Ulmus minor subsp. minor 'Tortuosa'

Ulmus minor subsp. minor 'Tortuosa'

Infobox Cultivar
name = "Ulmus minor" subsp. "minor"
cultivar = 'Tortuosa'
origin = Europe
The Smooth-leaved Elm "Ulmus minor" subsp. "minor " cultivar 'Tortuosa' was described by Host [http://asaweb.huh.harvard.edu:8080/databases/botanists?id=102633] (as "Ulmus tortuosa") in "Fl. Austr." 1: 330, 1827.


The tree was described by Host as having a trunk and branches that zig-zag Green, P. S. (1964). Registration of cultivar names in Ulmus. "Arnoldia", Vol. 24. Arnold Arboretum, Harvard University. [http://arnoldia.arboretum.harvard.edu/pdf/articles/1605.pdf] ] .


Probably extinct.


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