Central Bank of the Comoros

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bank_name_in_local = Banque Centrale des Comores (BCC)
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headquarters = Moroni, Comoros
established = 1961
president = Mer Said Ahmed Said Ali
bank_of = Comoros
currency = Comorian franc
currency_iso = KMF
reserves =
borrowing_rate =
deposit_rate =
website = [http://www.bancecom.com/bcc_home.php www.bancecom.com]
preceded = Institut d’Emission des Comores
succeeded =
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The Central Bank of the Comoros ( _fr. Banque Centrale des Comores, BCC) is the central bank of the Comoros, a group of islands in the Indian Ocean.


The statutes of the BCC state that its Board of Directors shall have eight members who are chosen from the Comorian Government, the French Central Bank (Banque de France) and the French government. The post of Deputy Director of the Central Bank of the Comoros is held by a Banque de France official, who is responsible for monetary policy. Since 19 November 1999, all the central bank's official rates have been pegged to the Euro Overnight Index Average (EONIA) leading to a stabilisation of interest rate differentials with the euro.

The BCC applies a compulsory reserves system (30% of deposits) and a bank monitoring system. The headquarters are located in Moroni, and the current bank governor is Mer Said Ahmed Said Ali.

Banking system

The Comorian banking system is constituted of three different banks: the Central Bank (BCC); the Banque pour l’Industrie et pour le Commerces -Comores (BIC-C) and the Banque de Développement des Comores (BDC). In addition, the Société Nationale des Postes et des Services Financiers (SNPSF) and two agencies (SANDUK and MECK) play a role.

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* [http://www.bancecom.com/bcc_home.php fr icon Official site of Banque Centrale des Comores]
* [http://www.bancecom.com/bcc_histoire_mission.php fr icon "Systeme Bancaire & Missions" page at Banque Centrale des Comores]

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