Deal or No Deal (Singapore)

Deal or No Deal (Singapore)
Format Game show
Created by MediaCorp TV Channel 5
MediaCorp TV HD5
MediaCorp TV
MediaCorp Studios
Presented by Adrian Pang
Starring Adrian Pang
Narrated by Adrian Pang
Country of origin  Singapore
Language(s) Singapore English
No. of episodes 37
Location(s) Caldecott Broadcast Centre
Running time 1 hour including commercials
Production company(s) MediaCorp TV Channel 5
MediaCorp TV HD5
MediaCorp TV
MediaCorp Studios
Distributor MediaCorp TV Channel 5
MediaCorp TV HD5
MediaCorp TV
MediaCorp Studios
Original channel MediaCorp TV Channel 5
MediaCorp TV HD5
First shown in 13 May 2007
Original run 13 May 2007 – 31 January 2008
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Deal or No Deal is a game show which was aired in Singapore on MediaCorp TV Channel 5 and MediaCorp TV HD5. The show debuted on 13 May 2007 with a million dollar deal show series from Sunday to Wednesday, after which the show aired every Wednesday, 08:30 pm or 20:30 (UTC+08:00 - Singapore Standard Time). The show is hosted by Adrian Pang.

The show's official website has an online game, to let viewers become familiar with the format of the game.

The second season of the show premiered on 21 November 2007, and moved to two episodes in 1 week, every Wednesday and Thursday.

The fate of a third season is unknown or to be broadcasted in MediaCorp TV Channel 8 due to Adrian Pang leaving MediaCorp TV in 1 April 2010 to concentrate on his company Pangdemonium.



Before the game, a third party randomly places the possible winnings in the briefcases, which are then distributed to 26 identically-dressed models who reveal its contents during the game. The amounts range from S$1 to S$250,000. The twenty-six models are mainly professional models, including a former Miss Malaysia Universe, Andrea Fonseka.[1]

After picking one of the briefcases, the contestant then selects 6 of the remaining 25 cases, revealed one at a time. Each figure appears in only one case, so any values revealed in this way are not in the contestant's case. This is followed by a phone call by The Banker who makes an offer via telephone to Adrian to buy the contestant's case. The offer is primarily based on the mean of the cash amounts still in play, the stage of the game (early offers tend to be far lower than the mean), as well as the player's psychology. Adrian then asks the title question: "Deal or No Deal?"

If the contestant accepts the "Deal" (by pushing a stylized red button enclosed in a glass case), the game ends, and the value of the case that he or she chose at the beginning of the game is then revealed along with the whereabouts of the remaining prizes. Should the contestant refuse the offer (by stating "No deal" and/or closing the glass case), they must choose five of the remaining cases to eliminate from consideration. The Banker makes another offer, and play continues as before. The Banker's offer may be higher or lower than the previous offer, (if a top prize is eliminated, generally the offer decreases; conversely, if only lower amounts are eliminated the offer increases significantly).

Subsequent rounds have the contestant withdrawing four, three, then two cases from play. Should the contestant continue to decline the Banker's offer after this point, they then eliminate one case each time (with an intervening offer from the Banker) until two cases are left. If the player rejects the final offer, the player wins whatever is in his or her chosen case.

Each contestant has several supporters (usually three, though it has been increased to four for season 2), who sit in a special section just off stage during his or her game. As the field of cases dwindles, one or more of the supporters are asked to consult with the contestant and help him/her make a decision.

Homeviewer’s SMS Game

During the show, six briefcases are displayed. Viewers are invited to guess which case contains $1000 by text messaging their answer e.g. Case 3, at a cost of $0.21 per message. A lucky draw is held at the end of the game from the pool of viewers who chose the correct briefcase. The winners win $1000 and other prizes from the sponsors of the show. On 26 December and 27 December 2007, the home winners won $2000 on each of the two episodes. On 30 January and 31 January 2008, the home winners won $2888 on each of the two episodes.

The SMS game is not shown during repeat episodes.


Records and Statistics

Up till the episode dated January 31, 2008.

  • Highest potential bank offer: $175,000
  • Highest bank offer: $101,000
  • Highest first offer: $4,900, ($8,500 on the Chinese New Year edition)
  • Lowest bank offer: $5 (even though the last two cases containing $15 and $25 weren't opened yet)
  • Lowest first offer: $800
  • Highest bank offer accepted: $101,000
  • Most money won (No Deal): $7,500
  • Most money won (Deal): $101,000
  • Least money won (Deal): $4,900
  • Least money won (No Deal): $10
  • Total winnings: $182,375 (Season 1), $465,575 (Season 2, excluding the extra $29,900 given to Fiona's charity)
  • Average winnings: $13,758.33 (as of Season 1)
  • Average value of contestant's case: $6342.496 (as of Season 1)
  • Best deal by the angle sector: 162,000° (Deal: $45,000,Case: $100)
  • Best deal by the percentages: 45,000% (Deal: $45,000,Case: $100)
  • Best deal by dollars: $51,000 (Deal: $101,000, Case: $50,000)
  • Best final case by dollars: $250,000 (3 times)
  • Worst deal by the angle sector: 57.6° (Deal: $40,000, Case: $250,000)
  • Worst deal by the percentages: 16% (Deal: $40,000, Case: $250,000)
  • Worst deal by dollars: -$210,000 (Deal: $40,000, Case: $250,000)
  • Worst final case by dollars: $10
  • Greatest amount of money won after knocking out the top prize in the first round: $11,500

Season 2

Season 2 of Deal or No Deal Singapore premiered on 21 November 2007. The first 2 episodes were celebrity specials, featuring David Gan, international hairstylist and Fiona Xie, MediaCorp TV actress, respectively. Both played for a chosen charity organisation.

In the first episode, David Gan closed the final deal and won S$101,000 for his charity organisation, making this the biggest win by any contestant of the Singapore edition, ever.

In the second episode, Fiona Xie refused all the banker's offers and won S$250. She then announced that she would make a personal donation of S$5,000 to the charity organisation, while her friends that she brought with her donated an additional S$150. In addition, the producers of the show decided to increase the winning amount by S$25,000, and as a result, a total of S$30,150 was raised for charity during the episode.

There were also two special Christmas episodes where the highest case value was doubled to S$500,000 while the S$15,000 was temporarily removed for the 26 December and 27 December 2007 episodes.

On 16 January 2008 and 17 January 2008 episodes of Deal or No Deal, there were 26 hunks representing the briefcases, instead of 26 babes.

For the last two episodes on 30 January 2008 and 31 January 2008, being a week before the Lunar New Year, the highest case value was upped to S$688,888 and the second highest case was S$500,000 While the S$15,000 and the S$150,000 was temporarily removed. Ironically, contestants of each episode won only S$10 and S$20 respectively.


Season 1

  • #1 - Julia
  • #2 - Andrea Savage
  • #3 - Natalie Alice Foster
  • #4 - Maggie Tan
  • #5 - Nataliya
  • #6 - Vanessa Lim
  • #7 - Angela Lee Kar Wai
  • #8 - Ana Moraru
  • #9 - Jamie Lee Frankland
  • #10 - Andrea Fonseka
  • #11 - Claire Jedrek
  • #12 - Lucinda Leong
  • #13 - Farhana Abbas
  • #14 - Roslin Misdar
  • #15 - Indra Chandran
  • #16 - Gwendolyn Wan
  • #17 - Melissa Faith Yeo
  • #18 - Lutfiah Abdul Jabbar
  • #19 - Annie Yang
  • #20 - Hannah Lau
  • #21 - Melissa Sailla
  • #22 - Denise Watt
  • #23 - Danielle Menon
  • #24 - Jasmine Paul
  • #25 - Rachel Jedrek
  • #26 - Elynn Koh Yee Ling

Season 2

  • #1 - Julia Hodgkinson
  • #2 - Gayle Christee
  • #3 - Christabel Campbell
  • #4 - Aimee Thompson
  • #5 - Joanne Lopez
  • #6 - Vanessa Lim
  • #7 - Alessia Zuliani
  • #8 - Evangeline Tay
  • #9 - Jamie Lee Frankland
  • #10 - Colleen Pereira
  • #11 - Claire Jedrek
  • #12 - Amanda Low
  • #13 - Farhana Abbas
  • #14 - Zanetta Joan Sit Ying Li
  • #15 - Roshni Kaur Soin
  • #16 - Gwendolyn Wan
  • #17 - Adlina Adil
  • #18 - Lutfiah Abdul Jabbar
  • #19 - Rachel Doss
  • #20 - Hannah Lau
  • #21 - Velda Tan
  • #22 - Yan Kay Kay
  • #23 - Danielle Menon
  • #24 - Jasmine Paul
  • #25 - Crystal Shong
  • #26 - Elynn Koh Yee Ling


Season 2

  • #1 - Yoon Sung Joon
  • #2 - Nick Lam
  • #3 - Paul Foster
  • #4 - Andy Mok
  • #5 - Fajr Rhers
  • #6 - Shaun D'Cruz
  • #7 - Shankar
  • #8 - Takatoshi Uchida
  • #9 - Eddie Tioh
  • #10 - Chris Hussey
  • #11 - Daniel Jacob
  • #12 - Narain
  • #13 - Andy Lee
  • #14 - David Stelzer
  • #15 - Chris Pua
  • #16 - Kenta Toyota
  • #17 - Aaron Jensen
  • #18 - Ratna Suffian
  • #19 - Z Chia
  • #20 - Shyam Young
  • #21 - Norman Hartono
  • #22 - Remy Low
  • #23 - Douglas Wong
  • #24 - Ryan Pereira
  • #25 - Glenn Meyers
  • #26 - Kim Tae Hun


  1. ^ Juliana June Rasuh, Dealing with pure dumb luck?, Today, 2007-04-30

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