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Densen Audio Technologies is a Danish manufacturer of high fidelity equipment based in Esbjerg, a city on the west coast of Jutland, the main peninsula of Denmark.

Densen has a small devoted following gained through a combination of the sound of the products, the reliability, build quality, and upgrade and aftersales service. Densen products carry a lifetime warranty, which means Densen will service all products ever sold, free of charge to the initial owner.


Thomas Sillesen started Densen in 1992. Prior to that Sillesen had been involved in the Danish audio industry, both with retail sales and import and distribution.

In 1990 the first Densen product was launched, a turntable shelf. Densen Audio Technologies was officially founded in September 1992, and at the same time the first Densen product, the integrated DM-10 amplifier, was launched at the HiFi Show in London.

The B-100 integrated amplifier launched in 1993 is perhaps Densen's best-known product, together with the B-400XS CD Player, the DM-10, and the B-200 preamp and B-350 monoblocks. 1993 was also the year that Sillesen finished his M.Sc, and Densen moved to its first official factory in the centre of Esbjerg, Denmark's fifth largest city.

Sonic character

Early on, Sillesen launched the term “Air guitar Factor” to describe the sound of the products. The term was soon grabbed by a reviewer from American audio magazine Stereophile, who in 1994, after Densen's launch of the B-100 at the winter CES named the Densen DM-20/DM-30 preamp/poweramplifier combination “Highest airguitar factor and best affordable sound” at the CES.

In later years, Densen has used the slogan “Life is too short for boring hifi” to describe the Densen sonic signature, which Sillesen personally describes as “Oval World Sound”, thereby hinting that the truth of sound is a combination of the Flat earthers focus on PRAT (Pace Rhythm and Timing), and the more classic audiophile focus on timbre, details, soundstage and tonal character. Sillesen strongly believe it is possible to make audio products that can achieve both goals, and over the years various reviews seems to verify this.

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