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Jonne Valtonen (born March 23, 1976) is an award winning Finnish composer, arranger and orchestrator. He is renowned for his contributions in the field of video game music.

Life and early career

Jonne Valtonen was born on March 23, 1976 in Turku, Finland and was raised in Kaarina along with his brother. He began learning to play classical piano at the age of nine.

Valtonen’s first music compositions were done on his home computer, a "Commodore 64". During his teen years, he became involved in the "PC demoscene" where he was able to pursue his passion for electronic music production. He has won several awards in this field: Between 1991 and 1996 Valtonen created music for one of the most widely popular groups in the demoscene at the time, the "Future Crew". Eventually he became their lead composer under the pseudonym "Purple Motion". Some of his best known compositions were "UnreaL II (Second Reality)", "Satellite One", and "Starshine".Nectarine radio, [ Song charts] (accessed 2008-06-25)]

Working for the entertainment industry

In 1996 Jonne Valtonen began doing commission work for major game developers in Finland, namely "Remedy Entertainment", "Housemarque" and "Bugbear Entertainment".MobyGames, [,2131/ Valtonen's profile page] (accessed 2008-06-25)] During the same time, he served as the musical director for the "TeatteriSusi" theatre, where he composed music for several plays including "Dracula", "The Miser" and "Don Quijote". He then co-founded his company "Valtone Oy" in 1998, specialising in music productions for the entertainment industry. Continuing on this path, he also contributed two titles, in 2000 and 2002, for the "Merregnon" trilogy, an international soundtrack project featuring orchestral music by veteran video game composers from all over the world, such as Chris Hülsbeck and Yuzo Koshiro.In 2002, Valtonen's talent was recognized again when he was presented with the Best Soundtrack Award at the "International Fest of Cinema & Technology" for the movie "House by the Sea", directed by Janne Ketola.IFCT award, [ Official website] (accessed 2008-06-25)] In 2004 Jonne Valtonen released his first professionally mastered audio CD, titled "Musicdisk" featuring tracks from his demoscene past.

Educational background

Jonne Valtonen has been studying classical composition at the "Pirkanmaa Polytechnic" in Finland for the past five years. He has received training in composition under the guidance of Hannu Pohjannoro, Oliver Kohlenberg, Kirmo Lintinen and Juhani Nuorvala. He has also studied under Magnus Lindberg and Jouni Kaipainen in Sannäs composition master class in 2006 and under Michael Nyman in composition master class at the "Sibelius Academy".

Arrangements and orchestrations

Drawing on his strong background in live orchestra work and his studies, Jonne Valtonen has been arranging and orchestrating music for video game concerts since 2005. His work has been performed by highly respected orchestras and choirs around the world, as well as at concert halls including "Sydney Opera House", "Gewandhaus Leipzig", "Max Fisher Music Center Detroit", "Esplanade Singapore" and "Konserthuset Stockholm". His portfolio includes major franchises such as "Super Mario Bros.", "The Elder Scrolls", "Metal Gear Solid", "The Legend of Zelda "and "Castlevania".Concert producer Boecker speaks, [ Valtonen's arrangements] (accessed 2008-06-25)] In 2007 he arranged and orchestrated music for "SEGA Japan‘s" arcade game series "World Club Champion Football" which was recorded with a live orchestra and choir in Prague.MUSA website list, [ Game credits WCCF] (accessed 2008-06-25)]

Valtonen has arranged and orchestrated a full concert of 70 minutes which is entitled "Symphonic Shades" and is dedicated to the work of video game composer Chris Hülsbeck. It was performed twice by the German "WDR Radio Orchestra" and a choir on August 23, 2008 in Cologne.4Players concert announcement, [ Valtonen works for Symphonic Shades] (accessed 2008-06-25)] "Symphonic Shades" marked the first ever live radio broadcast of a video game music concert.4Players concert announcement, [ Symphonic Shades on radio] (accessed 2008-08-29)]

Recent history

At the beginning of 2008, Jonne Valtonen took the position of the music lead for all live orchestra projects at "Merregnon Studios", a company involved in productions such as the historic "Symphonic Game Music Concerts" at the Gewandhaus in Leipzig (2003-2007), "PLAY! A Video Game Symphony" (2006-2007), "" (2007-ongoing), "Symphonic Shades - Hülsbeck in Concert" (2008) and several live recordings for publishers/developers such as "THQ USA", "SEGA Japan" and "Square-Enix Japan".Symphonic Shades interview, [ Valtonen music lead at Merregnon Studios] (accessed 2008-06-25)]


Jonne Valtonen chose his demoscene pseudonym "Purple Motion" as a tribute to the British rock group "Deep Purple".Official Purple Motion message board, [ Purple Motion - why this nick name?] (accessed 2008-06-25)]

Valtonen has become very interested in the human voice. He sings in a mixed choir (Näsin Ääni, Tampere). He also started learning to play the harp.

Game soundtracks

* 2008 "Golf: Tee It Up!"
* 2007 "Wonderland Adventures"
* 2005 "Toy Golf"
* 2005 "Fathammer Bowling"
* 2005 "Rainbow Jek"
* 2005 "Super Drop Mania"
* 2005 "Tank Squad"
* 2005 "The Chronicles of Narnia"
* 2004 "Fathammer Classics Pack"
* 2004 "Geopod XE"
* 2004 "Insaniquarium Deluxe"
* 2004 "Stuntcar Extreme Advanced"
* 2003 "Stuntcar Extreme"
* 2003 "Typer Shark Deluxe"
* 2003 "Floboarding"
* 2003 "Wordshark"
* 2002 "Geopod"
* 2002 "Wonderland" series
* 2001 "Rally Trophy"
* 2001 "Rampage Puzzle Attack"
* 2000 "Puzzle Station"
* 2000 "Project S-11"
* 1999 "Drop Mania"
* 1999 "Thrust, Twist + Turn"
* 1996 "Alien Incident"
* 1996 "Death Rally"

Game music arrangements and orchestrations

* 2008 "Symphonic Shades - Hülsbeck in concert" (full "WDR" concert dedicated to Chris Hülsbeck)
* 2008 "Grand Monster Slam" ("Opening Fanfare") for the "WDR" concert "That’s Sound, that’s Rhythm"
* 2007 "" ("Suite") for the "Symphonic Game Music Concert"
* 2007 "Secret of Mana" ("Suite") for the "Symphonic Game Music Concert"
* 2007 "World Club Champion Football 2006-2007" ("Suite") for the "Symphonic Game Music Concert"
* 2007 "World Club Champion Football 2006-2007" (full live orchestra soundtrack) for "SEGA Japan"
* 2007 "Commodore 64" ("Suite") for "PLAY! A Video Game Symphony"
* 2007 "Commodore Amiga" ("Suite") for "PLAY! A Video Game Symphony"
* 2006 "" ("Wood Carving Partita") for the "Symphonic Game Music Concert"
* 2006 "Turrican 3" ("Suite") for the "Symphonic Game Music Concert"
* 2006 "Super Mario Bros." ("Suite") for "PLAY! A Video Game Symphony"
* 2006 "The Legend of Zelda" ("Suite") for "PLAY! A Video Game Symphony"
* 2005 "" ("Suite") for the "Symphonic Game Music Concert"

Contemporary works

* 2008 "Tango Nellille" (commission work for the WDR)
* 2007 "Pianosonata I" (under work)
* 2007 Piece for chamber orchestra and soprano (under work)
* 2007 "Tales from the kitch" - series (solopiano)
* 2006 "Production Values" (trumpet miniconcerto)
* 2005 "Mimesis" (viola solo)
* 2005 "Virtapiirileikki" (contemporary music)
* 2004 "Aukeus!" (contemporary music)
* 2003 "Unelma Mäntästä" (short film)
* 2000 "House by the Sea" (movie)

Theater music

* 2006 "B. Virtanen"
* 2006 "Hattifattenerrs Island"
* 2005 "Mieletön raamatun historia"
* 2004 "Circus Sergei"
* 2001 "Tartuffe"
* 2000 "Saituri"
* 1999 "Don Quijote"
* 1998 "Dracula"
* 1998 "The Miser"


* 2008 "Symphonic Shades - Hülsbeck in Concert" (full live concert arrangement and orchestration)
* 2008 "Musica e WCCF secondo movimento" (live orchestra and choir arrangement and orchestration)
* 2007 "Number Nine" (Turrican 3 Piano Suite arrangement)
* 2004 "Musicdisk" (first solo album)
* 2004 "Merregnon Soundtrack, Volume 2" (two compositions, English and Japanese edition)
* 2000 "Merregnon Soundtrack, Volume 1" (two compositions)


* 2007 "Adagio Composition Contest": Honorable mention, "Elegiac" (for string orchestra)
* 2006 "Isofestival": 2nd place, "Mimesis for Viola"
* 2002 "IFCT Award": Best Original Soundtrack, "House by the Sea"
* 2000 "Assembly": 1st place, "Credits"
* 1993 "Assembly": 1st place, "Second Reality Soundtrack"
* 1993 "Assembly": 1st place, "Sundance"
* 1993 "Aggressive Party": 1st place, "Shadowrun"
* 1992 "Assembly": 1st place, "Unreal Soundtrack"


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