List of rulers of Monaco

The following is a chronological list of rulers of Monaco. Most belong to the House of Grimaldi; exceptions, which consist primarily of the principality's administrators under periods of foreign occupation, are noted.

Lords of Monaco

Princes of Monaco


# François Grimaldi is often cited as the principality's first ruler, though he was simply the leader of the group which seized the Rock of Monaco on 8 January 1297. François's cousin Rainier I, Lord of Cagnes, was, in fact, the first sovereign Grimaldi ruler of the area now known as Monaco. His successor Charles I, who retook the Rock after thirty years of Genoese rule, was the first true Lord of Monaco, and is thus widely considered the founder of the dynasty.
# Three men named Louis have ruled Monaco: Louis, Lord of Monaco, twice in the 1390s and early 1400s; Prince Louis I from 1662 to 1701; and Prince Louis II from 1922 to 1949.
# Jean I ruled or co-ruled for three separate periods. During the second, after the death of his co-ruler Antonie and the abdication of Ambroise in 1427, he continued as sole ruler, thus assuming a Roman numeral I in later historical texts.
# Starting in 1612, Honoré II was the first Monegasque ruler to add the personal style of Prince to his former title, Lord of Monaco; this became official when Philip IV of Spain recognized Monaco as a principality in 1633. It may be added that, through possession of territories in Italy, the Grimaldi rulers of Monaco were already entitled to the designation of prince, in a personal capacity.

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* "Burke's Royal Families of the World, Vol. 1: Europe and Latin America". London: Burke's Publishing Co., 1977. ISBN 0-85011-029-7.

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