Gurney (surname)

The surname Gurney traces its lineage back to the Counts de Gourney, who arrived in Britain with William the Conqueror. Members of the extended Gurney family include:

* Alex Gurney (born 1974) American professional auto racing driver and son of Dan Gurney
* Anna Gurney (1795–1857), Old English scholar.
*Archer Thompson Gurney, (1820–1887), Church of England clergyman and hymn writer.
*Arthur Stanley Gurney, (1908-1942); Australian who earned a posthumous Victoria Cross at El Alamein.
*Bobby Gurney (1907–1994) arguably the greatest football forward of his time in Britain
*Dan Gurney (born 1931) one of the most important figures in the history of American auto racing, father of Alex Gurney
*David Harlan Gurney (born 1957) Editor, Joint Force Quarterly, Sr. Fellow, National Defense University, U.S. Marine Colonel (Ret.), grandson of Harlan A. Gurney
*Edward J. Gurney (1914–1996) Representative and a Senator for Florida
*Eric Gurney cartoonist who worked with the The Walt Disney
*Sir Goldsworthy Gurney, (1793–1875) gentleman scientist
*Harlan A. Gurney, (1905–1982) Aviation Pioneer and Technical Director for 1957 film Spirit of St. Louis
*Sir Henry Lovell Goldsworthy Gurney British High Commissioner in Malaya
*Ivor Gurney (1890-1937) English composer and war poet
*James Gurney (born 1958) artist best known as the creator and illustrator of the Dinotopia books
*John Chandler Gurney (1896–1985) U.S. Senator from South Dakota
*John Henry Gurney (1819–1890) English banker and amateur ornithologist, son of Joseph John Gurney
*Joseph Gurney (1804–1879), was a British shorthand writer and biblical scholar
*Joseph John Gurney (1788–1847) banker in Norwich, England and a prominent member of the Religious Society of Friends (Quakers), father of John Henry Gurney
*Kevin Gurney (1970–) English Northwest DJ
*Oliver Gurney (1911-2001), English Assyriologist and Hittitologist
*Rachel Gurney (1920–2001) English actress
*Richard Gurney, vice-warden of the stannaries, and father of Archer Thompson Gurney
*Samuel Gurney (1786–1856), banker and philanthropist.
*William Brodie Gurney (1777–1855), shorthand writer and philanthropist.
Matthew gurney 1996-n/a

Ryan Gurney (1992-), student st michaels school. The Norwich Quaker branch of the family established Gurney's bank. The prison reformer Elizabeth Fry was the daughter of a banking Gurney, and sister to Joseph John Gurney.

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