Great Beast God".
*****Guardian Beast "Tyrannosaurus" ("Shugojū Tiranozaurusu"): Based on the ancient self-proclaimed King of dinosaurs.
*****Guardian Beast ZyuMammoth ("Shugojū JūManmosu"): Based on the ancient woolly pachyderm.
*****Guardian Beast "Triceratops" ("Shugojū Torikeratopusu"): Based on the ancient horned dinosaur.
*****Guardian Beast SaberTiger ("Shugojū SāberuTaigā"): Based on the ancient feline.
*****Guardian Beast Pteranodon ("Shugojū Puteranodon"): Based on the ancient flying reptile.
****Guardian Beast Dragon Caesar ("Shugojū Doragon Shīzā"): Was really based on the King of Monsters, Godzilla, with samurai-like armor.
*****Gouryuujin ("Gōryūjin"): Combination of Dragon Caesar, ZyuMammoth, Triceratops and SaberTiger. Gouryuujin means "Strong Dragon God".
****Beast Knight God King Brachion ("Jūkishin Kingu Burakion") / Super Beast Tank King Tanker ("Chō Jūsensha Kingu Tankā"): Based on the ancient long-necked dinosaur.

*Mythical Chi Beasts ("Kidenjū"): Ancient god-like animals from Gosei Sentai Dairanger, controlled by the Dai tribe.
**Heavy Armor Chi Palace ("Jūkō Kiden"): Seven-Star Combination Ryuuseioh, Heavenly Chi Palace, Won Tiger and Daimugen.
***Dairen'oh ("Dairen'ō"): Five-Star Combination of Ryuuseioh, Star-Shishi, Tenma, Kirin and Houou. Name means "Great Union King".
****Mythical Chi Beast Ryuuseioh ("Kidenjū Ryūseiō") / Mythical Chi Warrior Ryuuseioh ("Kiden Bujin Ryūseiō"): Based on a Chinese dragon. Name means "Dragon Star King".
****Heavenly Chi Palace ("Tenkū Kiden"): Four-Star Combination of Star-Shishi, Tenma, Kirin and Houou.
*****Mythical Chi Beast Star-Shishi ("Kidenjū Sei Shishi"): Based on the Imperial guardian lions.
*****Mythical Chi Beast Star-Tenma ("Kidenjū Sei Tenma"): Based on the Chinese version of the winged horse Pegasus.
*****Mythical Chi Beast Star-Kirin ("Kidenjū Sei Kirin"): Based on the Qilin.
*****Mythical Chi Beast Star-Houou ("Kidenjū Sei Houou"): Based on the Phoenix.
***Mythical Chi Beast Won Tiger ("Kidenjū Won Taigā") / Mythical Chi Warrior Won Tiger ("Kiden Bujin Won Taigā"): Based on the White tiger.
****Kibadaioh ("Kibadaiō"): New-Star Combination of Won Tiger, Star-Shishi, Tenma, Kirin and Houou. Name means "Fang Great King".
***Super Mythical Chi Beast Daimugen ("Chō Kidenjū Daimugen") / Super Mythical Chi Warrior Daimugen ("Chō Kiden Bujin Daimugen"): Based on the Turtle. Name means "Great Infinity".
**Daijinryuu ("Daijinryū"): Based on a much bigger Chinese dragon in Gosei Sentai Dairanger. Name means "Great God Dragon".

*Three God Generals ("Sanshinshō"): Three sentient mecha who serve as mentors for the Ninja Sentai Kakuranger.
**Muteki Shogun ("Muteki Shōgun"): Name means "Invincible General".
**Holy Stealth Beast Tsubasamaru ("Seininjū Tsubasamaru"): Based on the falcon. Tsubasa means "wing" while maru means "round".
**Kakure Daishogun ("Kakure Daishōgun"): Name means "Hidden Commander-in-Chief".

*Gunmajin ("Ganmajin"): Ally of the Chouriki Sentai Ohranger.

*GaoGod ("Gao Goddo"): God of the Power Animals, from Hyakujuu Sentai Gaoranger. Name means "Growl God".

*Heavenly Saints: Magical beings who live in Magitopia.
**Heavenly Arch Saint Magiel: Ruler of Magitopia and most powerful of all the Heavenly Saints.
**Heavenly Saint Snowgel: Heavenly Saint of the Sparkling Ice Element, who Miyuki Ozu gets her power from to become the White Magician MagiMother.
**Five Legendary Magicians: The beings who created Magitopia.
***Heavenly Saint Flagel: Heavenly Saint of the Burning Flame Element, who Kai Ozu gets his power from to become the Red Magician MagiRed.
***Heavenly Saint Volgel: Heavenly Saint of the Galloping Thunder Element, who Tsubasa Ozu gets his power from to become the Yellow Magician MagiYellow.
***Heavenly Saint Splagel: Heavenly Saint of the Shaking Water Element, who Urara Ozu gets her power from to become the Blue Magician MagiBlue.
***Heavenly Saint Wingel: Heavenly Saint of the Blowing Wind Element, who Houka Ozu gets her power from to become the Pink Magician MagiPink.
***Heavenly Saint Groungel: Heavenly Saint of the Howling Earth Element, who Makito Ozu gets his power from to become the Green Magician MagiGreen.
**Heavenly Saint Lunagel: Heavenly Saint of the Serene Moonlight Element and the Key to the Gate, whose death would open the Hades Gate.
**Heavenly Saint Sungel: Heavenly Saint of the Shining Solar Element who gained the human name Hikaru, can become the Heavenly Hero MagiShine.
**Heavenly Saint Raigel: Meemy's original form before he turned to evil.
**Heavenly Saint Blagel: Heavenly Saint of the Ferocious, Raging Fire Element, he is the ultimate warrior and champion of the Heavenly Saints. Gained the human name Isamu Ozu, was at the start of the series known as the Dark Magic Knight Wolzard, later joined the cause for good as the Heavenly Hero Wolzard Fire.
**Heavenly Saint Chronogel: Heavenly Saint Time and Space.

*Absolute God N Ma ("Zettai Shin N Ma"): Main villain of Mahou Sentai Magiranger.

*The Infershia Pantheon ("Meifu Jusshin"): Various villains in Mahou Sentai Magiranger who serve N Ma.
**The Five Warrior Gods ("Gobushin"): the lower tier
***Hades God Ifrit ("Meifubushin Efurīto"): the most fiery spirited member of the Pantheon.
***Hades God Cyclops ("Meifubushin Saikuropusu"): the best sharp shooter of the Pantheon.
***Hades God Toad ("Meifubushin Tōdo"): the most gluttonest member of the Pantheon.
***Hades God Wyvern ("Meifubushin Waibān"): the most arrogant member of the Pantheon.
***Hades God Titan ("Meifubushin Titān"): the most musclar of the Pantheon.
**The Three Wise Gods ("Sankenshin"): the middle tier
***Hades Goddess Gorgon ("Meifukenshin Gōgon"): the slyest of the Pantheon.
***Hades Goddess Sphinx ("Meifukenshin Sufinkusu"): the wisest of the Pantheon.
***Hades God Dagon ("Meifukenshin Dagon"): the semi-invincible leader of the Pantheon.
**The Underground Hades Infershia Two Ultimate Gods ("Nikyokushin"): the highest tier
***Hades God Drake ("Meifuyokushin Doreiku"): the most violent of the Pantheon.
***Hades God Sleipnir ("Meifuyokushin Sureipuniru"): the most reliable of the Pantheon.

Touhou Project

Different types of deities exist in the fictional Touhou universe. Additionally, various characters have godlike powers.
*Suika Ibuki (oni)
*Suwako Moriya (mountain goddess)
*Komachi Onozuka (shinigami)
*Sikieiki Yamaxanadu (Yama/Enma)
*Kanako Yasaka (wind and rain goddess)


*The Chronarchitect


**Kaela Mensha Khaine
**Gork and Mork
**Azram the Mighty
**The Great Maw
**Taal and Rhya
**The Lady Of The Lake
**The Horned Rat
**Chotec, the Solar God
**Sotek, the Serpent God
**Quetzl, the Protector God
**Huanchi, the Jaguar God
**Tzunki, the Water God
**Tlazcotl, the Impassive
**Tepok, the Inscrutable

Warhammer 40,000

*The Chaos Gods
*C'tan (The Star Gods)
**The Deceiver
**The Nightbringer
**The Outsider
**The Void Dragon
*The Eldar Gods
**Kaela Mensha Khaine
**Lileath (Lilcarth)
**Morai-Heg the Crone
*Deities of the Imperium of Man
**The God-Emperor of Mankind
**The Machine God (Omnissiah, Deus Mechanicus)
*The Ork Gods
**Gork and Mork

The works of H. P. Lovecraft

*Azathoth The Blind Idiot God
*Yog-Sothoth The Gate and the Key
*Shub-Niggurath The Black Goat of the Woods with a Thousand Young
*Nyarlathotep The Servitor of the Outer Gods
*Cthulhu The Great, Dread or Priest

The works of Robert E. Howard



*The Winged Dragon of Ra.
*Slifer the sky dragon.
*Obelisk the tormentor.
*Zorc Necrophades.
*Exodia The Forbidden One.

"Yu Yu Hakusho


"DragonQuest Series"

*RamiaFemale Flying Bird worshiped in DQ VIII.
*Goddess The unnamed Goddess in DQVIII. She is said to have a perfect will.
*Rhapthorne The demon that conquered the Dark World.


* The Mighty Ravendark of Blashyrkh by the black metal band Immortal
* Frith the rabbit deity in Watership Down by Richard Adams and;
* Shardik the bear believed to be a deity in Richard Adams’s novel of the same name.
* Michael, the automaton, from the Benjamin Parker novel of the same name.
* Palutena the Goddess of Light
* Spirit of the Abyss
* Arkvoodle from Destroy All Humans!
* Manon from The Craft
*The Creator and Shai'tan from the Wheel of Time series by Robert Jordan.

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*List of deities

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