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Tony Platt is a music producer/engineer best known for his work with a diverse mix of artists including AC/DC, Bob Marley, Iron Maiden, Buddy Guy, Foreigner, Sparks, Jazz Jamaica All Stars and Motörhead. He has recently completed an album with Jazz trio The Bad Plus and is currently working with UK band Second Person on their third studio release. He continues further development work with a number of artists including Roland Perrin, Ana Silvera and Daniel Ward Murphy and 28 Costumes.


Platt's career started at Trident Studios in London and eventually became an engineer at the world renowned Island Studios. Working his way from assistant engineer on sessions with the likes of Traffic, The Who, Rolling Stones, Led Zeppelin he gradually worked his way up to engineer on sessions with the Free, Sutherland Brothers, Paul McCartney, Jess Roden and Mott the Hoople. He went on to engineer the "Catch a Fire" and "Burnin'" albums for Jamaican artist Bob Marley which, it is claimed, would launch reggae music into the mainstream [http://www.recordproduction.com/tony_platt4.htm] . This association led him to complete ”Funky Kingston” for Toots and the Maytals and work with several other notable reggae artists such as ZapPow, Lorna Bennet, Harry J's All Stars, Aswad and The Cimarons.

Island provided Tony with experience working on the numerous orchestral, commercial and pop sessions that came through the studio. After working with the various spin off projects from the recently disbanded Free - Sharks, Toby, Peace and Kossoff, Kirke, Tetsu and Rabbit and for Muff Winwood on the debut Sparks album "Kimono My House" he finally left Island and turned freelance.

Having recorded demos that prefaced deals for Thin Lizzy and the Stranglers and punk hit Gary Gilmour's Eyes with The Adverts he became engineer for Mutt Lange. With Mutt, he worked on the AC/DC albums "Highway to Hell" and "Back in Black", Foreigner – "4", Boomtown Rats – “Fine Art of Surfacing’ and Broken Home. AC/DC asked him to mix the soundtrack on their documentary film and then to work with them on "Flick of the Switch".

When he joined the Zomba producer roster in 1980 he engineered and produced the work of artists such as Samson (with Bruce Dickinson singing) & Iron Maiden, Krokus, Motörhead, Gary Moore, Cheap Trick, The Cult, Marillion, etc.

He also recorded two albums for Buddy Guy - the Grammy winning "Damn Right I Got the Blues" and the follow up "Feels Like Rain".

Most recent

Tony has just finished working on a new album with Mercury nominated Soweto Kinch and the recording of Abram Wilson's Jerwood commissioned piece "RIDE - The Ferris Wheel to the Modern Delta".

He has had close involvement with Soweto and Abram's label, Dune Records, working with Jazz Jamaica All Stars, Juliet Roberts, and Denys Baptiste's "Let Freedom Ring" which was voted Jazz Critics Record of the Year. Other productions have included Clare Teal's "Road Less Traveled" album for Candid Records, "Don’t Talk" – her first for Sony Jazz which entered at 19 on the album chart and the debut album "Jazz Warrior" for New Orleans trumpeter Abram Wilson which was also nominated for the Mercury and MOBO prizes..

Projects completed last year were another Dune Records album with Jazz Jamaica All Stars featuring Motown Hits, the mixing of an album for jazz pianist Andrew McCormack and an installation piece for the Tower of London with Jason Yarde.


* 1973 Bob Marley & The Wailers "Catch a Fire" Eng Island
* 1973 Toots & The Maytals “Funky Kingston“ Eng Island
* 1973 Bob Marley & The Wailers “Burnin’ “ Eng Island
* 1973 Sharks “Sharks” Eng Island
* 1974 Sparks (band) "Kimono My House" Eng Island
* 1974 Ducks Deluxe “Ducks Deluxe” Eng RCA
* 1976 Aswad “Aswad” Prod/eng Island
* 1978 Cimarons “Live” Prod/eng Polydor
* 1978 Cimarons “Maka” Prod/eng Polydor
* 1979 AC/DC "Highway to Hell" Mix Atlantic
* 1979 Boomtown Rats “Fine Art of Surfacing” Eng/mix Ensign
* 1980 Broken Home “Broken Home” Eng/mix WEA
* 1980 AC/DC "Back in Black" Eng/mix Atlantic
* 1980 Foreigner "4" Eng Atlantic

The Zomba years:
* 1980 Iron Maiden "Phantom of the Opera" Prod/eng EMI
* 1980 Samson "Head On" Prod/remix GEM
* 1981 Trust "March ou Creve" Prod/eng CBS
* 1981 Samson "Shock Tactics" Prod/eng GEM
* 1981 Starfighters "Alley Cat Blues" Prod/eng Jive
* 1982 Steve Warley “Steve Warley” Prod/eng Jive
* 1982 Krokus "One Vice at a Time" Prod/eng Arista
* 1982 The Dogs “Too Much Class....” Prod/eng CBS
* 1982 Starfighters "In Flight Movie" Prod/eng Jive
* 1983 Motörhead "Another Perfect Day" Prod/eng Bronze
* 1983 AC/DC "Flick of the Switch" Eng/Coprod Atlantic
* 1984 Manowar "All Men Play on Ten" Remix/prod Virgin
* 1984 Gary Moore "We Want Moore" Prod/eng Virgin
* 1984 Billy Squier "Signs of Life" Eng/Coprod Capitol
* 1984 Marillion "Fugazi" Remixes EMI
* 1984/5 Gary Moore "Emerald Aisles" Prod/eng Virgin
* 1984/5 Uriah Heep "Equator" Prod/eng CBS
* 1985 Shy “Brave the Storm” Prod/eng RCA
* 1985 Y & T "Summertime Girls" Remix A&M
* 1985 Mass “New Birth” Prod/eng RCA
* 1985 Cheap Trick "Standing on the Edge" Remix/prod Epic
* 1985 VowWow "Nightless City" Prod/eng EMI
* 1986 Krokus "Live & Dangerous" Prod/eng Arista
* 1986 Cheap Trick "The Doctor" Prod/eng Epic
* 1986/7 Jeff Paris “Wired” Prod/eng Phongram
* 1987 The Cult "BBC-Late Night in Concert" Prod BBC
* 1987 The Alarm “Eye of the Hurricane” Eng/coprod IRS
* 1987/8 Light a Big Fire unreleased album Coprod/eng Siren
* 1988 Celtic Frost "Cold Lake" Prod/eng Noise
* 1988 Vamp “Renegade” Prod/eng Atlantic
* 1988/9 Lillian Axe "Love & War" Prod/eng MCA
* 1989 No Excuse “Too Hard To Handle” Prod/eng Mercury
* 1989 Jagged Edge “Trouble” Prod/eng Polydor
* 1989 Johnny Crash “Neighborhood Threat” Prod/eng WTG
* 1990 Thunderhead “Break For The Border” Prod/eng EMI
* 1990 Sweet Addiction “E.P. Prod/eng Survival
* 1990 Depp Jones “Return to Caramba” Prod/eng CBS
* 1990 Crossroads “Wild One” Prod/eng EMI
* 1990 Ronnie James Dio "Lock Up The Wolves" Coprod/eng Polygram
* 1991 Bonham "Mad Hatter" Prod/eng WTG
* 1991 Moody Marsden Band "Never Turn Your Back .." Coprod/eng Castle
* 1991 Buddy Guy “Damn Right I got The Blues” Eng/coprod Silvertone
* 1992 New England “Earth Mother” Prod/eng Streetlink
* 1992 Les Casse Pieds tracks Prod/eng PEM
* 1992 Testament “The Ritual” Prod/eng Atlantic
* 1993 McQueen Street unreleased album Prod SBK
* 1993 Mighty Mighty Bosstones “Don’t Know How To Party” Prod/eng Mercury
* 1993 Buddy Guy “Feels Like Rain” Eng/coprod Silvertone
* 1993 Walter Trout "Tellin’ Stories" Prod/eng Silvertone
* 1994 Moody Marsden Band "Live in Hell" Coprod/eng Castle
* 1994 Moody Marsden Band "Real Faith" Coprod/eng Castle
* 1994 Blue Blot “YoYo Man” Prod/eng BMG

Platinum Tones Productions:
* 1994/5 Flowers for Breakfast “Nervous” Prod/eng CBS
* 1994/5 Buzztonic “Arcade Babies” Prod/eng Pure
* 1995 Die Krupps “Odyssey of the Mind” Prod/mix Rough Trade
* 1995 The Godfathers “Afterlife” Prod/eng Intercord
* 1995 Bernie Marsden “Green and Blues” Coprod/eng Castle
* 1995 K's Choice “Paradise in Me”(addl.tracks) Prod/eng CBS
* 1995 Stabbing Westward “Shame” Remix Columbia
* 1995 Horsepower “Horsepower” Prod/mixer Antler Subway
* 1996 Feed Album tracks Prod/eng TBA
* 1996 Soulwax “Kill Your Darlings” Prod/eng Play It Again Sam
* 1996 Spine Grinder “Meat Greed” Prod/mixer Antler Subway
* 1996 Low Pass “Circles In The Square” Prod/mixer BMG
* 1996 Pop in Wonderland “Sunshine Pilots” Eng/remix BMG
* 1996 Anathema “Eternity” Prod/eng MFN
* 1996 Fraser singles Prod/eng TBA
* 1996 Normahl Normahl Prod/remix BMG
* 1997 Ten (band) singles Prod/eng RCR
* 1997 Terra Nova “Break Away” Remix JVC
* 1997 Mau Mau tracks Prod/eng RCR
* 1997 Greg Darling “Greg Darling” Prod/mix Monaco
* 1997/8 Huge Baby “Huge Baby” Prod/mix Alberts Prods.
* 1998 The Snakes “The Snakes” Mix Castle
* 1998 Low Pass singles Prod/eng BMG
* 1998 Lazy Dollies singles Prod/eng Brilliant Records
* 1998/9 Deadline album Prod/eng Map Management
* 1999 Low Pass singles Prod/mix BMG
* 1999 Terra Nova “Make My Day” Prod/mix JVC
* 1999 Krokus “Round 13” Prod/mix Phonag
* 1999 Akyra “Future Days” Mix BMG
* 1999 Streem EP Prod/eng
* 2000 Larry Johnson Live tracks Mix Lottie Prods.
* 2000 Micky Moody “I Eat Them For Breakfast” Mix Armadillo
* 2000 Fubar “Fubar’ Prod/eng lesenfantsterribles
* 2000 Streem singles Prod/eng
* 2001 Oddfish in development Prod/eng TBA
* 2001 Jazz Jamaica Allstars Album Eng/Coprod Dune Records
* 2001 The Relatives Single Mix Spank Records
* 2001 Last Man Standing Single Prod/Eng Sublime
* 2002 New Cool Collective Album Mix/Prod Sony
* 2002 Juliet Roberts Album Eng/Prod Dune Records
* 2002 Earl Okin Sex Symbol & Musical Genius Prod/Eng Sony Jazz
* 2003 Soweto Kinch Conversations with The Unseen Eng/CoProd Dune Records
* 2003 Clare Teal "A Road Less Travelled" Eng/Prod Candid
* 2003 Denys Baptiste Let Freedom Ring Eng/CoProd Dune Records
* 2004 Soweto Kinch "Jazz Planet" Eng/CoProd Dune Records
* 2004 Abram Wilson "Jazz Warrior" Eng/CoProd Dune Records
* 2004 Clare Teal "Don’t Talk" Eng/Prod Sony Records
* 2004/5 Andrew McCormack Telescope Mix Dune Records
* 2005 Jason Yarde Breaking Out 5.1 Mix Serious Events
* 2005 Jazz Jamaica Allstars Motor City Roots Eng/CoProd Dune Records
* 2005/6 Soweto Kinch A Life In The Day of B19 Eng/CoProd Dune Records
* 2006 28 Costumes You Excite Me Eng/Prod Spank Records
* 2006 Daniel Ward Murphy EP Eng/Prod TBA
* 2006 Abram Wilson RIDE! The Ferris Wheel to The Modern Delta Eng/CoProd Dune Records
* 2006 Ana Silvera In development Eng/Prod TBA
* 2006 Roland Perrin Album Eng/CoProd TBA 2006 The Bad Plus Prog Eng/CoProd TBA
* 2007 Second Person "The Elements" Eng/CoProd Sellaband


External links

* [http://www.platinumtones.com Platinum Tones website]
* [http://www.recordproduction.com/tony_platt4.htm Tony Platt on RecordProduction.com]

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