UH-1Y Venom

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Infobox Aircraft
name = UH-1Y Venom

caption = Bell UH-1Y during sea trials aboard USS Bataan
type = Multipurpose utility helicopter
manufacturer = Bell Helicopter
first flight = 20 December 2001 [cite web|url=http://www.helis.com/news/2001/uh1yff.htm |title=UH-1Y Achieves First Flight |accessdate=2007-03-17]
introduced = 2008+
retired =
status = In production
primary user =United States Marine Corps
more users =
produced =
number built =
unit cost =
developed from = UH-1N Twin Huey
variants with their own articles =

The Bell UH-1Y Venom is an American medium size utility helicopter.

The Venom is currently in low-rate production to replace the United States Marine Corps aging fleet of UH-1N Twin Huey light utility helicopters first introduced in the early 1970s. Originally the UH-1Y was to have been remanufactured from UH-1N airframes, but in April 2005 the aircraft were approved to be built as new helicopters. [ [http://www.news.navy.mil/search/displaybbs.asp?bbs_id=1332&cat=5 UH-1Ys to be built new starting in 06 ] ]


In 1996, the USMC launched the H-1 upgrade program by signing a contract with Bell Helicopter for upgrading 100 UH-1Ns into UH-1Ys and upgrading 180 AH-1Ws into AH-1Zs.Donald, David. "Modern Battlefield Warplanes". AIRTime Publishing, 2004. ISBN 1-880588-76-5.] Bishop, Chris. "Huey Cobra Gunships". Osprey Publishing, 2006. ISBN 1-84176-984-3.] The H-1 program created completely modernized attack and utility helicopters with considerable design commonality to reduce operating costs. The UH-1Y and AH-1Z share a common tail boom, engines, rotor system, drive train, avionics architecture, software, controls and displays for over 84% identical components. [http://www.bellhelicopter.com/en/aircraft/military/pdf/UH1Y_PG_3-06_web.pdf Bell UH-1Y pocket guide] , Bell Helicopter, Retrieved 16 August 2008.] [http://www.bellhelicopter.com/en/support/pdf/rb/rb_oct18.pdf "Rotorbreeze Magazine"] , Bell, October 2006.]

The Y model updates an airframe that has been central to the Marine Corps aviation in Iraq. The Huey has many mission requirements including command and control (C2), escort, reconnaissance, troop transport, medical evacuation and close air support. Typically detachments of 2-4 Hueys have been deployed with detachments of 4-8 Cobras. The forward mounted weaponry of the Cobra combined with the door guns of the Huey provides a 240° field of fire.

Over the years new avionics and radios, in addition to modern door guns and safety upgrades, have greatly increased the UH-1N's empty weight. With a maximum speed of approximately 100 knots and an inability to lift much more than its own crew, fuel and ammunition, the UH-1N, while useful, is limited in its utility.

The Y model upgrades pilot avionics to a glass cockpit, adds further safety modifications and provides the Huey with a modern FLIR system. However, the biggest improvement is an increase in engine power. By replacing the engines and the two bladed rotor system with four composite blades the Y model will return the Huey to the utility role it was designed for.

According to Bell the Y model will have 125% higher payload than the UH-1N, and almost 50% greater range and maximum cruise speed than the UH-1N. [ [http://www.bellhelicopter.com/en/aircraft/military/bellUH-1Y.cfm UH-1Y page] , Bell.] The Venom can keep up with the other helicopters it is supposed to be escorting rather than slowing them down and making them easier targets. The UH-1Y will have the power needed to maneuver aggressively and evasively. Ground forces commanders riding in the Venom will have all the radios and fire power they need and the range of the transport helicopters carrying their men.

On November 18, 2006, the first production model UH-1Y completed its first flightFact|date=March 2007 and is currently being tested by the US Marine Corps. UH-1Y deliveries began in February 2008. A full-rate production decision is expected later in 2008. [http://www.bellhelicopter.com/en/company/pressReleases/PR_08_0305_threeH-1Delivered.cfm "Bell H-1 upgrade program delivers two UH-1Y and one AH-1Z in February"] , Bell Helicopter, March 3, 2008.]


The UH-1Y variant modernizes the UH-1 design. Its most noticeable upgrade, as compared to previous variants, is a four-bladed, all-composite rotor system designed to withstand ballistics up to 23 mm. A 21 inch insert just forward of the main door has been installed for more capacity. The UH-1Y has upgraded engines and transmission, 170% increased payload over UH-1N, almost 50% greater range and maximum speed, a digital cockpit with flat panel multifunctional displays, and an 84 percent parts commonality with the AH-1Z.

Operational history

Bell delivered a UH-1Y to the U.S. Marine Corps on February 26, 2008, for February's third H-1 Upgrade delivery. The previous February deliveries were an AH-1Z on February 8, and an UH-1Y on February 13. The H-1 program began Phase II of its Operational Evaluation on Feb. 13.

On August 8, 2008, the Marine Corps certified the UH-1Y as operationally capable and will deploy it for the first time in January 2009 as part of the aviation combat element of the 13th Marine Expeditionary Unit. The Marine Corps plans to eventually buy 123 of the Y-model Hueys to replace their inventory of N-models [cite web
last =Cavas
first =Chris
authorlink =
coauthors =
title =Corps certifies UH-1Y; January deployment eyed
work =Marine Corps Times
publisher =
date =2008-08-15
url =http://www.marinecorpstimes.com/news/2008/08/defense_helobrief_081508/
format =
doi =
accessdate = 2008-08-15
] with delivery of all aircraft to be complete by 2016.. [cite web
last =Morris
first =Jefferson
authorlink =
coauthors =
title =Marine Corps Declares UH-1Y Operational
work =Aviation Week
publisher =
date =2008-08-18
url =http://www.aviationweek.com/aw/generic/story_generic.jsp?channel=aerospacedaily&id=news/UH1Y081808.xml&headline=Marine%20Corps%20Declares%20UH-1Y%20Operational
format =
doi =
accessdate = 2008-08-18


*United States Marine Corps (123 on order) cite web|url = http://pao.navair.navy.mil/press_releases/index.cfm?fuseaction=press_release_view&press_release_id=3969&site_id=17|title = Marines declare UH-1Y operational|accessdate = 2008-08-15|last = Vendrasco|first = Stephanie.|authorlink = |year = 2008|month = August]


aircraft specifications

plane or copter?=copter
jet or prop?=prop

ref=Bell UH-1Y guide, The International Directory of Civil AircraftFrawley, Gerard: "The International Directory of Civil Aircraft, 2003-2004", page 44. Aerospace Publications Pty Ltd, 2003. ISBN 1-875671-58-7]

capacity=6,661 lb (3,021 kg) including up to 10 crashworthy passenger seats, 6 litters or equivalent cargo
length main=58 ft 4 in
length alt=17.78 m
span main=48 ft 10 in
span alt=14.88 m
height main=14 ft 7 in
height alt=4.5 m
area main=1,808 ft²
area alt=168.0 m²
empty weight main=11,839 lb
empty weight alt=5,369 kg
loaded weight main=
loaded weight alt=
useful load main=6,661 lb
useful load alt= 3,021 kg
max takeoff weight main=18,500 lb
max takeoff weight alt=8,390 kg
more general=

engine (prop)=General Electric T700-GE-401C
type of prop=turboshaft
number of props=2
power main=1,828 shp 2.5 min, 1,695 shp 30 min, 1,546 shp continuous
power alt= kW
power original=

max speed main=164 knots
max speed alt=191 mph, 304 km/h
max speed more= for 30 minutes
cruise speed main= 158 kt, 293 km/h
cruise speed alt=long range cruise (LRC) 135 kt, 250 km/h
never exceed speed main= 198 kt
never exceed speed alt= 227 mph, 366 km/h
stall speed main=
stall speed alt=
range main=130 nmi
range alt= mi, km
range more=with 2182 lb, 990 kg payload
ceiling main=20,000+ ft
ceiling alt=6,100+ m
climb rate main=2,520 ft/min
climb rate alt=12.8 m/s
loading main=
loading alt=
power/mass main=
power/mass alt=
more performance=

armament=*2 external stations for Mk66 70 mm (2.75 in) rockets
*2 pintle mounts for M240D 7.62 in machine gun, GAU-16/A .50 cal machine gun, or GAU-17/A 7.62 in multi-barrel machine gun



ee also

* UH-1 Iroquois
* UH-1N Twin Huey
* AH-1 SuperCobra
* AH-1Z Viper
* Bell 204/205
* Bell 212
* Bell 214
* Bell 412

similar aircraft=


see also=
* US Helicopter Armament Subsystems

External links

* [http://acquisition.navy.mil/programs/air/uh_1y UH-1Y Venom page on US Navy RDA site]
* [http://www.bellhelicopter.com/en/aircraft/military/bellUH-1Y.cfm UH-1Y Venom page on BellHelicopter.com]
* [http://pma276public.navair.navy.mil PMA-276: USMC Light/Attack Helicopter Program web site]
* [http://www.globalsecurity.org/military/systems/aircraft/uh-1y.htm UH-1Y Venom page on GlobalSecurity.org]
* [http://www.naval-technology.com/projects/uh_1y/ UH-1Y page on Naval-Technology.com]
* [http://www.flightglobal.com/articles/2008/08/22/315087/us-navy-proposes-more-uh-1ys-ah-1zs-despite-test-phase.html "US Navy proposes more UH-1Ys, AH-1Zs despite test phase setback"] , Flight International, 22 August 2008.

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