Fairy bread

Fairy bread is sliced bread (usually white) spread with margarine or butter, and covered with hundreds and thousands. These are commonly added by pushing the bread, face down, into a plate of them.

Fairy bread is served at children's parties, almost exclusively in Australia and New Zealand. Slices of the bread are often cut into triangles (or other shapes such as stars and people figures), and sometimes with the crusts removed.

A variation, albeit not a very common one, is to spread Nutella on the bread and then add sprinkles. Sometimes the Fairy Bread will be spread with icing or chocolate for varying occasions.Another variation involves using honey instead of butter before adding hundreds and thousands.

The origin of the term is not widely known, but it may come from the poem 'Fairy Bread' in Robert Louis Stevenson's A Child's Garden of Verses, published in 1885. [ [http://www.anu.edu.au/andc/res/aus_words/aewords/aewords_cg.php#f "Australian Words: Fairy Bread"] , Australian National Dictionary Centre, ANU.]


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