Immolation (Latin "immolare" "to sacrifice", originally "to sprinkle with sacrificial meal" ("mola salsa"), English since the 16th c.) may refer to:
*Fire sacrifice
** Animal sacrifice
** Human sacrifice
** Hecatomb
** Holocaust (sacrifice)
* Self-immolation is suicide by immolation, notably as an extreme form of protest.
**Sati is a Hindu funeral custom involving self-immolation.
** Jauhar was the voluntary death (on a funeral pyre) of the non-fighters of defeated Rajput communities to avoid capture.

In popular culture

* Richard Wagner's opera Götterdämmerung ends with Brünnhilde's immolation.
* Immolation (band) is a death metal band from Yonkers, New York.
* Immolation is a spell of a Night Elf hero, the Demon Hunter, in the Blizzard computer game "", and that of the warlock class in "World of Warcraft". (In fact, immolation spells have been included in many paper and electronic fantasy games since the 1980s.)
* "" ends with Ann Thorn (Lee Grant) immolated by an exploding boiler
* Technical death metal band Necrophagist's song Dismembered Self-Immolation.
* In Edgar Allan Poe's short story "The Cask of Amontillado," Montressor notes that Fortunato 'did not perceive that my smiles, "now", were at the thought of his immolation.'
* "Self Immolation" and "Slave Labor" are Fear Factory songs about self-immolation.
* "Immolation" is the second song by Becoming the Archetype for their second album "The Physics of Fire".
* "Dance Dance Immolation" is the version of DDR presented by Interpretive Arson at the annual "Fire Arts Festival" presented by "The Crucible" in Oakland, California. (also at Burning Man in 2005, 2007 and 2007). It's also an achievement for the Pyro class in Team Fortress 2
*Jasper Gein is a character from the game Silent Hill 4. He as seen as a ghost set on fire holding a chalice which hints at immolation.

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