London Array

The London Array is a planned offshore wind farm in the outer Thames Estuary in the United Kingdom. Of 1 gigawatt capacity, it is expected to become the world's largest offshore wind farm. [ [ London Array official site] ]

The site is seven miles off the North Foreland on the Kent coast in the area of Long Sand and Kentish Knock, [ [ London Array boundary map (PDF)] ] and will cover 90 square miles between Margate in Kent and Clacton in Essex.

The completed wind farm will consist of 341 wind turbines of around 3 MW to 7 MW rated capacity, [ [ London Array official turbine information] ] which will provide an average power output of 350 MW at the smallest proposed turbine size. The higher rated turbines to be installed at the latter stages of construction and would provide considerably more power. The proposers say this is enough to power a quarter of the homes in Greater London or the entire counties of Kent and East Sussex. The wind farm was planned to be built by London Array Limited, a consortium of Shell WindEnergy Ltd, E.ON UK Renewables and DONG Energy, [ [ London Array project introduction] ] at a cost of £2bn. The original cost was around £1bn. [ Murray J, "Thames Array gets planning green light", "BusinessGreen blog", 2007-10-05] ]

In May 2008, Shell announced that it was pulling out of the project, leaving the consortium in disarray. [ [ Shell pulls out of key wind power project] , "Financial Times", 01 May 2008] However it was announced in July that E.ON UK and DONG Energy would buy Shell's stake. [cite news
title=E.ON and DONG Energy become 50:50 partners in world’s largest offshore wind farm
publisher=The London Array
] It is not known what effect this will have on the timetable for the project.

The turbines are to be assembled at Port Ramsgate.

Progress and timetable

* 18 December 2006—planning permission for turbines granted, but siting of onshore substation is being contested [ [ Voss, S, "Giant Wind Farm Pits English Town Against Shell, E.ON", Bloomberg, 2006-12-15] ]
* 2007—planning permission for onshore substation granted
* 2008—first turbines expected [ [ "Offshore wind farms get go-ahead", BBC News, 2006-12-18] ]
* 2010—completion date estimate as of 2007

See also

* Thanet Offshore Wind Project - a 300 MW consented offshore wind farm in the Thames Estuary
* Greater Gabbard - a 500 MW consented offshore wind farm in the Thames Estuary
* Kentish Flats [] - a 90 MW operational offshore wind farm in the Thames Estuary
* Wind power in the United Kingdom


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* [ A Sea Change: The Wind Farm Revolution]

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