Rehoboth (Bible)

Rehoboth (Bible)

Rehoboth ( _he. רְחוֹבוֹת, unicode|Reḥovot; lit. "broad places") is the name of three Biblical places:

* A well in Gerar dug by Isaac (Gen. 26:22), supposed to be in Wady er-Ruheibeh, about 20 miles south of Beersheba.
* An ancient city from which came Saul, an Edomite king (Gen. 36:37; 1 Chr. 1:48), "Rehoboth by the river." Since "the River" in the Bible generally is used about Euphrates, scholars have suggested either of two sites near the junction of Khabur and Euphrates. However, this would be a place far outside the Edomite territory. The river mentioned could be a river in the land of Edom, such as Wadi Zered (also known as Wadi al-Hasa). Rehoboth could possibly be identical with a site southeast of the Dead Sea.
* Rehoboth-Ir, see Rehoboth-Ir.

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