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An IBA Official Cocktail is one of several cocktails selected by the International Bartenders Association (IBA) for use in the annual World Cocktail Competition (WCC) [http://www.iba-world.com/english/congress/rules.php World Cocktail Competition (WCC)] International Bartenders Association. Retrieved 2007-01-01.] in bartending. As such, these mixed drinks are some of the most notable and frequently-made cocktails by professional bartenders around the world.

List of cocktails

As of January 1 2008, the IBA Official Cocktails were divided into four categories:

Before-Dinner Cocktail - Dry or Medium

[http://www.iba-world.com/english/congress/rules.php WCC rules] stipulate: The Before Dinner Cocktail shall not contain more than two (2) centilitres of Sweetened products.]
* Americano
* Bacardi Cocktail
* Bronx
* Banana Daiquiri
* Frozen Daiquiri
* Daiquiri
* Kir
* Kir Royal
* Manhattan Dry
* Manhattan Medium
* Manhattan
* Margarita
* Martini (Dry)
* Martini (Gibson)
* Martini (Perfect)
* Martini (Sweet)
* Martini (Vodka)
* Negroni
* Old Fashioned
* Paradise
* Rob Roy
* Rose
* Whiskey Sour

After-Dinner Cocktail - Sweet

* Black Russian
* Brandy Alexander
* French Connection
* God Father
* God Mother
* Golden Cadillac
* Golden Dream
* Grasshopper
* Porto flip
* Rusty Nail
* White Russian

=Long Drink - Collins Type=

* Bellini
* Bloody Mary
* Buck's Fizz
* Brandy Egg Nog
* Bull Shot
* Champagne Cocktail
* Gin Fizz
* Harvey Wallbanger
* Horse's Neck
* Irish Coffee
* Mimosa
* Planter's Punch
* Piña Colada
* Screwdriver
* Singapore Sling
* Tequila Sunrise
* Tom Collins

Fancy Drink - Long, medium, short

* Apple Martini
* B-52
* Caipirinha
* Cosmopolitan
* Cuba Libre
* Japanese Slipper
* Kamikaze
* Long Island Iced Tea
* Mai-Tai
* Mojito
* Orgasm
* Salty Dog
* Sea-Breeze
* Sex on the beach

List of sweetened products

The following "Sweetened products" are restricted to two centilitres (4 tsp, or 2/3 US fl oz) in the "Before-Dinner Cocktail" category:
# Vermouth (White, Red, Rose)
# All Sweet Liqueurs, e.g. Grand Marnier, Cointreau, Drambuie, Midori, Galliano, and Creams
# Bols, Monin, Marie Brizard, De Kuyper range of products
# Sweet Port, Sweet Marsala
# Cream Sherry
# All Syrups
# Asti Sparkling Wine

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* List of cocktails

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* [http://www.iba-world.com/english/cocktails/ IBA Official Cocktails] - the official list with links to the preparation instructions for each drink.

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