List of years in comics

This page indexes the individual year in comics pages. Each year is annotated with significant events as reference points.

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1920s - 1910s - 1900s - Pre-1900s

Before 1900s

"See also": Before 1900s in comics
*1833 in comics - published: "Histoire de M. Jabot"
*1837 in comics - published: "Histoire de M. Vieux Bois" and "Monsieur Crépin"
*1840 in comics - published: "Monsieur Pencil"
*1842 in comics - published in the U.S.: "The Adventures of Mr. Obadiah Oldbuck"
*1845 in comics - published: "Histoire d'Albert" and "Histoire de Monsieur Cryptogame"
*1846 in comics - published: "Le Docteur Festus"
*1865 in comics - debut: "Max und Moritz"
*1867 in comics - debut: "Ally Sloper's Half Holiday"
*1869 in comics - published: "As Aventuras de Nhô Quim"
*1875 in comics - debut: "Zé Povinho"
*1879 in comics - appearance: "The Brownies"
*1883 in comics - published: "As Aventuras de Zé Caipora"
*1889 in comics - debut: "La Famille Fenouillard"
*1892 in comics - debut: "The Little Bears"
*1895 in comics - debut: "Hogan's Alley"
*1897 in comics - debut: "The Katzenjammer Kids"
*1898 in comics - appearance: Mr. Jack in "The Little Tigers"


"See also": 1900s in comics
*1900 in comics - debut: "Happy Hooligan", "Foxy Grandpa", "Pore Lil Mose"
*1901 in comics - debut: "Alphonse and Gaston", "Our Antediluvian Ancestors", "Billy Bounce"
*1902 in comics - debut: "Buster Brown", "Lady Bountiful", "Musical Mose", "Professor Otto and His Auto"
*1903 in comics - debut: "Tales of the Jungle Imps by Felix Fiddle", "The Upside-Downs", "A. Piker Clerk"
*1904 in comics - debut: "Little Jimmy", "The Newlyweds", "Major Ozone's Fresh Air Crusade", "Little Sammy Sneeze", "Dreams of a Rarebit Fiend", "And Her Name Was Maud"
*1905 in comics - debut: "Bécassine", "A Pilgrim’s Progress", "Little Nemo in Slumberland", "The Outbursts of Everett True"
*1906 in comics - debut: "Hairbreadth Harry", "Nibsy the Newsboy in Funny Fairyland", "The Kin-der-Kids", "Wee Willie Winkie's World"
*1907 in comics - debut: "Mutt and Jeff"
*1908 in comics - debut: "Les Pieds Nickelés", "Toonerville Folks", "Foolish Questions"
*1909 in comics - debut: "Gooseberry Sprigg"


"See also": 1910s in comics
*1910 in comics - debut: "Krazy Kat", "Desperate Desmond", "Slim Jim and the Force"
*1911 in comics - debut: "Mr. Twee Deedle"
*1912 in comics - debut: "Polly and Her Pals", "Old Doc Yak"
*1913 in comics - debut: "Bringing Up Father", "Hawkshaw the Detective"
*1914 in comics - debut: "The Captain and the Kids", "Abie the Agent", "The Teenie Weenies", "Rube Goldberg Devices"
*1915 in comics - debut: "Boob McNutt"
*1916 in comics - debut: "Keeping Up with the Joneses"
*1917 in comics - debut: "The Gumps"; published: "TBO" #1
*1918 in comics - debut: "Gasoline Alley", "Somebody's Stenog", "Ripley's Believe It Or Not", "Toots and Casper"
*1919 in comics - debut: "Barney Google", "Thimble Theatre"


"See also": 1920s in comics
*1920 in comics - debut: "Winnie Winkle", "Rupert Bear", "Bungleton Green"
*1921 in comics - debut: "Tillie the Toiler", "Salesman Sam"
*1922 in comics - debut: "Smitty", "Canyon Kiddies", "Fritzi Ritz"
*1923 in comics - debut: "Moon Mullins", "Skippy"; debut as comic strip: "Felix the Cat"
*1924 in comics - debut: "Dumb Dora", "Joe and Asbestos", "The Timid Soul", "Wash Tubbs"
*1925 in comics - debut: "Zig et Puce", "Ella Cinders", "Texas Slim", "Little Orphan Annie"
*1926 in comics
*1927 in comics - debut: "Bobby Thatcher"
*1928 in comics - debut: "Broncho Bill", "Dixie Dugan"
*1929 in comics - debut: "Tintin", "Popeye the Sailor", "Tarzan of the Apes", "Buck Rogers", "They'll Do It Every Time"; published: "The Funnies"


"See also": 1930s in comics
*1930 in comics - debut: "Blondie", "Scorchy Smith", "Quick et Flupke"; debut as comic strip: "Mickey Mouse"
*1931 in comics - debut: "The Little King", "Dick Tracy"
*1932 in comics - debut: "Alley Oop", "Jane"; debut as comic strip: "Silly Symphonies"
*1933 in comics - debut: "Dickie Dare"
*1934 in comics - debut: "Li'l Abner", "Flash Gordon", "Mandrake the Magician", "Secret Agent X-9", "Terry and the Pirates", "Sally the Sleuth"; appearance: Snuffy Smith in "Barney Google"; published: "Le Journal de Mickey"
*1935 in comics - debut: "Hejji", "King of the Royal Mounted", "Barney Baxter"; published: "New Fun Comics" #1, "New Comics" #1
*1936 in comics - debut: "Jo, Zette et Jocko", "The Phantom", "The Clock", "Big Chief Wahoo"
*1937 in comics - debut: "Prince Valiant", "Sheena, Queen of the Jungle", "Abbie an' Slats", "Torchy Brown"; debut as comic strip: "Donald Duck"; published: "Detective" #1
*1938 in comics - debut: "Spirou", "Tif", "Superman"; published: "Le Journal de Spirou", "Action" #1
*1939 in comics - debut: "Batman"; published: "Superman" #1 (reprints from Action)


"See also": 1940s in comics
*1940 in comics - debut: "The Spirit", "Lady Luck", "Mr. Mystic", "Willie and Joe", "Brenda Starr", "Daredevil (Lev Gleason Publications)", "Captain Marvel"
*1941 in comics - debut: "Sad Sack", "Jean Valhardi", "Plastic Man", "Captain America", "Aquaman", "Gordo"; appearance: Pogo Possum in "Animal Comics"; published: "Captain America Comics" #1
*1942 in comics - debut: "The Pie-face Prince of Pretzelburg"
*1943 in comics - debut: "Garth", "Claire Voyant", "Male Call", "Buz Sawyer"
*1944 in comics - debut: "Johnny Hazard"
*1945 in comics - debut: "Suske en Wiske"; published: "Vaillant" #1
*1946 in comics - debut: "Lucky Luke", "Blake et Mortimer", "Rip Kirby"; published: "Tintin" #1
*1947 in comics - debut: "Steve Canyon", "Johan"
*1948 in comics - debut: "Alix", "Tex Willer", "Pogo"
*1949 in comics


"See also": 1950s in comics
*1950 in comics - debut: "Peanuts", "Dan Dare"
*1951 in comics
*1952 in comics - appearance: Marsupilami in "Spirou et Fantasio"; published: "Mad" #1
*1953 in comics - debut: "El Sargento Kirk"
*1954 in comics - debut: "Moomin", "Jerry Spring"; published: "Misterix" #1
*1955 in comics - debut: "Modeste et Pompon", "Ric Hochet"
*1956 in comics - debut: "The Flash", ushering in the Silver Age of Comics
*1957 in comics - debut: "Gaston Lagaffe", "El Eternauta", "Ernie Pike"; published: "Hora Cero" #1
*1958 in comics - debut: "B.C.", "Oumpah-pah", "Rick O'Shay"; debut as comic strip: "James Bond"; appearance: "Les Schtroumpfs" in "Johan et Pirlouit"
*1959 in comics - debut: "Clifton", "Boule et Bill", "Astérix", published: "Pilote" #1


"See also": 1960s in comics
*1960 in comics
*1961 in comics - debut: "Fantastic Four" #1
*1962 in comics - debut: "Mort Cinder", "Iznogoud", "Spider-Man", "Hulk", "Little Annie Fanny"
*1963 in comics - debut: "Achille Talon", "Blueberry", "Modesty Blaise", "X-Men", "The Avengers", "Iron Man"; published: "The Amazing Spider-Man" #1;
*1964 in comics - debut: "Mafalda", "The Wizard of Id"
*1965 in comics - debut: "Philémon"; appearance: "Valentina" in "Neutron"; published: "Linus"
*1966 in comics
*1967 in comics - debut: "Corto Maltese", "Valérian and Laureline", "Luc Orient"; published: "Sgt. Kirk" #1
*1968 in comics - debut: "Maxmagnus", "Cubitus", "His Name is... Savage"; published: "Shonen Jump" #1
*1969 in comics - debut: "Alan Ford"; published: "Charlie Mensuel" #1, "Pif gadget" #1 (from "Vaillant")


"See also": 1970s in comics
*1970 in comics - debut: "Doonesbury", "Natacha", "Yoko Tsuno"
*1971 in comics
*1972 in comics - debut: "Superdupont", "Maus"; published: "L'Écho des Savannes" #1
*1973 in comics - debut: "Le Génie des alpages"
*1974 in comics - debut: "Herman"
*1975 in comics - published: "Métal Hurlant" #1, "Fluide Glacial" #1, "Circus" #1
*1976 in comics - debut: "Adèle Blanc-Sec"
*1977 in comics - debut: "Shoe", "Idées noires"; published: "Le Trombone Illustré" #1, "Heavy Metal" #1
*1978 in comics - published: "(A SUIVRE)" #1
*1979 in comics - debut: "Jeremiah"


"See also": 1980s in comics
*1980 in comics - debut: "Bloom County", "The Far Side"
*1981 in comics - debut: "Thrud the Barbarian", "Torpedo"
*1982 in comics - debut: "Camelot 3000" (first Maxi-series)
*1983 in comics - published: "Metropol" #1
*1984 in comics - debut: "XIII"
*1985 in comics - debut: "Calvin and Hobbes"
*1986 in comics - debut: "Dylan Dog"
*1987 in comics - debut: "Titeuf"
*1988 in comics - debut: "The Sandman", "Piranha Club"
*1989 in comics - debut: "Outland"


"See also": 1990s in comics
*1990 in comics - debut: "Mallard Fillmore"
*1991 in comics - debut: "Ballard Street"
*1992 in comics - debut: "Non Sequitur"
*1993 in comics
*1994 in comics
*1995 in comics
*1996 in comics
*1997 in comics - published: "BoDoï" #1
*1998 in comics
*1999 in comics - debut: "Get Fuzzy"


*2000 in comics
*2001 in comics - debut: "Pearls Before Swine"
*2002 in comics
*2003 in comics - debut: "Opus"
*2004 in comics
*2005 in comics
*2006 in comics
*2007 in comics
*2008 in comics
*2009 in comics
*2010 in comics

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*Table of years in comics

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