AFB Makhado

is an airbase of the South African Air Force. It is the SAAF's northernmost base, situated at Louis Trichardt near the border with Zimbabwe, as well as being its most modern, and is known unofficially as "Fighter Town, RSA."

The base motto is "Castrum Borealis" (Fortress of the North).

Units Hosted

* 2 Squadron - Fighter squadron
* 85 Combat Flying School
* 102 Squadron - Light transport (reserve)
* 515 Squadron - Security services
* 3 Air Servicing Unit - Maintenance support
* 85 Combat Flying School - Flying Training & Combat Operations School


The base was officially opened on 14 October 1987 as AFB Louis Trichardt, but changed its name to match that of the nearby town on 7 November 2003. However, the town has since reverted to Louis Trichardt.

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