Duncan J. Watts

Duncan J. Watts
Nationality Australia Australian
Fields Physics
Complex systems
Institutions Columbia University
Yahoo! Research
Santa Fe Institute
Alma mater University of New South Wales
Cornell University

Duncan J. Watts (born 1971) is an Australian researcher and a principal research scientist at Yahoo! Research, where he directs the Human Social Dynamics group. He is also a past external faculty member of the Santa Fe Institute and a former professor of sociology at Columbia University, where he headed the Collective Dynamics Group.[1] He is author of the book Six Degrees: The Science of a Connected Age[2] and Everything is Obvious * Once You Know the Answer: How Common Sense Fails Us (ISBN 978-0385531689).[3]


Life and work

Duncan Watts was born in 1971. He received a B.Sc. in physics from the University of New South Wales and a Ph.D. in theoretical and applied mechanics from Cornell University. He describes his research as exploring the "role that network structure plays in determining or constraining system behavior, focusing on a few broad problem areas in social science such as information contagion, financial risk management, and organizational design."[4] Among his many published works he is particularly known for his 1998 paper with Steven Strogatz in which the two presented a mathematical theory of the small world phenomenon.[5] More recently he has attracted attention for his modern-day replication of Stanley Milgram's small world experiment using email messages and for his studies of popularity and fads in on-line and other communities.

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