The Jellabiya (Arabic: _ar. الجلابية) or Jelabiya, pronounced Gellabiya in Egypt, is a traditional Arab garment native to the Gulf region worn by women as a casual dress or as evening wear depending on the amount of work, complication of design beadwork. It dates back to early days of civilization in the Arabic countries of the Gulf. Jellabiyas are also created for men; however, these include a minimal amount of design and are usually just striped or plain in a variety of colors and are worn exclusively as night-wear or house clothes.


* The Casual Jellabiya: This is often a casual garment using a minimal amount of textiles and design.

* The Evening Jellabiya: Several different mediums are used to create these Jellabiyas. They include, beadwork, embroidery, different stich patterns as well as various textiles such as silk, lace and even wool.

* The Wedding Jellabiya: Jellabiyas worn by the bride at weddings are much like evening Jellabiyas; however, they usually are quite excessive.

Jellabiya Designers

In all countries of the Gulf, several local tailoring shops create a variety of Jellabiyas. Nevertheless, for those who desire a more luxurious option, several local designers create a range of haute couture Jellabiyas. Amina Al Jassim, Kubra Al Qaseer and Waleed Atallah are just a few of the well-known creators of "designer" Jellabiyas.

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