List of belt regions of the United States

The belt regions of the United States originally referred to the growing regions of various crops, but usage has expanded to other climatic, economic and cultural concentrations. The agricultural regions generally follow lines of latitude, hence the allusion to a long clothing belt.

These regions, especially the non-agricultural ones, are not formally defined; they frequently overlap each other and have vaguely-defined borders.

List of regions

*Bible Belt, any collection of states where evangelical and fundamentalist Protestantism are prevalent.
*Black Belt, a region of fertile farmlands in the Southeast now known as a region of persistent poverty with a high ratio of African-American residents.
**Black Belt (region of Alabama), a section of Alabama (and extending into Mississippi) having a particular concentration of the same characteristics.
*Borscht Belt, a region of Jewish resorts in the Catskills
*Corn Belt, midwestern states where corn is the primary crop
*Cotton Belt, southern states where cotton is or was a primary crop
*Frost Belt, a region of cold weather in the northeastern and north-central United States
*Grain Belt, sometimes Wheat Belt, northern midwestern states where most of North America's grain and soybeans are grown
*Jell-O Belt, western states with a large Mormon population
*Rice Belt, southern states where rice is a major crop
*Rust Belt (sometimes called the Manufacturing Belt), northeastern and central northern states where heavy industrialization—and some economic stagnation—is common
*Snowbelt, areas in the Northeast and northern Midwest prone to lake effect snow
*Stroke Belt, a region in the Southeast that has an unusually high incidence of stroke and other forms of cardiovascular disease
*Sun Belt, southern, hot-weather states stretching from coast to coast
* Unchurched Belt, a region in the far Western United States which has low religious attendance.

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*List of regions of the United States

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