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fullName = Empire of Atlantium
shortName = Atlantium
status = Current


secondImageType = Seal
motto = E Tenebris Lux
englishMotto = Out of Darkness, Light
capital = Concordia
anthemName = Auroran Hymn
anthemComposer = Camille Saint Saens
location = LocationConcordia.jpg
areaClaimed =
ethnicgroups =
purpOrgStruct = Elective constitutional monarchy
leadership = Emperor George II (George Francis Cruickshank ) 1981-
foundationDate = November 27, 1981
areaClaimed = convert|0.76|km2|sqmi
membership = 903 (2006)
language = English and Latin
purpCurrency = Imperial Solidus (value pegged to the US$)
currencycode = IS
footnotes =
demonym = Atlantian
gdp =
timezone =
The Empire of Atlantium is a micronation and secular,
pluralist progressive lobby group [cite web|title=Links|url=http://www.usns.info/links.html|accessdate=2008-01-15|publisher=Unrecognised States Numismatic Society] based in New South Wales, Australia.

"Micronations: The Lonely Planet Guide to Home-Made Nations" describes Atlantium as "a refreshing antidote to the reactionary self-aggrandisement of so many micronations", and "an extremely sophisticated nation-state experiment, as well as an entirely serious claimant to legitimate statehood". The book's entry on Atlantium notes its espousal of "progressive, liberal policies" and characterizes it as a "secular humanist utopia". [cite book|title=Micronations|author=John Ryan, George Dunford & Simon Sellars|publisher=Lonely Planet Publications|year=2006|id=ISBN 1-74104-730-7|pages=74-]

Among the causes Atlantium supports are the right to unrestricted international freedom of movement, the right to abortion, the right to assisted suicide [cite web |url=http://www.atlantium.org/constitution.html |title=Constitution of Atlantium |accessdate=2008-01-26 |publisher=Empire of Atlantium] and decimal calendar reform. [cite web |url=http://www.decimaltime.hynes.net/calendar.html#annusnovus |title= Decimal Time - Calendars - Annus Novus Decimal Calendar |accessdate=2008-01-30 |publisher=John D Hynes]


Atlantium was established in 1981 by three Sydney teenagers – George Francis Cruickshank, Geoffrey John Duggan and Claire Marie Coulter (née Duggan). The three claimed a convert|10|m2|sqft Provisional Territory in the southern suburb of Narwee as Atlantium's first capital, and declared Cruickshank to be Sovereign Head of State, with the title "Emperor George II". [cite web |url=http://www.atlantium.org/history.html |title=History of Atlantium |accessdate=2008-01-26 |publisher=Empire of Atlantium] Geoffrey Duggan (1982–1986) was elected as prime minister. Damian Scott (1986–1988), and Kevin Fanucchi (1988–1990) also served as prime ministers, but by 1990, when the original group members had graduated from university and moved to different locations, the group ceased to be active.

In 1999 Cruickshank purchased an apartment in the inner Sydney suburb of Potts Point, and soon after revived Atlantium, launching a website, which was instrumental in attracting new members. The convert|61|m2|sqft apartment, known as the Imperium Proper, became the second capital of Atlantium. [cite web |url=http://www.atlantium.org/history.html |title=History of Atlantium |accessdate=2008-01-26 |publisher=Empire of Atlantium] Concordia became the third capital of Atlantium on 12 January 2008, when the rural convert|0.76|km2|sqmi Province of Aurora, approximately convert|350|km|mi southwest of Sydney, was created. The Atlantium website describes Aurora as Atlantium's "global administrative capital, ceremonial focal point and spiritual homeland" [cite web|title=Province of Aurora|url=http://www.atlantium.org/territoryaurora.html|accessdate=2008-01-15|publisher=Empire of Atlantium] .


The Province of Aurora covers convert|0.76|km2|sqmi and has a fenced convert|4.5|km|mi long perimeter. It is divided into four "administrative divisions", known as the District of Hickey (which occupies approximately half of Aurora's total area), the District of Duggan (which occupies the southern third of the province), Concordia Capital District (the only administrative division in which permanent human occupancy and development is permitted) and the Prefecture of Idalia (the re-named former Imperium Proper). The latter is the current permanent residence of Emperor George II.

Concordia is the intended location of facilities to house Atlantium's legislature, government offices, museum, throne hall and commemorative monuments. Currently it is the location of a single-storey residential and administrative building, several service structures, and two small man-made lakes. Aurora is also the site of an historic gold processing facility built and operated in the 1860s by Chinese immigrant miners. [cite web |url=http://www.atlantium.org/territoryaurora.html |title=Province of Aurora |accessdate=2008-01-26 |publisher=Empire of Atlantium]

tatus and operations

The Atlantium website uses several different self-descriptions, including "self-declared state", "aspirant microstate" and "global sovereign state". [cite web|title=Empire of Atlantium|url=http://www.atlantium.org|accessdate=2008-01-15|publisher=Empire of Atlantium] In line with its claim to be a "primarily non-territorial" state Atlantium does not maintain any formal territorial claims; however, it does promote the idea that Cruickshank's apartment, and the Province of Aurora, have extraterritorial status; in practice these properties remain under Australian jurisdiction.

No established nation has recognised Atlantium's sovereignty claims, and it has no reciprocal diplomatic relations. Atlantium has appointed "unaccredited diplomatic representatives" called "Imperial Legates" in the United States, Pakistan, Poland, Brazil, India, Italy, Iran, Singapore, Serbia and Switzerland. [cite news|title=The Empire of Atlantium|author=Charles Green|work=Cabinet Magazine|year=2005|url=http://www.cabinetmagazine.org/issues/18/blackson4.php] The group has awarded "Imperial Honours" to various recipients, generally in recognition of political activism or for service to local communities. [cite web|publisher=Empire of Atlantium|title=Imperial News Service|url=http://www.atlantium.org/news.html]

ymbols of Atlantium


Banknotes of Atlantium are denominated in Imperial Solidi and are currently divided into a 2006 series and a 2007 series.


As of 2006, the group reportedly had 903 "citizens" [cite book|title=Micronations|author=John Ryan, George Dunford & Simon Sellars|publisher=Lonely Planet Publications|year=2006|id=ISBN 1-74104-730-7|pages=74-] in over 90 countries. The website names just over 20 individuals holding such functions as minister, director, magister and imperial legate. Atlantium says its citizenship does not supersede previously existing citizenships. Atlantians contend that they are all dual-citizens [cite web |url=http://www.atlantium.org/state.html|title=Ministry of State |accessdate=2008-01-26 |publisher=Empire of Atlantium] , and that Atlantium actively encourages its members to participate in the political processes of their resident countries. While the group uses the words "citizenship" and "diplomatic" idiosyncratically, supporters note that Atlantium has made no secret of its attempts at redefining existing paradigms, and claim that doing so is a fundamental motivation for the group's existence.




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* [http://www.atlantium.org Official website]
* [http://aquilaaudax.wordpress.com/ Official news blog]
* [http://www.numismondo.com/pm/atm/ Atlantium Paper Money]

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