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commander1=Major General Carl-Hubertus von Butler.
The Airmobile Operations Division ("Division Luftbewegliche Operationen") is a division of the German Army. Its headquarters is based at Veitshöchheim near Würzburg. The division was founded on 1 July 2002 and became operational on 8 October 2002. [ [] ] It encorporates units from various branches of the German Army. These units are stationed all over Germany. Airmobile Operations Division consists of approximately 14,500 soldiers, 350 of which are stationed at headquarters of the division at Veitshöchheim.Airmobile Operations Division plans, prepares and carries out deployments within the frame of stabilising operations. It also prepares the units under its command for deployment of high intensity actions within the framework of multi-national intervention forces. The division also controls and coordinates the deployment of helicopters of these intervention forces. Since 2005, the Airmobile Operations Division is under the command of Major-General Carl-Hubertus von Butler.


One of the tasks of the Airmobile Operations Division is to provide staff of increased availability in order to plan and lead operations within the framework of international crisis management of NATO and the EU. Furthermore, the staff of the division also function as headquarters for manoeuvres and missions within NATO- and EU-operations. The staff personnel of the Airmobile Operations Division are also given the task to be able to deploy, equip and train several German Army Aviators Corps units for missions in various geographical locations and to hand over the command of these missions to the local command structure. Finally, staff of Airmobile Operations Division are responsible to keep available a unit of helicopters of the German Army Aviators Corps for SAR and evacuation missions. These units have to be able to respond at very short notice. [ [,05,05.html] ]


The Airmobile Operations Division received a new internal structure. The command of the division has been restructured. Transport helicopters are directly subordinate to it. As a consequence, the command is responsible for the co-ordination of air movements. In this way, support of special or specialised forces for SAR, evacuation and protective missions is guaranteed. A battalion of the Signal Corps ia also attached to the division as well as a unit of the Army Music Corps. Intervention and stabilisation forces are led by the division.

Within the division, the Airmobile Brigade is responsible for the carrying out of the actual air mobile operations. The brigade contains attack helicopters, light transport helicopters and reconnaissance helicopters, as well as infantry units organically connected with the tasks assigned to the Airmobile Operations Division. The Airmobile Brigade achieves a great amount of flexibility by assigning its forces to different categories: intervention forces and stabilisation forces. Together with an airmobile infantry regiment, these forces can provide logistics and organisational support for these intervention and stabilisation forces. If necessary, other units equipped with medium transport helicopters subordinate to division command can be assigned to these forces. [ [] ]

A second element is the Army Forces Command. It consists of anti aircraft units, artillery units and anti-NBC units. These units enable the flexible reinforcement of the stabilisation brigades.


*Airmobile Operations Division
**Staff and Staff Company based at Veitshöchheim
**Army Music Corps 12 based at Veitshöchheim
**Signal Battalion DLO based at Veitshöchheim
**Medium Transport Helicopter Regiment 15 "Münsterland" based at Rheine
**Medium Transport Helicopter Regiment 25 "Oberschwaben" based at Laupheim
**Light Transport Helicopter Regiment 30 based at Niederstetten
**Airmobile Brigade 1
***Staff Company based at Fritzlar
***Attack Helicopter Regiment 26 "Franken" based at Roth bei Nürnberg
***Attack Helicopter Regiment 36 "Kurhessen" based at Fritzlar
***Light Transport Helicopter Regiment 10 "Lüneburger Heide" based at Faßberg
***Jäger Regiment 1 based at Schwarzenborn
**Army Forces Brigade
***Staff Company based at Bruchsal
***NBC Defense Regiment 750 "Baden" based at Bruchsal
***Artillery Training Regiment 345 based at Kusel
***Light Anti-Aircraft Missile Battery 300 based at Hardheim
***Armored Anti-Aircraft Artillery Battalion 12 based at Hardheim
***Light NBC Defense Company 120 at Sonthofen


Armoured vehicles

* Boxer (armoured fighting vehicle)
* Fuchs
** armoured personal carrier
** NBC reconnaissance
* Mungo (light armoured transport vehicle)
* Wiesel 1 (light air-transportable armoured fighting vehicle)
** anti-tank vehicle (equipped with TOW missile launcher)
** fire support vehicle (equipped with a 20mm canon)
* Wiesel 2
** LeFlaSys (ASRAD)
*** Command vehicle
*** Radar vehicle
*** Launcher vehicle "Ozelot" (equipped with Stinger missiles)

Other vehicles

*Military vehicle Wolf


* COBRA (counter battery radar)
* Flugabwehrkanonenpanzer Gepard (self-propelled anti-aircraft gun)
* Marder (Surveillance and Target Acquisition vehicle)
* Panzerhaubitze 2000 (self-propelled howitzer)

The Marder will be replaced by the Fennek.


*Light transport helicopter Bell UH-1D
*Medium transport helicopter Sikorsky CH-53G/GS
*Anti-tank helicopter MBB Bo 105PAH
*Reconnaissance and liaison helicopter MBB Bo 105VBH

Procured but not yet delivered for active service have been:
*Attack helicopter Eurocopter Tiger
*Multi-role helicopter LTH NATO-HELICOPTER 90


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