List of Lieutenant Governors of Tennessee

List of Lieutenant Governors of Tennessee

The following is a list of people who have served as Lieutenant Governor of Tennessee (full current formal title: "Lieutenant Governor and Speaker of the Senate") since the current Tennessee State Constitution was adopted in 1870. The title of Lieutenant Governor was formally added in 1951; however, the Speaker of the Senate has been the designated successor to the Governor of Tennessee since Tennessee achieved statehood in 1796. Incumbent Lieutenant Governor Ron Ramsey is the first Republican to hold this office since the adoption of the current constitution, all others having been Democrats.

¹ John I. Cox became governor of Tennessee on March 21, 1905 when Governor James B. Frazier arranged his own appointment to a vacant United States Senate seat and then resigned as governor.

² Henry H. Horton became governor of Tennessee on October 3, 1927 upon the death of Governor Austin Peay IV. The legislature then met on a biennial basis, so the position of Speaker of the Senate remained vacant until January, 1929. During this period, the designated successor to the governor was Selden Maiden, Speaker of the Tennessee House of Representatives.


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