Architecture (disambiguation)

"'Architecture is the art and science of design and structure.

Architecture may also refer to:

* Architecture (magazine), a defunct magazine
* Architecture Label, a record label
* Architecture Records, a record label
* Enterprise architecture, an architecture, or framework, for aligning an organization's systems
* Technical architecture, the technical definition of an engineered system
** Systems architecture, the representation of an engineered system
** Computer architecture, the systems architecture of a computer
** Information architecture, the systems architecture for structuring the information flows in a knowledge-based system
** Software architecture, the systems architecture of a software system
** Hardware architecture, the architecture design of an integrated device
* Naval architecture, the science of design of water-borne vessels
* Landscape architecture, the design of man-made land constructs
* Vehicle architecture, an automobile platform common to different vehicles
* Cytoarchitecture, the arrangement and interaction of cellular structures

Architecture may also be used for:
* Architectural history, studies the evolution and history of architectures
* Product design, or product architecture, the systems design of a product or product family

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