Hellenic Army officer rank insignia

This article describes the military rank insignia used by the Hellenic Army. The current insignia date back to the late 1930s, when British-style insignia were adopted. Since then, they have undergone minor changes to reflect the changes of regime, from the monarchy to the military regime and, since 1974, the current Republic.


The insignia currently in use are:

OF-10: The rank of "Stratarchis" (Στρατάρχης, equivalent to Field Marshal or General of the Army) has been historically used, but is no longer extant. It was first awarded to King Constantine I for his leadership in the Balkan Wars. The rank was subsequently assumed by his successors upon accession, until the abolishment of the monarchy. The only regular officer to have been awarded the rank was General Alexander Papagos on 28 October 1949.

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