Grevillea 'Honey Gem'

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hybrid = "Grevillea banksii" × "Grevillea pteridifolia"
cultivar = 'Honey Gem'
origin = Selected by Cherrel Jerks in Taringa, Queensland.

"Grevillea" 'Honey Gem' is a grevillea cultivar originating from Queensland in Australia.

It is a shrub that grows up to convert|6|m|ft|0|abbr=on in height and has deeply divided dark green leaves that are approximately convert|29|cm|in|0|abbr=on long and convert|24|cm|in|0|abbr=on wide The inflorescences are yellowish orange racemes that are about convert|16|cm|in|0|abbr=on long and convert|8|cm|in|0|abbr=on wide. Flowers occur mainly in winter and spring.

The cultivar is a cross between "Grevillea banksii" (red form) and "Grevillea pteridifolia". The original plant was obtained as a seedling of "Grevillea pteridifolia" by Cherrel Jerks of Taringa in Brisbane, Queensland.

It is a very vigorous cultivar and reliable in most gardens, though flowers for only 6 months of the year or so.

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* [ Australian Cultivar Registration Authority: "Grevillea" 'Honey Gem']
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