Kamen Rider Nishiki

Kamen Rider Nishiki is a fictional character from the Kamen Rider Hibiki movie, "Kamen Rider Hibiki & the Seven War Demons". Nishiki's design is based on the triangle, a musical instrument, and the tiger.


Nishiki is a thief. When he was found by the traveling group of Oni, he was sentenced to public execution. His head would have been cut off, had it not for Nikishi himself to catch the blade with his own teeth. He then joins the group of Oni after they saved him. Along the way, he was accused of slaughter after his weapons have been found in the scene of the crime. At first, he was denying it as nonviolently as possible. He then got so irate that he wants to take out the humans. Kamen Rider Kabuki, however, disagreed and it led to a fight between the Oni. Nishiki later returned to assist Hibiki and the other Oni in the final fight against Orochi.


Being a thief, Nishiki loves money and treasure. He is a very energetic man, which may sometimes lead to some of his hotheadedness. He is also the only Oni that can speak Kansai-ben.


*Henshin Onsa (Clear Red Tuning Fork): Nishiki's henshin device. Nishiki taps this tuning fork and set it in front of his face while it vibrates. He shouts out 'Nishiki' before the transformation begins.
*Ongekiko (Taiko Buckle): unknown
*Ongeki Triangle: Nishiki's personal weapons. This is a tri-sectional staff very effective for middle-ranged and short-ranged combat. The end components of the staff are long enough that when the two ends meet, the staff forms a triangle.

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