Fong Sai-yuk (TV series)

"Fong Sai-yuk" (zh-cpl|c=少年英雄方世玉|p=Xiao Nian Ying Xiong Fang Shi Yu|l=Young Hero Fong Sai-yuk) is a 1999 ATV martial arts comedy series based on the life of Fong Sai-yuk. It starred Dicky Cheung as Fong Sai-yuk. It was dubbed in both Mandarin and Cantonese.


In the beginning, Fong Sai-yuk was a troublemaker in Canton (Guangzhou), constantly fighting. His mother, Miu Tsui-fa helps Fong Sai-yuk in clearing him of his troubles when he is confronted by his father Fong Tak. Fong Tak is harsh and gives punishments, however Fong Sai-yuk works with his mother on ways to get them out of trouble. After many instances, Fong Tak decided to have a tutor school him. One of Fong Sai-yuk's adversaries decided to play a trick on him. They stole Hung Hei-koon's money and made it seem that Sai-yuk stole the bag. Hei-koon, believed that Sai-yuk was the thief and fought him in public. After more violence, Fong Tak decides to send Fong Sai-yuk to Hangzhou so that Fong Sai-yuk could be schooled.

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