What a Great Idea!

'What a Great Idea!' is a nationally syndicated television program that showcases cutting-edge new products and trendsetting new innovations by unknown inventors, hosted by veteran Home Shopping Network personality Bob Circosta. Circosta's company, Bob Circosta Communications, Inc., produces and distributes the episodes.

Each show lasts 30-minutes, with host Bob Circosta interviewing each inventor and demonstrating the various features and attributes of the debuting product. Typically, these products lack mainstream distribution, and rely upon "What a Great Idea!" to publicize the creation to the masses. Given Circosta's long-standing relationship with HSN and his experience with the infomercial world, "What a Great Idea!" is also utilized as a promotional vehicle to capture the imagination of home shopping channels' executive decision-makers, who often study the show for new product leads. Many of the products that debut on this program eventually launch nationwide on any one of the many shop-at-home television networks.

Just like HSN and QVC programs, "What a Great Idea!" offers a call-in number, where interested members of the viewing audience can order the product directly to their home. Some of the items showcased on the program include fitness DVDs, beverage coolers, educational items for children, and health products.

"What a Great Idea!" premiered in 2005 and is scheduled to return in 2007 for its third straight year.


* [http://www.whatagreatidea.tv/greatideatvshow.html "What a Great Idea!"] Program homepage
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* [http://www.bobcircosta.com Bob Circosta Communications, Inc.] Official website for Bob Circosta Communications, Inc.

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