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first_aired = 2003-05-29
last_aired = 2003-08-21
filming_started = 2003-01-18
filming_ended = 2003-02-14
num_episodes = 13
countries_visited = 9
continents_visited = 4
cities_visited = 24
winning_team = Reichen & Chip
miles_traveled = 44000
number_legs = 13
previous_season = The Amazing Race 3
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"The Amazing Race 4" was the fourth installment of the popular reality television show on US television, "The Amazing Race". It premiered on May 29, 2003 and ended on August 21, 2003.


Development and Filming

Filming began on January 18, 2003 and finished on February 14, 2003.


In 2004, this installment of the race won the series its second consecutive Primetime Emmy Award for "Outstanding Reality-Competition Program." Starting Sunday, September 9, 2007, GSN began airing re-runs of The Amazing Race 4 at its original timeslot of 3:00 a.m.


The following teams participated in the Race, with their relationships at the time of filming. Note that this table is not necessarily reflective of all content broadcasted on television due to inclusion or exclusion of some data. Placements are listed in finishing order:

fnb|1 Reichen & Chip arrived 2nd, but they chose to drive to the Pit Stop instead of travelling by foot as instructed by their clue and therefore received a 35 minute penalty, falling to 3rd.
fnb|2Although David and Jeff were in third place at the end of the episode, they did not finish the race. They received a clue in Hawaii telling them the race was over and that Reichen & Chip won.

*Red means the team was eliminated.
*An underlined Blue means the team was the last to arrive at a pit stop in a non-elimination leg of the race.
*Green ƒ means the team won the Fast Forward clue. A green-colored leg number indicates that the Fast Forward was available for that leg but not used.

Episode title quotes

Titles for episodes are often taken from quotes made by the racers.

#Cheaters Never Win...And They Cheated! – "Sheree"
#It Doesn't Say Anything About First Come First Served...And We're Bigger -"Reichen"
#I Wasn't Even Going To Touch You Until You Slammed My Head Backwards – "Millie"
#Check Your Tires Because...Oh God, You Never Know What'll Happen! – "Steve (Steve & Dave)"
#You Are Just Deliberately Trying To Make Us Lose! – "Jaree"
#I Could Have Never Been Prepared For What I'm Looking At Right Now – "Reichen"
#We're Going Down The Wrong Side Of The Freeway...And The Lights Are Off! -"Tian"
#The Princess Reminded Me of My Grandmother – "David"
# We're Not at Charm School Learning How to Be a Gentleman, We're Racing – "Jon (Kelly & Jon)"
#That's Me. That's My Face. Just Hit My Face. Hit My Face! – "Jon (Kelly & Jon)"
#Such a Nice Pheromone Smell to You; Just Makes Me Want to Stay Close – "Jon (Kelly & Jon)"
#He's A Couple Of Ticks Away From Having A Heart Attack – "Jon (Kelly & Jon)"
#It's Like Adam Building His First House! – "Kelly"

Notable race events


*At the time the show was filmed and broadcast, same-sex marriage was not legally recognized anywhere in the United States. Reichen and Chip were never legally married under U.S. law, though they were married in a religious ceremony; CBS decided to honor their description of themselves as "married" for the purposes of the show.


*Tian Kitchen became the first woman in history to ever compete in the bull-riding event in Leg 7, after which she and teammate Jaree lost a great deal of time and were eliminated. This led to some controversy, as the task was not designed for a female participant to be able to complete and resulted in the last all-female team in the race being eliminated, sparing ultimate winners Reichen and Chip. After the event took place, Tian was the subject of a newspaper article in Alleppy, India.
*Reichen and Chip were not planning on taking the Fast Forward task in the Sepilok Orangutan Sanctuary in Leg 9. However, since they had unintentionally traveled in that direction, they decided to complete the route. Jon and Kelly were trying for the green pass (color of the Fast Forward indicator) but had to go back to complete the Detour and the Roadblock, barely beating out Chuck and Millie for a final four berth. Because the pit stop was the same location as the FF and Kelly & Jon had gone there in the failed attempt to earn the FF, they knew exactly where this location was while Chuck & Millie didn't. This gave them a navigational edge that helped cause Chuck & Millie's elimination.
*On Leg 11, Jon and Al attempted to get on the same flight as the other teams, but their Race-provided credit card was not accepted by the airline due to computer problems, and they were unable to make that flight. As this was an airline issue that production could not control, the production teams held up the three other teams when they arrived in Australia to make up for the time lost in resolving the card issue, and thus appearing to have all teams equally bunched out of the airport. However, Jon and Al still arrived last in the leg and were eliminated. []
*Three legs had 36 hour Pit Stops, which occurred after Leg 3 in Gmunden, Austria; Leg 5 in Muiden, Netherlands; and Leg 7 in Alleppey, India. There were also two 24 hour Pit Stops, after Leg 9 in Sepilok, Malaysia and after Leg 11 in Brisbane, Australia.
*David & Jeff were stuck in Sydney for so long during the last leg that they never reached the final part of the leg in Phoenix, Arizona. They were informed of Reichen & Chip's win along with Kelly & Jon's 2nd-place finish when they arrived on a task in Hawaii. Along with Joe & Bill on TAR1, they are the two teams in TAR history that raced into the last leg but never reached the finish line.


*After the race, Reichen & Chip separated but still remained friends.
*After winning Reichen started a career in modeling, selling his own semi-nude annual calendar. He hosted "The Reichen Show" on the now-defunct Q Television and was a contestant on Reality Stars Fear Factor, finishing in sixth/fifth place.
*Chip became active in gay-related charity and advocacy groups, and appeared on the 2005 reality reunion show "Real Gay" on Logo.
*In July, 2006, Lance Bass announced that Reichen and he were in a long-term relationship. On December 4, 2006, People magazine reported that they had split.
*This was the last season where ties were allowed at the mat (and the subsequent distribution of additional first place prizes should there be a tie for first place). In subsequent seasons, even if teams arrived at the mat at the same time, an order would be determined, and the official check in times for teams arriving simultaneously would set a minute apart to avoid tying situations.
*This is one of three seasons not to be represented by at least one team on Amazing Race All-Stars (the others are Seasons 6 and 8-Family Edition). Kelly & Jon were supposed to represent Season 4 but backed out at the last minute.Fact|date=March 2007
*Amanda & Chris broke up, and Amanda is married.
*Josh Cottingham (of father and son Steve and Josh) is currently engaged.
*After the race, Kelly and Jon got married. They can currently be seen in TV ads for a foot-care product called the "PedEgg".
*Along with fellow models and Miami residents Derek & Drew from Season 3, Kelly & Jon helped Freddy & Kendra in getting on the 6th season and then preparing for it.
*After the race, Cindy and Russell broke up and no longer speak to each other.
*After the race, Millie and Chuck were engaged to be married but they postponed the wedding right before it was to happen.


Individual prizes were awarded to the first team to complete a leg.
*Leg 1 - A vacation to Hawaii provided by American Airlines website.
*Leg 5 - A seven-day Mexican Rivera cruise vacation on Royal Caribbean.
*Leg 6 - A seven-night cruise to Hubbard Glacier on Royal Caribbean.
*Leg 7 - A seven-night cruise vacation to the Western Caribbean on Royal Caribbean.
*Leg 8 - A vacation to Mexico, compliments of American Airlines website.
*Leg 9 - A festive Latin American vacation courtesy of American Airlines website.
*Leg 10 - A Caribbean vacation, courtesy of American Airlines website.
*Leg 11 - A vacation to Mexico courtesy of American Airlines website.
*Leg 12 - A vacation to Europe compliments of American Airlines Website.
*Leg 13 - $1,000,000

Race summary

Leg 1 (United States → Italy)

*Los Angeles, California, USA flagicon|United States (Dodger Stadium) (Starting Line)
*Milan (Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II)
*Cortina d'Ampezzo (Clock Tower)
*Cortina d'Ampezzo (Cinque Torri) TAR clue|Detour|Search or Rescue TAR clue|Fast Forward|Hike with snow shoes on
*Cortina d'Ampezzo (Hotel Lajadira) TAR clue|Pit Stop|1

;Additional task
*At the Galleria, Teams must search for bus tickets with different departure times leaving the next day.

The Detour on this leg was Search or Rescue. In Search teams use a locator beacon to search the snow for keys which they would use to drive a snowmobile to the next clue. In Rescue teams crossed a rescue bridge of 4 steel cables then use a zipline to cross a ravine. The Fast Forward was to find a field then use snowshoes to trek to the top of the hill.

Leg 2 (Italy)

*Cortina d'Ampezzo ( [ Trampolino Olimpico] )
*Cortina d'Ampezzo (Calalzo Train Station / Alpi Train Station) to Venice (Venice train station)
*Venice (Ponte della Guglia Bridge) TAR clue|Detour|Waterway or Pathway
*Venice (Rialto Bridge) TAR clue|Fast Forward|Be part of the Commedia Dell'arte until the Fast Forward is given to them
*Venice (Palazzo da Mosto) TAR clue|Roadblock|Match Picture of Venetian Masks
*Venice (Citta di Padova Boat) TAR clue|Pit Stop|2

;Additional task
*At the Trampolino Olimpico, Teams must snow raft, with a large inflatable raft, down the hill.

The Detour on this leg was Waterway or Pathway. In Waterway teams travel by gondola to a small plaza using a map but could not ask for help. In Pathway teams walked to the plaza without a map but could ask for directions. The Fast Forward was to perform with a group of traveling players until the Fast Forward clue appeared in the skit. Once the team saw it, they could claim it. The Roadblock was to use a photo of a mask and find the person in Palazzo da Mosto wearing the mask.

Leg 3 (Italy → Austria)

* Venice (Venice train station) to Vienna, Austria flagicon|Austria (Wien Südbahnhof)
* Vienna (Historic Sewers)
* Vienna (Schönbrunn Palace) TAR clue|Detour|Mozart or Beethoven TAR clue|Fast Forward|Carry wine glasses across ballroom containing dozens of waltzing couples
* Vienna (Donauturm) TAR clue|Roadblock|"Which of you doesn't mind hanging off a wire?"
* Vienna (Wien Südbahnhof) to Gmunden (Gmunden Train Station)
* Gmunden (Schloss Ort) TAR clue|Pit Stop|3

The Detour on this leg was Mozart or Beethoven. In Mozart teams carried a string bass 6 miles to the house where Mozart wrote "The Marriage of Figaro". In Beethoven teams carry sheet music 11 miles to the house where Beethoven wrote "The Heiligenstadt Testaments". The Fast Forward was to carry a tray of glasses through ballroom of waltzing couples without dropping any. The Roadblock was to bungee jump 460ft off the Donauturm tower.

Leg 4 (Austria → France)

*Paris (Gare Montparnasse) to Le Mans (Le Mans Train Station)
*Le Mans (Circuit Bugatti) TAR clue|Roadblock|"The person who performs this task will need to fit into a tight space."
*Marseille (Phare de Sainte Marie lighthouse)
*Gorges du Blavet TAR clue|Detour|Ropes or Slopes
*near Marseille (Museum) TAR clue|Fast Forward|Solve 20 puzzles that formed a picture on a pit stop
*Saint-Rémy-de-Provence ( [ Chateau des Alpilles] ) TAR clue|Pit Stop|4

The Detour on this leg was Ropes or Slopes. In Ropes teams rappeled 230ft down the side of a cliff. In Slopes teams took a sloping trail to the route marker. The Fast Forward was to put together a puzzle of the Pit Stop. The Roadblock was to put four wheels on a racecar then do a lap with the driver.

++ Steve & Josh, Monica & Sheree, Tian & Jaree, Reichen & Chip, Kelly & Jon & Steve & Dave - (Salzburg Airport, Salzburg, Austria)
++ David & Jeff, Millie & Chuck, Jon & Al - (Munich International Airport - Munich, Germany)

Leg 5 (France → Netherlands)

*Amsterdam (Magere Brug)
*Amsterdam ( [ Scheepvaart Museum] ) TAR clue|Detour|500 Kilograms or 15 Feet
*Amsterdam ( [ Molen Van Sloten] ) TAR clue|Fast Forward|Ride the Windmill
*Monnickendam (Smoker Statue) TAR clue|Roadblock|"Which one of you has a firm grip and likes seafood?"
*Muiden ( [ Kasteel Muiderslot] ) TAR clue|Pit Stop|5

The Detour on this leg was 500 kilograms or 15 feet. In 500 kilograms teams use a wooden stretcher to carry cheese to scale until it weighed in at 500 kilograms. In 15 feet teams searched barehanded through 15 feet of cow manure for the next clue. In the Fast Forward, teams had to ride on a windmill sail for 10 revolutions. The Roadblock was to catch 25 eels and place them in a container.

Leg 6 (Netherlands → India)

*Bombay (Bollywood)
*Mumbai (Studio 10) TAR clue|Detour|Suds or Duds
*Mumbai (Sassoon Docks) TAR clue|Roadblock|"Who feels like the catch of the day?"
*Mumbai (Gateway of India) TAR clue|Pit Stop|6

The Detour on this leg was Suds or Duds. In Suds teams washed a bundle of clothing by hand until they found a piece of clothing with the clue printed on it. In Duds teams needed to find a clothing shop and search through hundreds of saris for one with the clue printed on it. The Roadblock was to carry 20 Palai fish through a fish market to the manager.

Leg 7 (India)

*Panvel (Panvel Station)
*Ernakulam Junction, Kerala (Highway 47) TAR clue|Fast Forward|Unused; Unaired
*Alleppey (Sports Field) TAR clue|Roadblock|Bull Racing
*Alleppey (Beach Road) TAR clue|Detour|Baskets or Trunks
*Alleppey (The Finishing Point) TAR clue|Pit Stop|7

;Additional task
*At the Highway 47, Teams must find a big billboard with a yellow and red marker for find the next clue.

The Roadblock was to ride bulls at top speed across a mud course the size of a football field.The Detour on this leg was Baskets or Trunks. In Baskets teams had to load 10 chickens into baskets on a bicycle-powered wagon and take it to a farm. In Trunks teams load 2 bales of coir on to an elephant and ride it to the coir shop.

Leg 8 (India → Malaysia)

*"' flagicon|Malaysia (Kota Kinabalu Airport)
*Kota Kinabalu ( [ Monsopiad Cultural Village] )
*Kota Kinabalu (Boat Jetty) TAR clue|Detour|Net or Trap
*Manukan Island TAR clue|Roadblock|Traditional Malaysian Weapons TAR clue|Pit Stop|8

The Detour on this leg was Net or Trap. In Net teams took their boat to a fishing platform and use a net to catch 15 fish in a pen. In Trap teams took their boat to a group of lobster boats and pull weighted lobster traps out. The Roadblock was to hit 3 targets with a bow and arrow, a blowpipe and a spear then they could run to the Pit Stop.

Leg 9 (Malaysia)

*Kota Kinabalu ( [ Poring Hot Springs] )
*Trushidup Palm Oil Plantation TAR clue|Detour|Chop or Haul
*Sandakan (Sepilok Orangutan Sanctuary) TAR clue|Fast Forward|Feed Orangutans
*Gomantong Caves TAR clue|Roadblock|Climb a Traditional Rattan Ladder in 50 feet
*Sandakan ( [ Sepilok Nature Resort] ) TAR clue|Pit Stop|9

The Detour on this leg was Chop or Haul. In Chop teams had to use local tools to chop down palm nut bunches with a clue attached. In Haul teams used a wheelbarrow to carry 25 nut bunches to a truck. The Fast Forward was to find a feeding station in the jungle and feed two pieces of fruit to an orangutan. The Roadblock was to climb a rattan ladder to 50ft above the stone cave's floor and grab a hanging clue.

Leg 10 (Malaysia → South Korea)

*Sandakan ()
*Seoul (Namsan Park)
*Sundam Valley TAR clue|Roadblock|Ice Swimming
*Seoul (Subway Station 228) TAR clue|Detour|Strong Hands or Strong Stomach
*Seoul (Gyeongbokgung Palace) TAR clue|Pit Stop|10

The Detour choices in this leg were Strong Hands or Strong Stomach. In Strong Hands, teams had to go to a local Tae Kwon Do dojang and break three boards before being receiving their clue. In Strong Stomach, teams had to go to a restaurant where they had order and eat a Korean delicacy. What they didn't know until it was given to them is that the delicacy was a large bowl of live octopuses. The Roadblock was to plunge into the icy river and swim under the ice to an exit hole.

;Additional task
* At the Temple, Teams must search through thousands of tiny Buddha figurines for the one with their names on it. Behind the figurine would be a key to a rattan bag holding their next clue.

Leg 11 (South Korea → Australia)

*Seoul (Hangang Park on Yeouido Island)
*Brisbane (Penthouse on Holiday Inn) TAR clue|Detour|Face First or Foot First
*Sunshine Coast TAR clue|Fast Forward|Australian Safe Rescue
*Mooloolaba ( [ Underwater World] ) TAR clue|Roadblock|Walk across a shark pool
*Mooloolaba ( [ Yacht Club] ) TAR clue|Pit Stop|11

The Detour choices were Face First or Foot First. In Face First, teams had to go to Holiday Inn, Brisbane and rappel 30 feet from the penthouse. In Foot First, teams had to travel to another building, and climb all steps. The Fast Forward of this leg was to do an Australian Surf Rescue. The Roadblock of this leg was to walk across a pool filled with 100 sharks inside an aquarium to retrieve the clue from a small chest.

;Additional task
*At the Hangang Park, Teams must fly traditional Korean kites, Once there, they have to pull on a string attach to a marked pedestal to release a clue attach to the kites flying overhead.

Leg 12 (Australia)

*Ferny Hills ( [ Woolshed] )
*Cairns ( [ Wild World] )
*Cairns (Wangetti Beach) TAR clue|Detour|Saddle or Paddle
*Julatten TAR clue|Roadblock|Drive Race Buggy
*Cairns (Ellis Beach - [ Ellis Beach] ) TAR clue|Pit Stop|12

The Detour on this leg was Saddle or Paddle. In Saddle teams took a horse down a one and a half mile of beach to one of 4 race flags then search a 25ft radius for a cluster of clue envelopes. Only 1 cluster contained the clue, the other 4 instructed them to try again. In Paddle teams inflate a kayak and take it to an orange buoy. The Roadblock was to drive a race buggy down a 7 mile muddy road with an instructor.

;Additional task
* At the Woolshed, teams had to search in a large pile of wool for their next clue.
* At the Wild World, One team member must use a feeding stick to feed a crocodile, while the other team member takes a picture with Kodak Easyshare camera.

Leg 13 (Australia → United States)

*near Cairns ( [ Tjapukai Aboriginal Cultural Park] )
*Cairns (Cairns International Airport) TAR clue|Detour|Wing It or Wander It
*Hilo (Kaulana Bay) TAR clue|Roadblock|Swim out to a floating tiki head and dive beneath the surface to retrieve rock
*Hilo (Hawaii Volcanoes National Park)
*Phoenix (USS Arizona Anchor Memorial)
*Tempe (Sun Devil Stadium)
*Phoenix (Papago Park) TAR clue|Pit Stop (Finish Line)

The Detour on this leg was Wing It or Wander It. In Wing It teams skydive 10 000ft with an instructor. In Wander It teams drive to a forest and find a boat to take them to the skydive landing zone. The Roadblock was to swim to a floating tiki head, dive underwater to retrieve a rock, carry it back to the beach and smash it open for the clue inside.

;Additional tasks
*At the Cultural Park, Team members must perform a local ceremony with fire. The torch signals to enter carrying three traditional messages for receiving a next clue.
*At the Sun Devil Stadium, Teams must solve a riddle, which will tell them which seat their clue is in.

+++ Reichen & Chip - Hilo, Hawaii (Hilo International Airport)
+++ Kelly & Jon - Kona, Hawaii (Kona International Airport)

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* [ Official website]
* [ TARFlies Times (Season 4)]
* [ Tian's Personal Website]


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