List of people on stamps of the Cayman Islands

This is a list of people on postage stamps of the Cayman Islands. It includes the years of their appearances on a stamp, with the exception of British monarchs, who appear frequently throughout their reigns.

The list is complete through 1999.

*Buzz Aldrin, astronaut (1999)
*Princess Alexandra, The Honourable Lady Ogilvy (1988)
*Thomas Anstis, pirate (1975)
*William Bligh, Navy officer (1989)
*Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon (1937, 1990, 1995)
*Gladwyn Bush (Miss Lassie), painter (1999)
*Winston Churchill (1966, 1990)
*Charles Dickens, novelist (1970)
*Edward VII of the United Kingdom (1901)
*Prince Edward, Earl of Wessex (1999)
*Elizabeth II of the United Kingdom (1953)
*John Fenn, pirate (1975)
*George V of the United Kingdom (1912)
*George VI of the United Kingdom (1937)
*Israel Hand, pirate (1975)
*Rowland Hill, postal reformer (1979)
*Robert Koch (1982)
*Edward Low, pirate (1975)
*Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh (1972)
*Sophie, The Countess of Wessex (1999)
*Diana Spencer (1981, 1982, 1998)
*Victoria of the United Kingdom (1900)
*William IV of the United Kingdom (1932)
*Charles Windsor (1973, 1981)


* Scott catalogue

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