21st United States Congress - State Delegations

United States Capitol] The Twenty-first United States Congress was a meeting of the legislative branch of the United States federal government, consisting of the United States Senate and the United States House of Representatives. It met in Washington, D.C. from March 4 1829 to March 3 1831, during the first two years of the first administration of U.S. President Andrew Jackson.

The apportionment of seats in this House of Representatives was based on the Fourth Census of the United States in 1820. Both chambers had a Jacksonian or Democratic majority.

This article supplements the main article with a list of the members by state delegation.

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Dates of sessions

March 4 1829 - March 3 1831
*Special session of the Senate: March 4 1829March 17 1829
*First session: December 7 1829 - May 31 1830
*Second session: December 6 1830 - March 3 1831 — a lame duck sessionPrevious congress: "20th Congress"
Next congress: "22nd Congress"


Senators were elected by the state legislatures every two years, with one-third beginning new six year terms with each Congress. Preceding the names in the list below are Senate class numbers, which indicate the cycle of their election. In this Congress, Class 1 meant their term began in the last Congress, requiring reelection in 1832; Class 2 meant their term began with this Congress, requiring reelection in 1834; and Class 3 meant their term ended with this Congress, requiring reelection in 1830.

The names of members of the House of Representatives elected statewide on the general ticket or otherwise "at-large," are preceded by an "A/L," and the names of those elected from districts, whether plural or single member, are preceded by their district numbers.

Many of the congressional district numbers are linked to articles describing the district itself. Since the boundaries of the districts have changed often and substantially, the linked article may only describe the district as it exists today, and not as it was at the time of this Congress.

The list below is arranged by state, then by chamber. Senators are shown in order of seniority, House members in district order.


*2: William R. D. King (1786-1853), "Democratic"
*3: John McKinley (1780-1852), "Democratic" :House of Representatives "(3 seats)"
*ushr|Alabama|1|1: Clement C. Clay (1789-1866), "Democratic"
*ushr|Alabama|2|2: Robert E. B. Baylor (1793-1874), "Democratic"
*ushr|Alabama|3|3: Dixon H. Lewis (1802-1848), "Democratic"


*3: Calvin Willey (1776-1858), "National Republican"
*1: Samuel A. Foote (1780-1846), "National Republican" :House of Representatives "(6 seats)" [All representatives were elected statewide on a general ticket.]
*ushr|Connecticut|AL|A/L: Noyes Barber (1781-1844), "National Republican"
*ushr|Connecticut|AL|A/L: William W. Ellsworth (1791-1868), "National Republican"
*ushr|Connecticut|AL|A/L: Jabez W. Huntington (1788-1847), "National Republican"
*ushr|Connecticut|AL|A/L: Ralph I. Ingersoll (1789-1872), "National Republican"
*ushr|Connecticut|AL|A/L: William L. Storrs (1795-1861), "National Republican"
*ushr|Connecticut|AL|A/L: Ebenezer Young (1783-1851), "National Republican"


*1: Louis McLane (1786-1857), "Democratic" …resigned April 16 1829.
*: Arnold Naudain (1790-1872), "National Republican" …elected to fill vacancy, January 7 1830.
*2: John M. Clayton (1796-1856), "National Republican" :House of Representatives "(1 seat)"
*ushr|Delaware|AL|A/L: Kensey Johns, Jr. (1791-1857), "National Republican"


*3: John Macpherson Berrien (1781-1856), "Democratic" …resigned March 9 1829.
*: John Forsyth (1780-1841), "Democratic" …elected to fill vacancy, November 9 1829.
*2: George M. Troup (1780-1856), "Democratic" :House of Representatives "(7 seats)" [ All representatives were elected statewide on a general ticket.]
*ushr|Georgia|AL|A/L: Thomas F. Foster (1790-1848), "Democratic"
*ushr|Georgia|AL|A/L: Charles E. Haynes (1784-1841), "Democratic"
*ushr|Georgia|AL|A/L: Henry G. Lamar (1798-1861), "Democratic" …elected to fill vacancy, seated December 7 1829.
*ushr|Georgia|AL|A/L: Wilson Lumpkin (1783-1870), "Democratic"
*ushr|Georgia|AL|A/L: Wiley Thompson (1781-1835), "Democratic"
*ushr|Georgia|AL|A/L: James M. Wayne (1790-1867), "Democratic"
*ushr|Georgia|AL|A/L: Richard Henry Wilde (1789-1847), "Democratic"


*3: Elias K. Kane (1794-1835), "Democratic"
*2: John McLean (1791-1830), "Democratic" …died October 14 1830.
*: David J. Baker (1792-1869), "Democratic" …appointed to fill vacancy, November 12 1830.
*: John M. Robinson (1794-1843), "Democratic" …elected to fill vacancy, December 11 1830.:House of Representatives "(1 seat)"
*ushr|Illinois|AL|A/L: Joseph Duncan (1794-1844), "Democratic"


*1: James Noble (1785-1831), "National Republican" …died February 26 1831.
*3: William Hendricks (1782-1850), "National Republican" :House of Representatives "(3 seats)"
*ushr|Indiana|1|1: Ratliff Boon (1781-1844), "Democratic"
*ushr|Indiana|2|2: Jonathan Jennings (1784-1834), "National Republican"
*ushr|Indiana|3|3: John Test (1771-1849), "National Republican"


*3: John Rowan (1773-1843), "Democratic"
*2: George M. Bibb (1776-1859), "Democratic" :House of Representatives "(12 seats)"
*ushr|Kentucky|1|1: Henry Daniel (1786-1873), "Democratic"
*ushr|Kentucky|2|2: Nicholas D. Coleman (1800-1874), "Democratic"
*ushr|Kentucky|3|3: James Clark (1770-1839), "National Republican"
*ushr|Kentucky|4|4: Robert P. Letcher (1788-1861), "National Republican"
*ushr|Kentucky|5|5: Richard M. Johnson (1780-1850), "Democratic"
*ushr|Kentucky|6|6: Joseph Lecompte (1797-1851), "Democratic"
*ushr|Kentucky|7|7: John Kincaid (1791-1873), "Democratic"
*ushr|Kentucky|8|8: Nathan Gaither (1788-1862), "Democratic"
*ushr|Kentucky|9|9: Charles A. Wickliffe (1788-1869), "Democratic"
*ushr|Kentucky|10|10: Joel Yancey (1773-1838), "Democratic"
*ushr|Kentucky|11|11: Thomas Chilton (1798-1854), "Democratic"
*ushr|Kentucky|12|12: Chittenden Lyon (1787-1842), "Democratic"


*3: Josiah S. Johnston (1784-1833), "National Republican"
*2: Edward Livingston (1764-1836), "Democratic" :House of Representatives "(3 seats)"
*ushr|Louisiana|1|1: Edward D. White (1795-1847), "National Republican"
*ushr|Louisiana|2|2: Henry H. Gurley (1788-1833), "National Republican"
*ushr|Louisiana|3|3: Walter H. Overton (1788-1845), "Democratic"


*1: John Holmes (1773-1843), "National Republican"
*2: Peleg Sprague (1793-1880), "National Republican" :House of Representatives "(7 seats)"
*ushr|Maine|1|1: Rufus McIntire (1784-1866), "Democratic"
*ushr|Maine|2|2: John Anderson (1792-1853), "Democratic"
*ushr|Maine|3|3: Joseph F. Wingate (1786- ), "National Republican"
*ushr|Maine|4|4: George Evans (1797-1867), "National Republican" …elected to fill vacancy from preceding Congress, seated December 7 1829.
*ushr|Maine|5|5: James W. Ripley (1786-1835), "Democratic" …resigned March 12 1830.
*: Cornelius Holland (1783-1870), "Democratic" …elected to fill vacancy, seated December 6 1830.
*ushr|Maine|6|6: Leonard Jarvis (1781-1854), "Democratic"
*ushr|Maine|7|7: Samuel Butman (1788-1864), "National Republican"


*1: Samuel Smith (1752-1839), "Democratic"
*3: Ezekiel F. Chambers (1788-1867), "National Republican" :House of Representatives "(9 seats)" [ The 5th district was a plural district with two representatives:]
*ushr|Maryland|1|1: Clement Dorsey (1778-1848), "National Republican"
*ushr|Maryland|2|2: Benedict J. Semmes (1789-1863), "National Republican"
*ushr|Maryland|3|3: George C. Washington (1789-1854), "National Republican"
*ushr|Maryland|4|4: Michael C. Sprigg (1791-1845), "Democratic"
*ushr|Maryland|5|5: Elias Brown (1793-1857), "Democratic"
*ushr|Maryland|5|5: Benjamin C. Howard (1791-1872), "Democratic"
*ushr|Maryland|6|6: George E. Mitchell (1781-1832), "Democratic"
*ushr|Maryland|7|7: Richard Spencer (1796-1868), "Democratic"
*ushr|Maryland|8|8: Ephraim K. Wilson (1771-1834), "Democratic"


*2: Nathaniel Silsbee (1773-1850), "National Republican"
*1: Daniel Webster (1782-1852), "National Republican" :House of Representatives "(13 seats)"
*ushr|Massachusetts|1|1: Benjamin Gorham (1775-1855), "National Republican"
*ushr|Massachusetts|2|2: Benjamin W. Crowninshield (1772-1851), "National Republican"
*ushr|Massachusetts|3|3: John Varnum (1778-1836), "National Republican"
*ushr|Massachusetts|4|4: Edward Everett (1794-1865), "National Republican"
*ushr|Massachusetts|5|5: John Davis (1787-1854), "National Republican"
*ushr|Massachusetts|6|6: Joseph G. Kendall (1788-1847), "National Republican"
*ushr|Massachusetts|7|7: George J. Grennell, Jr. (1786-1877), "National Republican"
*ushr|Massachusetts|8|8: Isaac C. Bates (1779-1845), "National Republican"
*ushr|Massachusetts|9|9: Henry W. Dwight (1788-1845), "National Republican"
*ushr|Massachusetts|10|10: John Bailey (1786-1835), "National Republican"
*ushr|Massachusetts|11|11: Joseph Richardson (1778-1871), "National Republican"
*ushr|Massachusetts|12|12: James L. Hodges (1790-1846), "National Republican"
*ushr|Massachusetts|13|13: John Reed, Jr. (1781-1860), "National Republican"


*1: Powhatan Ellis (1790-1863), "Democratic"
*2: Thomas B. Reed (1787-1829), "Democratic" …died November 26 1829.
*: Robert H. Adams (1792-1830), "Democratic" …elected to fill vacancy January 6 1830, died July 2 1830.
*: George Poindexter (1779-1853), "Democratic" …appointed to fill vacancy, October 15 1830, subsequently elected.:House of Representatives "(1 seat)"
*ushr|Mississippi|AL|A/L: Thomas Hinds (1780-1840), "Democratic"


*3: David Barton (1783-1837), "National Republican"
*1: Thomas H. Benton (1782-1858), "Democratic" :House of Representatives "(1 seat)"
*ushr|Missouri|AL|A/L: Spencer D. Pettis (1802-1829), "Democratic"

New Hampshire

*2: Samuel Bell (1770-1850), "National Republican"
*3: Levi Woodbury (1789-1851), "Democratic" :House of Representatives "(6 seats)" [ All representatives were elected statewide on a general ticket.]
*ushr|New Hampshire|AL|A/L: John Brodhead (1770-1838), "Democratic"
*ushr|New Hampshire|AL|A/L: Thomas Chandler (1772-1866), "Democratic"
*ushr|New Hampshire|AL|A/L: Joseph Hammons (1787-1836), "Democratic"
*ushr|New Hampshire|AL|A/L: Jonathan Harvey (1780-1859), "Democratic"
*ushr|New Hampshire|AL|A/L: Henry Hubbard (1784-1857), "Democratic"
*ushr|New Hampshire|AL|A/L: John W. Weeks (1781-1853), "Democratic"

New Jersey

*1: Mahlon Dickerson (1770-1853), "Democratic"
*2: Theodore Frelinghuysen (1787-1862), "National Republican" :House of Representatives "(6 seats)" [ All representatives were elected statewide on a general ticket.]
*ushr|New Jersey|AL|A/L: Lewis Condict (1772-1862), "National Republican"
*ushr|New Jersey|AL|A/L: Richard M. Cooper (1768-1843), "National Republican"
*ushr|New Jersey|AL|A/L: Thomas H. Hughes (1769-1839), "National Republican"
*ushr|New Jersey|AL|A/L: Isaac Pierson (1770-1833), "National Republican"
*ushr|New Jersey|AL|A/L: James F. Randolph (1791-1872), "National Republican"
*ushr|New Jersey|AL|A/L: Samuel Swan (1771-1844), "National Republican"

New York

*3: Nathan Sanford (1777-1838), "National Republican"
*1: Charles E. Dudley (1780-1841), "Democratic" :House of Representatives "(34 seats)" [There were three plural districts, the 20th & 26th had two representatives each, the 3rd had three representatives:]
*ushr|New York|1|1: James Lent (1782-1833), "Democratic"
*ushr|New York|2|2: Jacob Crocheron (1774-1849), "Democratic"
*ushr|New York|3|3: Churchill C. Cambreleng (1786-1862), "Democratic"
*ushr|New York|3|3: Gulian C. Verplanck (1786-1870), "Democratic"
*ushr|New York|3|3: Campbell P. White (1787-1859), "Democratic"
*ushr|New York|4|4: Henry B. Cowles (1798-1873), "National Republican"
*ushr|New York|5|5: Abraham Bockee (1784-1865), "Democratic"
*ushr|New York|6|6: Hector Craig (1775-1842), "Democratic" …resigned July 12 1830.
*: Samuel W. Eager (1789-1860), "National Republican" …elected to fill vacancy, seated December 6 1830.
*ushr|New York|7|7: Charles G. DeWitt (1789-1839), "Democratic"
*ushr|New York|8|8: James Strong (1783-1847), "National Republican"
*ushr|New York|9|9: John D. Dickinson (1767-1841), "National Republican"
*ushr|New York|10|10: Ambrose Spencer (1765-1848), "National Republican"
*ushr|New York|11|11: Perkins King (1784-1857), "Democratic"
*ushr|New York|12|12: Peter I. Borst (1797-1848), "Democratic"
*ushr|New York|13|13: William G. Angel (1790-1858), "Democratic"
*ushr|New York|14|14: Henry R. Storrs (1787-1837), "National Republican"
*ushr|New York|15|15: Michael Hoffman (1787-1848), "Democratic"
*ushr|New York|16|16: Benedict Arnold (1780-1849), "National Republican"
*ushr|New York|17|17: John W. Taylor (1784-1854), "National Republican"
*ushr|New York|18|18: Henry C. Martindale (1780-1860), "National Republican"
*ushr|New York|19|19: Isaac Finch (1783-1845), "National Republican"
*ushr|New York|20|20: Joseph Hawkins (1781-1832), "National Republican"
*ushr|New York|20|20: George Fisher (1788-1861), "Democratic" …contested election, served until February 5 1830.
*: Silas Wright, Jr. "National Republican" …contested election, never served, resigned March 9 1830.
*: Jonah Sanford (1790-1867), "Democratic" …elected to fill vacancy, seated December 6 1830.
*ushr|New York|21|21: Robert Monell (1786-1860), "Democratic" …resigned February 21 1830.
*ushr|New York|22|22: Thomas Beekman ( - ), "National Republican"
*ushr|New York|23|23: Jonas Earll, Jr. (1786-1846), "Democratic"
*ushr|New York|24|24: Gershom Powers (1789-1831), "Democratic"
*ushr|New York|25|25: Thomas Maxwell (1792-1864), "Democratic"
*ushr|New York|26|26: Jehiel H. Halsey (1788-1867), "Democratic"
*ushr|New York|26|26: Robert S. Rose (1774-1835), "Anti-Masonic"
*ushr|New York|27|27: Timothy Childs (1785-1847), "Anti-Masonic"
*ushr|New York|28|28: John Magee (1794-1868), "Democratic"
*ushr|New York|29|29: Phineas L. Tracy (1786-1876), "Anti-Masonic"
*ushr|New York|30|30: Ebenezer F. Norton (1774-1851), "Democratic"

North Carolina

*2: John Branch (1782-1863), "Democratic" …resigned March 9 1829.
*: Bedford Brown (1795-1870), "Democratic" …elected to fill vacancy, December 9 1829.
*3: James Iredell, Jr. (1788-1853), "Democratic" :House of Representatives "(13 seats)"
*ushr|North Carolina|1|1: Augustine H. Shepperd (1792-1864), "Democratic"
*ushr|North Carolina|2|2: Willis Alston (1769-1837), "Democratic"
*ushr|North Carolina|3|3: Thomas H. Hall (1773-1853), "Democratic"
*ushr|North Carolina|4|4: Jesse Speight (1795-1847), "Democratic"
*ushr|North Carolina|5|5: Gabriel Holmes (1769-1829), "Democratic" …died September 26 1829, before Congress assembled.
*: Edward B. Dudley (1789-1855), "Democratic" …elected to fill vacancy, seated December 14 1829.
*ushr|North Carolina|6|6: Robert Potter (1800c-1842), "Democratic"
*ushr|North Carolina|7|7: Edmund Deberry (1787-1859), "National Republican"
*ushr|North Carolina|8|8: Daniel L. Barringer (1788-1852), "Democratic"
*ushr|North Carolina|9|9: William B. Shepard (1799-1852), "National Republican"
*ushr|North Carolina|10|10: Abraham Rencher (1798-1883), "Democratic"
*ushr|North Carolina|11|11: Henry W. Connor (1793-1866), "Democratic"
*ushr|North Carolina|12|12: Samuel P. Carson (1798-1838), "Democratic"
*ushr|North Carolina|13|13: Lewis Williams (1782-1842), "National Republican"


*1: Benjamin Ruggles (1783-1857), "National Republican"
*3: Jacob Burnet (1770-1853), "National Republican" :House of Representatives "(14 seats)"
*ushr|Ohio|1|1: James Findlay (1770-1835), "Democratic"
*ushr|Ohio|2|2: James Shields (1762-1831), "Democratic"
*ushr|Ohio|3|3: Joseph H. Crane (1782-1851), "National Republican"
*ushr|Ohio|4|4: Joseph Vance (1786-1852), "National Republican"
*ushr|Ohio|5|5: William Russell (1782-1845), "Democratic"
*ushr|Ohio|6|6: William Creighton, Jr. (1778-1851), "National Republican"
*ushr|Ohio|7|7: Samuel F. Vinton (1792-1862), "National Republican"
*ushr|Ohio|8|8: William Stanbery (1788-1873), "Democratic"
*ushr|Ohio|9|9: William W. Irvin (1778c-1842), "Democratic"
*ushr|Ohio|10|10: William Kennon, Sr. (1793-1881), "Democratic"
*ushr|Ohio|11|11: John M. Goodenow (1782-1838), "Democratic" …resigned April 9 1830, before Congress assembled.
*: Humphrey H. Leavitt (1796-1873), "Democratic" …elected to fill vacancy, seated December 6 1830.
*ushr|Ohio|12|12: John Thomson (1780-1852), "Democratic"
*ushr|Ohio|13|13: Elisha Whittlesey (1783-1863), "National Republican"
*ushr|Ohio|14|14: Mordecai Bartley (1783-1870), "National Republican"


*3: William Marks (1778-1858), "National Republican"
*1: Isaac D. Barnard (1791-1834), "Democratic" :House of Representatives "(26 seats)" [There were six plural districts, the 7th, 8th, 11th & 16th had two representatives each, the 4th & 9th had three representatives each:]
*ushr|Pennsylvania|1|1: Joel B. Sutherland (1792-1861), "Democratic"
*ushr|Pennsylvania|2|2: Joseph Hemphill (1770-1842), "Democratic"
*ushr|Pennsylvania|3|3: Daniel H. Miller ( -1846), "Democratic"
*ushr|Pennsylvania|4|4: James Buchanan (1791-1868), "Democratic"
*ushr|Pennsylvania|4|4: Joshua Evans, Jr. (1777-1846), "Democratic"
*ushr|Pennsylvania|4|4: George G. Leiper (1786-1868), "Democratic"
*ushr|Pennsylvania|5|5: John B. Sterigere (1793-1852), "Democratic"
*ushr|Pennsylvania|6|6: Innis Green (1776-1839), "Democratic"
*ushr|Pennsylvania|7|7: Joseph Fry, Jr. (1781-1860), "Democratic"
*ushr|Pennsylvania|7|7: Henry A. P. Muhlenberg (1782-1844), "Democratic"
*ushr|Pennsylvania|8|8: Samuel D. Ingham (1779-1860), "Democratic" …resigned before Congress assembled.
*: Peter Ihrie, Jr. (1796-1871), "Democratic" …elected to fill vacancy, seated December 7 1829.
*ushr|Pennsylvania|8|8: George Wolf (1777-1840), "Democratic" …resigned before Congress assembled.
*: Samuel A. Smith (1795-1861), "Democratic" ...elected to fill vacancy, seated December 7 1829.
*ushr|Pennsylvania|9|9: James Ford (1783-1859), "Democratic"
*ushr|Pennsylvania|9|9: Alem Marr (1787-1843), "Democratic"
*ushr|Pennsylvania|9|9: Philander Stephens (1788-1842), "Democratic"
*ushr|Pennsylvania|10|10: Adam King (1790-1835), "Democratic"
*ushr|Pennsylvania|11|11: Thomas H. Crawford (1786-1863), "Democratic"
*ushr|Pennsylvania|11|11: William Ramsey (1779-1831), "Democratic"
*ushr|Pennsylvania|12|12: John Scott (1784-1850), "Democratic"
*ushr|Pennsylvania|13|13: Chauncey Forward (1793-1839), "Democratic"
*ushr|Pennsylvania|14|14: Thomas Irwin (1785-1870), "Democratic"
*ushr|Pennsylvania|15|15: William McCreery (1786-1841), "Democratic"
*ushr|Pennsylvania|16|16: William Wilkins (1779-1865), "Democratic" …resigned before Congress assembled.
*: Harmar Denny (1794-1852), "Anti-Masonic" …elected to fill vacancy, seated December 30 1829.
*ushr|Pennsylvania|16|16: John Gilmore (1780-1845), "Democratic"
*ushr|Pennsylvania|17|17: Richard Coulter (1788-1852), "Democratic"
*ushr|Pennsylvania|18|18: Thomas H. Sill (1783-1856), "National Republican"

Rhode Island

*2: Nehemiah R. Knight (1780-1854), "National Republican"
*1: Asher Robbins (1757-1845), "National Republican" :House of Representatives "(2 seats)" [ Both representatives were elected statewide on a general ticket.]
*ushr|Rhode Island|AL|A/L: Tristam Burges (1770-1853), "National Republican"
*ushr|Rhode Island|AL|A/L: Dutee J. Pearce (1789-1849), "National Republican"

outh Carolina

*2: Robert Y. Hayne (1791-1839), "Democratic"
*3: William Smith (1762-1840), "Democratic" :House of Representatives "(9 seats)"
*ushr|South Carolina|1|1: William Drayton (1776-1846), "Democratic"
*ushr|South Carolina|2|2: Robert W. Barnwell (1801-1882), "Democratic"
*ushr|South Carolina|3|3: John Campbell ( -1845), "Democratic"
*ushr|South Carolina|4|4: William D. Martin (1789-1833), "Democratic"
*ushr|South Carolina|5|5: George McDuffie (1790-1851), "Democratic"
*ushr|South Carolina|6|6: Warren R. Davis (1793-1835), "Democratic"
*ushr|South Carolina|7|7: William T. Nuckolls (1801-1855), "Democratic"
*ushr|South Carolina|8|8: James Blair (1790c-1834), "Democratic"
*ushr|South Carolina|9|9: Starling Tucker (1770-1834), "Democratic"


*1: John H. Eaton (1790-1856), "Democratic" …resigned March 9 1829.
*: Felix Grundy (1777-1840), "Democratic" …elected to fill vacancy, October 19 1829.
*2: Hugh Lawson White (1773-1840), "Democratic" :House of Representatives "(9 seats)"
*ushr|Tennessee|1|1: John Blair (1790-1863), "Democratic"
*ushr|Tennessee|2|2: Pryor Lea (1794-1879), "Democratic"
*ushr|Tennessee|3|3: James I. Standifer (1782-1837), "Democratic"
*ushr|Tennessee|4|4: Jacob C. Isacks ( - ), "Democratic"
*ushr|Tennessee|5|5: Robert Desha (1791-1849), "Democratic"
*ushr|Tennessee|6|6: James K. Polk (1795-1849), "Democratic"
*ushr|Tennessee|7|7: John Bell (1797-1869), "Democratic"
*ushr|Tennessee|8|8: Cave Johnson (1793-1866), "Democratic"
*ushr|Tennessee|9|9: David Crockett (1786-1836), "National Republican"


*1: Horatio Seymour (1778-1857), "National Republican"
*3: Dudley Chase (1771-1846), "National Republican" :House of Representatives "(5 seats)"
*ushr|Vermont|1|1: Jonathan Hunt (1787-1832), "National Republican"
*ushr|Vermont|2|2: Rollin C. Mallary (1784-1831), "National Republican"
*ushr|Vermont|3|3: Horace Everett (1779-1851), "National Republican"
*ushr|Vermont|4|4: Benjamin Swift (1781-1847), "National Republican"
*ushr|Vermont|5|5: William Cahoon (1774-1833), "Anti-Masonic"


*2: Littleton W. Tazewell (1774-1860), "Democratic"
*1: John Tyler (1790-1862), "Democratic" :House of Representatives "(22 seats)"
*ushr|Virginia|1|1: Thomas Newton, Jr. (1768-1847), "National Republican" …contested election, served until March 9 1830.
*: George Loyall (1789-1868), "Democratic" …contested election, seated March 9 1830.
*ushr|Virginia|2|2: James Trezvant ( -1841), "Democratic"
*ushr|Virginia|3|3: William S. Archer (1789-1855), "Democratic"
*ushr|Virginia|4|4: Mark Alexander (1792-1883), "Democratic"
*ushr|Virginia|5|5: Thomas T. Bouldin (1781-1834), "Democratic"
*ushr|Virginia|6|6: Thomas Davenport ( -1838), "Democratic"
*ushr|Virginia|7|7: Nathaniel H. Claiborne (1777-1859), "Democratic"
*ushr|Virginia|8|8: Richard Coke, Jr. (1790-1851), "Democratic"
*ushr|Virginia|9|9: Andrew Stevenson (1784-1857), "Democratic"
*ushr|Virginia|10|10: William C. Rives (1793-1868), "Democratic" …resigned in 1829.
*: William F. Gordon (1787-1858), "Democratic" …elected to fill vacancy, seated January 25 1830.
*ushr|Virginia|11|11: Philip P. Barbour (1783-1841), "Democratic" …resigned October 15 1830.
*: John M. Patton (1797-1858), "Democratic" …elected to fill vacancy, seated December 6 1830.
*ushr|Virginia|12|12: John Roane (1766-1838), "Democratic"
*ushr|Virginia|13|13: John Taliaferro (1768-1852), "National Republican"
*ushr|Virginia|14|14: Charles F. Mercer (1778-1858), "National Republican"
*ushr|Virginia|15|15: John S. Barbour (1790-1855), "Democratic"
*ushr|Virginia|16|16: William Armstrong (1782-1865), "National Republican"
*ushr|Virginia|17|17: Robert Allen (1794-1859), "Democratic"
*ushr|Virginia|18|18: Philip Doddridge (1773-1832), "National Republican"
*ushr|Virginia|19|19: William McCoy ( -1864), "Democratic"
*ushr|Virginia|20|20: Robert Craig (1792-1852), "Democratic"
*ushr|Virginia|21|21: Lewis Maxwell (1790-1862), "National Republican"
*ushr|Virginia|22|22: Alexander Smyth (1765-1830), "Democratic" …died April 17 1830.
*: Joseph Draper (1794-1834), "Democratic" …elected to fill vacancy, seated December 6 1830.


:Arkansas Territory
*ushr|Arkansas Territory|AL|A/L: Ambrose H. Sevier (1801-1848), "Democratic" :Florida Territory
*ushr|Florida Territory|AL|A/L: Joseph M. White (1781-1839), :Michigan Territory
*ushr|Michigan Territory|AL|A/L: John Biddle (1792-1859), "National Republican" …resigned February 21 1831.



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