List of mythologies

List of mythologies

This is a list of Mythologies of the world, by culture and region.

Mythologies by region


North Africa

* Berber mythology
* Egyptian mythology (Pre-Islamic)

West Africa

*Akan mythology
*Ashanti mythology (Ghana)
*Dahomey (Fon) mythology
*Efik mythology (Nigeria, Cameroon)
*Igbo mythology (Nigeria, Cameroon)
*Isoko mythology (Nigeria)
*Yoruba mythology (Nigeria, Benin)

Central Africa

*Bushongo mythology (Congo)
*Baluba mythology
*Bambuti (Pygmy) mythology (Congo)
*Lugbara mythology (Congo)

East Africa

*Akamba mythology (East Kenya)
*Dinka mythology (Sudan)
*Lotuko mythology (Sudan)
*Masai mythology (Kenya, Tanzania)

outhern Africa

*Khoikhoi mythology
*Lozi mythology (Zambia)
*Tumbuka mythology (Malawi)
*Zulu mythology (South Africa)


overlaps with North Asia, Northern Europe and North America.

* Circumpolar mythology
* Finnish mythology
* Inuit mythology
* Norse mythology
* Sami mythology


outhwestern Asia

Middle East, Persia, Anatolia, Caucasus.

* Mesopotamian mythology (Sumerian, Assyro-Babylonian)
* Semitic mythology
** Babylonian mythology
** Arabian mythology
** Canaanite mythology
* Hittite mythology
* Hurrian mythology
* Scythian mythology

;medieval to modern
* Armenian mythology
* Ossetian mythology
* Arabian mythology
* Islamic mythology
* Kurdish mythology
* Persian mythology

outh Asia

* Ayyavazhi mythology
* Hindu mythology
* Tamil mythology

East Asia

* Buddhist mythology
* Chinese mythology
* Japanese mythology
* Korean mythology
* Tibetan mythology

outheast Asia

* Philippine mythology
* Malay mythology
* Malagasy mythology
* Indonesian mythology

Central and Northern Asia

(overlaps with Eastern and Northern Europe)
*Altaic mythology
*Scythian mythology
*Finnic mythology
*Tibetan mythology

Australia and Oceania

* Australian Aboriginal mythology
* Hawaiian mythology
* Maori mythology
* Melanesian mythology
* Micronesian mythology
* Papuan mythology
* Polynesian mythology
* Rapa Nui mythology


Classical Antiquity

* Greek mythology
* Roman mythology
* Etruscan mythology
* Celtic mythology
* Germanic mythology
* Paleo-Balkans mythology
* Lusitanian mythology

Northern Europe

* Norse mythology
*Finnic mythology
** Estonian mythology
** Finnish mythology
** Sami mythology
*Baltic mythology
** Latvian mythology
** Lithuanian mythology

British Isles

* English mythology
* Irish mythology
* Scottish mythology
* Welsh mythology

Western Europe

* Alpine mythology
* Basque mythology
* Frankish mythology
* French mythology
* German mythology

Eastern Europe

* Hungarian mythology
* Roma (Gypsy) mythology
* Slavic mythology
* Romanian mythology
* Tatar mythology

outhern Europe

* Albanian folklore
* Catalan mythology
* Greek mythology
* Maltese mythology
* Spanish mythology
* Turkish mythology


North America

;Algonquian (northeastern US, Great Lakes)
* Abenaki mythology
* Anishinaabe traditional beliefs
* Leni Lenape mythology

;Plains Indians
* Blackfoot mythology
* Crow mythology
* Lakota mythology
* Pawnee mythology

;Muskogean (southern US) and Iroquois (Eastern US)
* Iroquois mythology (Five Nations)
* Choctaw mythology
* Creek mythology
* Ho-Chunk mythology
* Huron mythology
* Seneca mythology

;Alaska and Arctic Canada
* Haida mythology
* Inuit mythology

;Pacific Northwest
* Kwakiutl mythology
* Nootka mythology

;Uto-Aztecan (Great Basin to Mexico)
* Hopi mythology
* Miwok mythology
* Ohlone mythology
* Ute mythology
* Salish mythology
* Tsimshian mythology

;other southwestern US
* Navaho mythology
* Pomo mythology
* Zuni mythology


* Aztec mythology
* Maya mythology
* Olmec mythology


* Haitian mythology

outh America

* Chilota mythology
* Inca mythology
* Guaraní mythology
* Mapuche mythology

African diasporic

* Hoodoo
* Vodou
* Santería
* Obeah
* Kumina
* Palo
* Candomblé
* Umbanda
* Quimbanda

Mythologies by religion

* Christian mythology
* Buddhist mythology
* Hindu mythology
* Islamic mythology
* Jewish mythology

Mythologies by time period

Ancient mythologies by period of first attestation.

;Bronze Age
*Proto-Indo-European mythology (reconstructed)
**Proto-Indo-Iranian mythology (reconstructed)
*Mesopotamian mythology (Sumerian, Akkadian)
*Egyptian mythology
*Hittite mythology
*Hurrian mythology
*Rigvedic mythology

;Iron Age
*Classical mythology
**Greek mythology
**Roman mythology
*Etruscan mythology
*Celtic mythology
*dn|Germanic mythology

;Late Antiquity
*Altaic mythology
*Slavic mythology
*Arabian mythology

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