Flaming beverage

Flaming beverage

Flaming beverages include cocktails and other mixed drinks that contain a small amount of flammable high-proof alcohol, which is ignited prior to consumption. The flames are decorative and do not change the flavor of the drinks noticeably. Flaming cocktails are more spectacular in dimly lit surroundings where the flames are more visible. Drinkers should be aware that the drinkware may remain quite hot for a while after the flames are extinguished, which could result in burns.

List of flaming beverages

* Backdraft (also a Pepperdraft variation).
* Flaming B-52
* Blue blazer
* Flaming Dr Pepper — (Does not contain any Dr Pepper.)
* Flaming Sambuca
* Flaming Lamborghini

ee also

* Fire
* List of cocktails

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